Saturday, June 25, 2016
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CAMERA Video: Double Standard in CNN's "God's Warriors" Series

"If you repeat a lie often enough ..."

CAMERA's article comparing CNN's "God's Jewish Warriors" and "God's Muslim Warriors" programs points out that, even though the number of Jewish religious extremists is miniscule relative to Islamist extremists, Christiane Amanpour repeats the phrase "God's Jewish Warriors" 22 times in the segment about Jews, but links "Muslim" and "Warriors" only five times in the segment about Muslims. CAMERA's article asks: "Why does she utter the words 'Jewish warrior' more than four times more often than 'Muslim warrior' when violent Muslims have inflicted thousands of times more death and destruction in the world than violent Jews have?"

The following video shows this disturbing discrepancy with clips from the CNN documentary. You can watch the video on Youtube by clicking here. CAMERA's video documenting errors and distortions in the CNN series can be viewed here.

Technical note — if you are using the Firefox or Netscape 8+ browser, you will probably have to install the updated plugin for those browsers to work properly with Windows Media Player. The plugin is available here at Microsoft's Port 25 website.

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