Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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MARCH 12, 2018 NBC Joins the Tamimi Propaganda Campaign
MARCH 1, 2018 NBC Makes It Official: No Correction to Inaccurate Andrea Mitchell Tweet
NOVEMBER 21, 2017 NBC Corrects About 'Ongoing Occupation' of Gaza
MAY 30, 2017 Reporting on Presidential Visit to Israel, NBC Downplays Palestinian Terrorism and Misrepresents King David Hotel Bombing
JANUARY 26, 2017 NBC Furthers Palestinian Narrative
NOVEMBER 25, 2015 Update: MSNBC Corrects Mistaken Use of a False Historical Map of Palestine
OCTOBER 20, 2015 NBC Corrects: Netanyahu Didn't Spread False Information on Pisgat Zeev Victim
OCTOBER 18, 2015 NBC Can't Be Sure, Assailant Ahmed Manasrah, 13, Could Be Innocent
JULY 13, 2014 MSNBC, NBC Ignore Hamas' Human Shields
MAY 20, 2013 No Child's Play: NBC's False Figures for Detained Palestinian Minors
JUNE 9, 2010 NBC News Fumbled the Flotilla Story
JULY 13, 2009 NBC Defends False Comparison of Muhammad Al-Dura to Iranian Victim
JUNE 11, 2009 NBC’s Brokaw Raises Israel-Nazi Analogy?
JANUARY 27, 2009 New Book, New Falsehoods
MARCH 6, 2007 NBC's "Law & Order" Promotes Anti-Jewish, Anti-Israel Sentiment
JULY 1, 2005 NBC's Martin Fletcher Omits the Mainstream Perspective
JUNE 21, 2004 What NBC Left on the Cutting Room Floor
MARCH 18, 2004 Coverage of Unwitting Palestinian Boy-Bomber
AUGUST 8, 2003 CAMERA ALERT: NBC Politicizes Christopher Reeve Interview
JULY 11, 2003 UPDATED: Journalists Veer Off 'Road Map,' Crash Into Cease-Fire
JULY 2, 2003 Media Flouting Journalistic Ethics No “Work Accident”
JUNE 8, 2001 EYE ON THE MEDIA: Arafat’s Incitement, Lies, and Videotape
MAY 8, 2001 Thumbs Up to Martin Fletcher

To view the corrected, uncorrected and dismal corrections on NBC, click below: