Saturday, March 24, 2018
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The Public Broadcasting Service, PBS, is a non-profit network owned and operated by the nation's 349 public TV stations. Offering educational programming, PBS serves both children and adults by providing programs on culture, news, science, and history, etc. PBS is available to 99% of American homes. 

SEPTEMBER 11, 2017 Success: PBS Amends "Dying to Be a Martyr" Lesson Plan
AUGUST 15, 2017 PBS Stands by "Dying to Be a Martyr" Curriculum
APRIL 5, 2017 'NewsHour' Settlements Broadcast Closes With Erroneous (and Irrelevant) Figure
FEBRUARY 13, 2017 PBS Hosts Extremist Miko Peled on Talk Show
JANUARY 15, 2017 PBS Ombudsman Upholds CAMERA Criticism of Ben Rhodes' Settlements Falsehood
JANUARY 8, 2017 PBS' Judy Woodruff Fails to Correct Ben Rhodes on 'Thousands of New Settlements'
JANUARY 7, 2016 PBS at War with Netanyahu and Israel
NOVEMBER 24, 2015 PBS' Tavis Smiley Hosts Anti-Israel Propagandist Rula Jebreal
APRIL 2, 2015 Review of Rick Steves' "The Holy Land: Israelis and Palestinians Today"
JULY 24, 2014 UNICEF's Pernille Ironside Mum on Rockets in UNRWA Schools
JULY 10, 2014  Rick Steves's Misguided Venture Into the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
AUGUST 23, 2013 PBS Includes Vicious Anti-Semites in Show About Mohammad
AUGUST 19, 2013 PBS Doubles Down on Anti-Israel Films
DECEMBER 1, 2012 PBS Corrects Erez Crossing Error
DECEMBER 1, 2012 Updated: PBS Gaza Coverage Partisan, Shoddy, Unbalanced
NOVEMBER 12, 2012 Bennis and Smiley Bashed Israel With Distortions and Anti-Jewish Canard
JULY 31, 2012 Chris Hedges the Facts, Truth
JULY 11, 2012 Mearsheimer on PBS: Nuclear Weapons are Weapons of Peace
JULY 31, 2009 Film Review: "Inside Israel's Army" and "Peace and Prosperity in the West Bank?"
JULY 21, 2009 Film Review : Heart of Jenin
FEBRUARY 2, 2009 Jimmy Carter (Still) Shills for Hamas
JANUARY 21, 2009 Moyers, Like Nixon, Hunkers Down
JANUARY 16, 2009 Bill Moyers Rants Against Israel — And Jews
OCTOBER 24, 2008 Rep. Sherman Reminds CPB of "Mandate for Objectivity and Balance"
AUGUST 6, 2008 Press Release: Rep. Cantor Urges Public Broadcasting to Conduct Objectivity and Balance Oversight
MARCH 5, 2008 Media Project Anti-Israel Bias Onto UN Secretary General
AUGUST 6, 2007 CAMERA Op-Ed: Public Broadcasting Must Meet Balance Test
APRIL 24, 2007 PBS Suppresses Film About Islam vs. Islamists
FEBRUARY 6, 2007 Film Review: Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: The Resurgence
JANUARY 4, 2006 PRESS RELEASE: Sen. Brownback Affirms Public Broadcasting Oversight
JANUARY 4, 2006 Remarks by Senator Sam Brownback on CPB Oversight
DECEMBER 19, 2005 Truth Elusive in BBC’s (and PBS's) The Elusive Peace
NOVEMBER 29, 2005 PRESS RELEASE: Rep. Rothman Stresses Need for Public Broadcasting Oversight
NOVEMBER 18, 2005 Remarks by Representative Steve Rothman on The Importance of CPB's Oversight Obligation
OCTOBER 3, 2005 New National Poll: Public Expects Higher Standards from NPR and other Publicly-Funded Broadcasters
JUNE 8, 2005 CAMERA Responds to Prof's CPB Smear
JUNE 30, 2003 UPDATED: Bill Moyers Mistaken About Road Map, Oslo; Misrepresents CAMERA's Criticism
APRIL 4, 2002 Producer of New PBS Documentary: Israel Might Be Behind Suicide Bombings
APRIL 20, 2001 EYE ON THE MEDIA: When PBS Met Hosni Mubarak
MARCH 1, 1999 PBS Breaks Mold With Middle East Documentary
NOVEMBER 24, 1997 PBS and Abba Eban
DECEMBER 16, 1994 PBS and Israel: A Pattern of Bias
AUGUST 4, 1992 Elizabeth Fernea's "Struggle for Peace"
 Film Review: Campus Battleground (2007)

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