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C-SPAN January – February 2014

Send your comments about C-SPAN's platform for the defamation of Israel and Jews to CAMERA:

February 10, 2014 – 8:06 AM


Guest host Ms. Summers is from Politico, a Washington D.C. newspaper and Web site reporting on government and politics.

Guest: SUSAN FERRECHIO, Washington Examiner chief congressional correspondent.

Topic: The week ahead in Congress.

Caller: Rick from Louisville, Ohio (click here to view).

"Ranting Rick" is a Washington Journal conspiracy theorist, serial caller who spews gobbledygook in lengthy indulged rants blaming the Jewish people for numerous problems. Today, typically, neither host nor guest challenge the attack upon Jews. On C-SPAN, no other ethnic or religious group has been subjected to such continuous and virulent defamation by mendacious hate mongers like "Rick."

Caller: "I think the facts are about Congress is that the American people trust the terrorists more than they trust Congress. Here's the big picture: Two percent of the population controls 75 percent of the wealth. When I was growing up in Detroit in the ‘60s, one percent had maybe three percent or five percent of the wealth. So, now you have to ask yourself how this all happened. It's the Democrats and the Republicans that's done this. But more importantly, when you put on your TV or your radio, you are being brainwashed. The purpose of brainwashing is divide and conquer. What you' re seeing today on C-SPAN, this lady keeps talking about unemployment benefits and let's raise the minimum wage. Well, the Democrats are responsible for war and oil and trade policy and tax policy. There is a great book that everybody must read called Taking Back the Rust Belt One Radio Station at a Time. Because, if you are watching C-SPAN right now, in the last three minutes you've seen a politician-king in [Senator] Schumer – these are east coast Democrats who are Jews and Wall Street and the (indistinct) industry. My point is, we used to have a community radio environment before deregulation. When I turn on my radio station in Detroit or Cleveland or ..., that information is being manipulated through the east coast, the Jews, and through the South where it's Clear Channel and Time Warner."

[Having called as recently as Jan. 22, 2014, this caller, with his unhinged lengthy rant, again was allowed to violate C-SPAN's ostensible one-call-per-30-days rule. Recent previous calls all follow an essentially identical narrative: Jan. 22, 2014 – 8:20 AM (click here to view), Dec. 19, 2013 call (click here to view), April 28, 2013 (click here to view), March 1, 2013 (click here to view), Dec. 31, 2012 (click here to view), and May 3, 2012 (click here to view).]

Guest: "We have an increasingly polarized Congress and an increasingly polarized country. We have had these swing elections where one year we are electing people who are further to the left and another year electing people much further to the right. The result is a Congress where a philosophical gap has grown so much. Very little gets done in the way of big compromise. Think back to the 1980's where there was a huge deal on Social Security between house Democrats and Ronald Reagan. Bill Clinton, welfare reform, in the 1990s where you had him working with Republicans in the house. You don' t see those big deals happening anymore. There is a real polarization. People are really divided in this country on the way forward. There is a lot of anger about the way things are getting done. He's right about the rich are getting richer. The gap between the classes is a big one. It has caused a lot of anger amongst people who are struggling. Wages have not been going up. They have been stagnant. The president has used executive action and call for an increase in the minimum wage for federal contractors. He has control over that. That could be an echo effect into the private sector. You might see more private companies raising the minimum wage as well."

February 7, 2014 – 8:14 AM

Host: PETER SLEN (,,

Guest: ERIC ZILLMER, Professor of Neuropsychology and Director of Athletics at Drexel University.

Topic: Politics in Olympics history.

Host and guest omit salient facts about 1972 Munich Olympics massacre of Israeli athletes.

Host: “A few years back the head of the International Olympic Committee said ‘The Olympics are more important than the Catholic religion.'"

Guest: “Well, you know, the IOC is a nonprofit organization housed in Lausanne, Switzerland, and they have 100 members that determine how the Olympics are staged and where they are located. And I believe that this statement, that they actually believe that statement. You know, sports can mean everything to some people in some countries and to some people it means nothing. That is the beauty of sports. It actually is irrelevant. But it is a celebration of movement, what people can do. It's like the State of the Union address here, Peter, for humanity, to watch the Olympics. Now, since the inception of the modern Olympics there has been a separation of money and politics from the Olympics. The American, Avery Brundidge, who was for a long time the president of the IOC in the 20th century, he made a strong comment about politics having nothing to do with the Olympics and also that there should be no sponsors or outside money but completely and amateuristic event. And you may remember the Summer Olympics 1972 in Munich when it all came to a head when a terrorist organization, Black September, invaded the Olympic village and took the Israeli wrestling team hostage and Avery Brundidge, head of the Olympic Committee, made a decision that after one day of not competing they would compete in the 1972 Summer Olympics while this terrorist organization was holding the wrestling team hostage. That was a statement that says politics are separate from the Olympics. Of course, Peter, the IOC is an Olympic entity in and of itself and that's what you have to remember. So, they have their own agenda and their own propaganda.”

NOTE: Guest mentioned an incident at the 1972 Munich Olympics, “... a terrorist organization, Black September, invaded the Olympic village and took the Israeli wrestling team hostage.” But in another instance of Washington Journal's chronic journalistic malpractice especially when Jews or Israel are concerned, neither guest nor host, either due to ignorance or willful omission, mentioned these salient facts – (1) The Black September terrorist organization was a Palestinian Arab group. (2) The group murdered eleven members of Israel's 1972 Olympic wrestling team.

February 3, 2014 – 9:29 AM


Guest host McArdle is a reporter for E & E Publishing which is mainly concerned with energy and climate policy.

Guest: WILLIAM TOBEY, former deputy administrator of National Nuclear Security Administration (2006-9).

Topic: Securing nuclear weapons material facilities.

Caller: Grant from Washington, D.C. (Click here to view).

“Grant” phoned Washington Journal at least once before (Oct. 30, 2013 – 9:49 AM) when he also obsessed on alleged Israeli nuclear spying. Then also, his information came from anti-Israel propaganda sources. Here, the deceptive caller omits the fact that he himself is the author of the book he cites as his anti-Israel nuclear weaponry information source.

Caller Grant: “You are probably aware of the situation in Apollo, Pennsylvania where there is a slated cleanup of the NUMEC [Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation] processing plant the government contracted that could cost up to half a billion dollars to U.S. taxpayers. As you may not know, the history all indicates that NUMEC was nothing more than a front for uranium smuggling. It is the highest loss facility of [indistinct] in the entire United States – 369 kilograms – and all indications from the CIA is that it went to Israel into their nuclear weapons program. We have the case of Tektronix oscillators [common electronic components used in computers, radio/television receivers etc.] going to Israel. Why are you guys so lousy at keeping nuclear technologies from going to the Israelis?”

Host: “Hey Grant, can I ask you – you're talking about CIA … where are you getting your information from?”

Caller Grant: “There is a book called ‘Divert!: NUMEC, Zalman Shapiro and the Diversion of U.S. Weapons Grade Uranium Into the Israeli Nuclear Weapons Program' [authored by Grant F. Smith].”

[In a failure of journalistic due diligence typical to Washington Journal discussions relating to Israel, neither host nor guest ask caller for name of author. But the author is the same person as the caller!]

Host: “Mr. Tobey, do you know about this facility? Can you tell us anything about the viewer's comment?”

Guest: “I have read press reports of the incidents the caller is describing. It occurred decades ago before the formation of the National Nuclear Security Administration. You asked at the outset why the NNSA was formed – there was a feeling that there was insufficient focus to some of these issues and therefore we needed to create a semi-autonomous agency that would be focused specifically on nuclear security. I used to say that security is the middle name of the agency and it really does drive the focus. If the press reports are to be believed, there were significant failings in the past. I think those have largely been corrected.

Host: “The caller brings up the idea of nuclear cleanup. Is that in the job status of the NNSA?”

Guest: “There is an element of that but most of that is handled by another office within the Department of Energy.”

[Neither host nor guest provided any further comment on caller's conspiracy mongering allegations. Caller exemplifies the anti-Israel, often anti-Jewish fringe which finds C-SPAN's Washington Journal an attractive, congenial platform.]
NOTE: Grant's prior Journal phone-in occurred on Oct. 30, 2013 (click here to listen) when he claimed that “… behind the Chinese and behind the Soviets, you have Israeli spies … There is a story ... about Israel that goes on and on." Then, as now, the caller obsessed on alleged nefarious nuclear acts of Israel but no mention was made by the caller, C-SPAN's host or his guest of the potential threat posed to the world by a nuclear armed Iran.

According to an biography, author of caller's reference source book “Grant F. Smith is director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington DC. He is author of the books Spy Trade, America's Defense Line, Foreign Agents, Deadly Dogma, and Neocon Middle East Policy. Jeff Stein of The Washington Post calls Smith 'a Washington, D.C. author who has made a career out of writing critical books on Israeli spying and lobbying.'"

YouTube search confirms that caller “Grant” and Grant F. Smith are the same person.

The evidence strongly suggests that the caller's alleged culprit, Zalman Shapiro, was a fall guy rather a villain:

• In his 1991 best-seller The Samson Option, Seymour Hersh concluded that Zalman Shapiro, did not divert any uranium; but rather "it ended up in the air and water of the city of Apollo as well as in the ducts, tubes, and floors of the NUMEC plant."

• A Newsweek Jan. 9, 1978 report, “Mystery of Israel's Bomb,” by David Martin, deals with the issue. Excerpt:

The case was reviewed again 1976 by the newly formed Nuclear Regulatory Commission and President Gerald Ford ordered another FBI probe. It was this investigation that has now concluded there was "no provable illegal act," according to a Justice Department source. The mystery remains, however. Several Congressional committees are still concerned about the possibility of a diversion. But recent reports from the Apollo plant, now operated by the Babcock & Wilcox Co. show continued high losses of enriched uranium - supporting the argument that the production process itself and not nuclear intrigue is to blame.

Disinformation? Some have suggested that Israel might have gotten its early supply of weapons-grade fuel from the French, who provided [Israel's reactor at] Dimona. And others wonder if the whole story of Israel's early nuclear capability was actually "disinformation" fabricated by a sympathetic CIA to worry Arab leaders. In any case, Israel, in the view of most experts [such as …] is now capable of producing plutonium bombs from its own low-grade uranium ore. "Even if Shapiro never existed, they would have the bomb," says one official [a bomb with which Israel has not threatened neighboring countries, unlike Iran's threats to destroy Israel].

As for Zalman Shapiro, he is back at Westinghouse minus his former government clearance. Though bitter at the long affair, he still cooperates with the CIA. Only six weeks ago, he told Newsweek he arranged for the agency to debrief Westinghouse employees just back from the Soviet Union. [But all the facts, when it comes to anti-Israel charges, appear too much for C-SPAN to broadcast.]

January 22, 2014 – 8:20 AM


Guest host McArdle is a reporter for E & E Publishing which is mainly concerned with energy and climate policy.

Guest: DAVID SHEPARDSON, Detroit News Washington bureau chief.

Topic: State of the U.S. automobile industry.

Caller: Rick from Louisville, Ohio (click here to view).

“Ranting Rick” is a Washington Journal conspiracy theorist serial caller who spews economic gobbledygook in lengthy indulged rants and slurs the Jewish people. No other ethnic or religious group has been subjected to such continuous and virulent defamation on the network by mendacious hate mongers like "Rick."

Caller: “I asked your producer if she had a stock chart for Halliburton because before Bush was elected, Halliburton was going bankrupt and went down to five dollars a share. JP Morgan got bankrupt and pulled out and they just got nailed for all kinds of fraud. As far as the car industry goes, I grew up in Detroit in the 1960's and the 1970's and I have written books about the evolution of this country, and it goes back to Henry Ford. When Henry Ford gave his workers wages, they were able to buy a car with three months wages. Yet, when you look at capitalism and what Detroit was all about, 35 to 40 percent of the workforce were union. The UAW basically created an environment where they protected tax law, trade laws, antitrust laws and banking laws. So, when you talk about the big three, you are actually talking about an economic ideology that was based on capitalism and democracy going back to the constitution. They were creating wealth. You make steel, that creates wealth. You make the car, that creates wealth. The wealth – 99 percent of it was circulated through 95 percent of the people. Today, the union is dead, and you can look at north versus south, union worker versus nonunion worker, union soldier versus southern soldier, or you can go back to the depression and see where Henry Ford actually fought the Jewish bankers back in the 1920' s because his ideology was middle-class. The Jewish bankers back then, they thought they …”

[This caller's priors include a Dec. 19, 2013 call (click here to view) indulged by this same host McArdle, April 28, 2013 (click here to view), March 1, 2013 (click here to view), Dec. 31, 2012 (click here to view), and May 3, 2012 (click here to view).]

Host: “I will let David Shepardson jump in on some of the comments of some of the history that you bring up.”

Guest: “The UAW is facing really difficult challenges. They have been trying unsuccessfully to unionize foreign auto plants in the U.S., and as they have not been successful as that, the lower wages of southern auto plants have basically pressured the Detroit companies, which are unionized, to not pay higher wages. So, unless the UAW is successful, they have argued they do not have a long-term future. So, they are in the middle of trying to unionize a Volkswagen plant in Tennessee as well as a plant in Mississippi. They still have $1 billion in the bank, a lot of political clout, and a huge role in a lot of industries, but they face a challenge with foreign companies.”

Host: “On some of the technology that we were talking about earlier …”

January 18, 2014 – 9:29 AM


Guest host McArdle is a reporter for E & E Publishing which is mainly concerned with energy and climate policy.

Topic: President Obama's surveillance speech – your reaction?

Caller: Rachel from California (click here to view).

[For two minutes, host McArdle again indulges and encourages repeat caller's falsehood-filled ranting involving hatred of Jews whereas McArdle had cut off an earlier segment's caller (click here to view) when he merely severely disparaged books authored by controversial guest James Bamford.]

Host: “Rachel, did you watch the president's speech?”

Caller: “Yes. Well, here's the thing. I want to bring up Snowden. What is never mentioned about Snowden – and he's a hero – he brought up the secrets, the raw secrets that are being sold to Israel. And we have done nothing but (indiscernible). One caller brought up – when James Bamford was on – I wish he could have (indiscernible) because he has written some really good books.”

Host: “Can I ask you about Snowden and what you think his role was?”

Caller: “He covers the government. What bothers me – when Nixon was president, okay, he was accused of spying, okay, on the Democratic headquarters and all that. And Obama is selling our secrets and Israel is spying on us. They are tapping into our phones.”

Host: “Where do you get your information from on the selling of the secrets?”

Caller: “Okay. Who is behind that? That is what I'm getting to. Israel is behind that. AIPAC is behind that. The ADL is behind that. It is the Jews.”

Host: “Rachel, where do you get your information from?”

Caller: “Where am I getting my information? My information does not come from Fox or CNN or MSNBC. I watch RT [Russia Today, an arm of the Russian government], PressTV [Iranian government-controlled English language Web site] – which is news you do not hear from anybody else.”

Host: “That is Rachel from California. She brings up Edward Snowden. I want to play what the president said yesterday. …”

NOTE: This caller's assertion, "it is the Jews" – following her listing of Israel, AIPAC [the American Israel Public Affairs Committee] and ADL [the Anti-Defamation League] recalls the slogan in Nazi Germany that "the Jews are our misfortune." Her allegation, a smear, actually, that "Obama is selling our secrets to Israel" and Israel "is tapping our phones" is not challenged. Rather, host McCardle inquires, as if the caller were not a raving kook but a credible viewer with something to pass on to the audience, "where do you get your information?"

Her most recent call was on Dec. 2, 2012 at 8:19 AM (click here to view) to this same host, McArdle, spewing her usual hatred and nonsense starting with, “The only place I really get my news is from RT [Russia Today, an arm of the Russian government] or PressTV [Iranian government-controlled English language Web site] …” Her most recent previous call was on Nov. 9, 2012 at 7:37 AM as “Batma from Valencia, California” (click here to view) to this same host McArdle. Other calls were on Sept. 26, 2012 at 7:24 AM as “Jody from Reseda, California” (click here to view) and on June 9, 2012 as “Rachel from Reseda, California” (click here to view).

A particularly feckless performance by C-SPAN involving this same caller was that of Journal host Paul Orgel who indulged her twice only 22 hours apart in January 2010 when she said virtually the same thing as in her other calls. Click here for a 3.5 minute video clip of Orgel indulging "Janet from Birmingham, Alabama” on January 1, 2010 at 9:51 AM and then again on January 2 at 7:50 AM with "Carol from Scottsville, Arizona.”

CAMERA's C-SPAN Watch has now monitored a total of 41 calls from this individual to Washington Journal since December 2008.

January 14, 2014 – 8:10 AM


Guest host McArdle is a reporter for E & E Publishing which is mainly concerned with energy and climate policy.

Guest: Representative Scott Rigell (R-VA).

Topic: Defense Spending.

Caller: Marie from Albert Lea, Minnesota (click here to view).

[Guest, disagreeing with caller, argues for strongly opposing Iran's nuclear ambitions and for strong support of ally Israel.]

Caller: "There is something I would like to really address and that is – we have 5000 warheads in the United States – nuclear warheads, and we are going after Iran and all of these other countries that you do not want to have any type of nuclear ambitions, and what I would like to know is how are we going to have a fair balance here? How is the United States going to be running around all of these countries and saying we do not want any type of nuclear in their countries, but yet we have them in our country? My dad was in the Air Force, this was back in the ‘60s and B-52s and everything else – and now it's like – I think the balance of power is a little bit unfair and we should deal with that. I am very concerned about our stance in the United States. It seems like we are a little bit power-happy. I would really like our politicians to address this to where it seems like we could understand it a little bit more fairly. I really believe it's just unfair for us to have so much power. Thank you."

Guest: "Thank you so much, Marie. I am a businessman, as I look at it, in public service, and I deal with reality. That is very important. The fact is that nuclear weapons are here. Of course, you mentioned our capability in the arsenal that we have. Here is the reason why I object so strongly to allowing Iran to have a nuclear weapon. It derives from their stated view of leaders that have influenced that country for many, many decades, and it is their outright statements often directed at our friend and ally, Israel, calling for the destruction of Israel, and this is something that you never hear from the leadership of Israel.

The bias that they have in the leadership in Iran, to talk like that – and, look, going to the heart of the matter, it is some of the zealots and the extremists – the Islamic extremists – I mean, at their very core, in the extreme view, not all Muslims, of course, but in their extreme view that their highest value is seen in a sacrificial suicide mission of giving their life for Allah. So, If you elevate death over life, then that gives me grave concern – of their willingness to use that. It is in America' s national security interest; it's in our security interest not just Israel, that we stand firm with Israel and other allies from around the world in unison and in full agreement that we must not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon. So, I just respectfully disagree with you on that one and I appreciate your call."

NOTE: This is a rare instance of a guest response to a caller's claim or question that includes a pro-Israel element that the Washington Journal host does not query, interrupt or give the caller an opportunity to expound or rebut the guest.

January 9, 2014 – 8:12 AM


Guest: Congressman BRIAN HIGGINS (D-NY), serves on the Homeland Security Committee, ranking Democrat on the Subcommittee on Counter Terrorism.

Topic: U.S. policy toward Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

Caller: Sam from Manassas, Virginia (click here to view).

Caller: "Good morning to you. Good morning to my fellow New Yorker. Thanks for all the work you do. I want to ask you about the peace process in [indiscernible]. I lived in [indiscernible]. Look, I don' t know if you ever read the book [indiscernible] something like that. He was on a couple of years ago on C-SPAN on BookTV. He talked about [indiscernible] behavior against human rights violations in Egypt against African immigrants, and human rights violations against the Palestinians. I [indiscernible] for the peace process. But what new in your committee is being doing to [indiscernible] hold Syria accountable, banning all exports from occupied territories and something like that? How is he going to prove to the American people that we don't only need to hold North Korea accountable for human rights violations, we need to hold our own allies accountable for human rights violations. Thank you."

Guest: "Well let me tell you, the situation in Israel with the Palestinians, there are human rights violations all over the board and no one entity has a monopoly on that. The reality is ..."

Host (interrupting): "You're saying human right violations by both sides – Palestinians and Israelis?"

Guest: I have been to the West Bank. I've been to Israel many times. So long as you have rockets shooting into Israel, obviously they are going to retaliate. Is it disproportionate to the threat? I do not know – that's not my competency. But here's what I do know, so long as there is armed conflict, that armed conflict is going to continue. You're going to have human rights violations.
We [indiscernible] have the potential opportunity relative to Israel and the Palestinians. If you poll Palestinians and Israelis, a number that want a two-state solution is roughly the same – it's about 75 percent to 80 percent. But if you poll those groups as to if they think peace is possible, they do not think it is possible in overwhelming numbers. What you need is not unilateralism; what you need is neutrality. You need to remove the specter of doubt that exists within the two communities. There are many ways. Now, building blocks in the West Bank, for example. The blocks represent about eight percent of the West Bank. Israel probably should not be building in those blocks on the Palestinian side. But look at a map, they will say, we do not know what the boundaries are. They know what they want them to be but at least recognize their existence.
Both sides need to recognize each side has hard decisions to make. Let's hope that happens and stop the incitement. Stop depicting Israelis as pigs and to young people in textbooks in the Gaza Strip that is controlled by Hamas. So, these countries, if they really want peace and a two-state solution – it is in everybody' s interest to do that. Let me say this about Israel – it's in a tough neighborhood. It's a country of 7.5 million people. It has a rule of law and separation of powers, it has a functioning economy. For anybody in that part of the world to delegitimize Israel at a time when Assad is using chemical weapons against his own people, that Sunni and Shia in Iraq are blowing up weddings and funerals – it is inconceivable that we are going to question the legitimacy of Israel. Israel, at least in terms of its function, should be held up as a model for the Middle East. It should not be dismissed."

NOTE: Rep. Higgins' reference to incitement and Israel's "tough neighborhood" ought to be detailed, as it rarely is on C-SPAN's Washington Journal. Palestinian incitement to hatred and violence against Israel and Jews continues in violation of Article 26 (2) of the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as in violation of Israeli-Palestinian agreements. Article 26 (2)] implicitly condemns incitement to hatred/violence against other ethnic/religious groups in textbooks but Palestinian textbooks inculcate such hostility against Jews and Israel. The U.N. Commission on Human Rights resolution 2003/37 (No. 4) "Condemns incitement of ethnic hatred, violence and terrorism."

Israel often has been accused falsely of violating Palestinian Arabs' (whose numbers and standard of living have grown dramatically since 1967) human rights violations. But every act of anti-Israeli terrorism or attempted terrorism – and they number in the tens of thousands since Palestinian leadership pledged in the 1993 Oslo accords to extirpate the terrorist infrastructure – violate or attempt to violate Israeli human rights. An informed moderator might have taken time to examine this issue.

January 6, 2014 – 7:06 AM


Guest host Ms. Summers is from Politico, a Washington D.C. newspaper and Web site reporting on government and politics.

Topic: Future U.S. role in Iraq?

Caller: James from Malibu, California (click here to view).

[This is the 70th call since December 2008 from Washington Journal's notorious anti-Israel caller James Morris. Today's call, like the previous ones, is a conspiracy mongering polemic spewing anti-Israel falsehoods and distorting America's foreign policy. Typically, the host allows Morris to complete his propaganda rant.]

MORRIS: "I just want to say that we are in Iraq – fighting in Iraq for Israel. Go to [names two of his anti-Israel, antisemitic Web sites]. Neocon miscreants [Senators] Lindsey Graham and John McCain were wrong about the Iraq surge. It failed. However, the Israeli Likudniks' plan in the 1980s has worked out really well. Here we are losing American lives just like we did before and McCain is still pushing a neocon war agenda for Israel versus Iran and Syria as well. It's a disgrace. Again, go to [repeats the names of the two propaganda sites]. Thanks. "

Host: "Moving right along – this morning in the Washington Post ..."

NOTE: CAMERA's C-SPAN Watch Web site feature has documented Morris' previous 69 Journal calls since November 2008 in which he has obsessively repeated anti-Israel falsehoods and distortions and invariably misled about America's policies, not infrequently using false names and a variety of locations, often in violation of C-SPAN's rarely-enforced one-call-per-30-days rule. Usually, Morris parrots what amounts to the Iranian propaganda line (he has been cited approvingly by Iran's Press TV, an official government mouth-piece). Morris' recent calls were on Dec. 7, 2013 (click here to view), Dec. 6, 2013 (click here to view), Sept. 9, 2013 (click here to view).
Morris' previous calls (with very few exceptions each has been anti-Israel, anti-America, pro-Iran) to Washington Journal since December 2008 are chronicled here. Morris' Iran connection is indicated by the government-funded propaganda Web site, which refers to Morris as a “Los Angeles-based political analyst” in a propaganda video (posted May 23, 2011) featuring Morris (includes his photo).
January 1, 2014 – 8:28 AM


Guest: MARC GINSBERG, former ambassador to Morocco, former Middle East advisor to President Clinton.

Caller: Pat from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (click here to view).

[This conspiracy mongering repeat caller is allowed a lengthy rant in which he vilifies Israel as he has done in previous calls (see NOTE), the most recent one being December 26. Thus, here he is allowed to violate C-SPAN's ostensible one-call-per-30-days rule. Lunatic fringe callers such as this are routinely indulged on Washington Journal.]

Caller: “Happy New Year everyone. I have to tell you Mr. Ginsberg, your deceit is monumental. If you know anything about the state of Israel and the influence that the state of Israel has directly in our State Department. I know this for a fact because my friend is a consul general and came back to the United States and went to the U.S. State Department and was aghast at the number of offices for what has essentially turned into an electronic fortress on behalf of the Israeli government. The Israelis going up to American diplomats returning from the Mideast snatching documents from their hands as if they represent the United States. For you to sit there and say that Israel had no initial information about Benghazi is like saying, Israel didn't know about 9/11.”

Guest: “You're off on a tirade here about Benghazi – and Israel has no connection to it. It's something that goes to what essentially is the type of conspiracy theories that those of us in foreign policy who care about American foreign policy first and foremost have long heard about from the critics of Israel who are always there to try to accuse them of controlling U.S. foreign policy. I suspect if you went to John Kerry or Susan Rice or Zbig Brzezinski or Henry Kissinger or any one of the other leaders of foreign policy, you would know that there's been enormous disagreements with Israel. In effect, within the Obama administration and in the first half of the Obama administration, the relationship between the prime minster of Israel and the president of the United States could not have been more challenging and more difficult. That's the record. Unfortunately, your record does not prove that it has substantiation given just what happened in at the beginning of the Obama administration.”

NOTE: Host Echevarria was remiss in not asking (or even demanding) caller “Pat” to provide at least minimal identifying information on his “consul general” friend who supposedly has first hand information about allegedly extraordinary influence wielded by Israel in the State Department. This claim is dubious at best since arguably the historical record indicates that the State Department often has been supportive of pro-Arab positions in opposition to those of various Israeli governments and their American backers.
The caller's lunatic fringe, anti-Israel credentials are not in doubt. He phoned only six days previous violating C-SPAN's one-call-per-30-days-rule, a provision rarely enforced against anti-Israel, anti-Jewish ranters, on December 26 (7:11 AM) as “Patrick from Carnegie, Pennsylvania” (click here to view) claiming that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is a “modern version of the Gestapo” and “concentration camps are being built and the American people are going to be placed in them.” Who does this conspiracy-addled caller conjure up as the main culprit? Why of course, Israel. This same caller phoned at least twice previously and claimed that Israel controls the United States. On Sept. 24, 2013 host Echevarria indulged at length and even encouraged “Patrick” (click here to view). On Nov. 22, 2012 host Peter Slen neither interrupted nor challenged “Patrick's” lengthy diatribe (click here to view).

January 1, 2014 – 8:39 AM


Guest: MARC GINSBERG, former ambassador to Morocco, former Middle East advisor to President Clinton.

Caller: Bobby from Walterboro, South Carolina (click here to view).

Caller: “I would like to comment on the prior caller that referred to Mr. Ginsberg as a Zionist. What I didn't like about that he made it appear some sort of criminal act to be a Zionist or it's some sort of character flaw. When all countries have are promoted and supported, I see nothing wrong with Israel promoting its brand just like any other country. Wouldn't you have the same concerns for England, Germany and etcetera? Of course. I have to take issue with that. I have to ask the prior caller why he singles out Israel for promoting its brand and garnering support? Regarding Mr. Ginsberg, personally I find him very refreshing. He's very knowledgeable. He seems to be someone that his interest is in advancing the ball rather than just status quo, his ideas are sound. They are precise and I thank you very much for your input this morning. I do appreciate it and thank you C-SPAN.”

Guest: “Thank you very much. My mother will be very happy to hear these kind accolades on New Year's Day. One thing that we Americans sometimes miss – look I have a record, I was raised in the Middle East. I was brought up in Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon as a young man. I come to understand the Arab world and have great deal of concern for young Arabs who want to have peace and security and great relations with the United States. I also am strong defender of Israel's right to exist. I made it very clear that there's significant differences between U.S. and Israel's foreign policy. I oppose a lot of Netanyahu's foreign policies that have been inconsistent with American goals and objectives in the Middle East including his failure to negotiate a peace agreement with Palestinians, his determination to oppose an interim negotiation with Iran. These are things that are important to Americans and frankly, his bellicose statements on the Iran negotiations trouble me. I would rather see what we can achieve through negotiations than just in effect let Middle East countries drag the United States into a conflict before we are able to determine what's in our own best interest.”
NOTE: This is a relatively rare instance of a pro-Israel caller a) getting through C-SPAN's screening and b) being allowed to speak at some length without interruption by a Washington Journal host.

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