Saturday, March 24, 2018
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ABC Down Under Corrects on Settlements in Under a Minute

How do you go from 4,000 outposts to 4,000 homes in under a minute? Only Down Under.

On Monday, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (the other ABC) posted a news story about Israel's "Normalization Law," a bill to legalize settler houses illegally built on private Palestinian land, with this incorrect headline:

CAMERA's Israel office informed the network that the bill would affect a (speculated) 4,000 homes and not 4,000 outposts. Mistaking individual residential units for entire settlements has been a staple media error, one that CAMERA has corrected time and again.
Nevertheless, we were pleasantly surprised when the network (@abcnews) responded to a
tweet in record time – less than a minute – promising to correct the headline:
And indeed within seconds editors corrected the headline:

CAMERA commends ABC for this new record in efficiency.

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