Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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What you can do

When you encounter biased reporting, take action! There are several things you can do to counter unfair reporting— stay informed, call or write to the media, spread the word,  support CAMERA by keeping your membership current,  and join CAMERA's E-mail team.

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CAMERA Guidelines for Local Groups & Individuals on How to Monitor & Communicate with the Media

 CAMERA encourages its members to organize local letter-writing teams to consistently monitor and respond to the unfair reporting in their local paper. Below are some general guidelines for how to monitor a newspaper, how to communicate with editors and what to do when editors are unresponsive to substantive objections to their coverage.

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How to recognize unfair reporting

The Society of Professional Journalists' Code of Ethics require that journalists seek out and report the truth and that they be accountable to their readers, listeners, viewers and each other. Sometimes journalists reporting under pressure from the Middle East—with its complex history, issues and emotions—may be unfair in their depiction of unfolding events. The job of a media activist is not to impute motive but to provide checks and balances to ensure that a media outlet remains accountable for its reporting.  How does one do this?

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Letter writing tips

Timeliness and brevity are of the essence when you are writing a letter-to the-editor for publication.  Bear in mind the following tips to maximize your chances of being published.

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The following links are to media, governmental, research and educational institute sites which provide useful and timely information about Israel and the Middle East.


Media contact information

For media contact information searchable alphabetically by specific media outlet, click here.