Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Serving nearly 20 million listeners weekly via more than 680 member stations, NPR (National Public Radio) is a publicly funded organization offering news and cultural programming. NPR distributes programming to Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and military installations overseas.

APRIL 3, 2018 Media Coverage of Gaza Violence Falls Short
FEBRUARY 4, 2018 NPR Fails to Challenge Hamas Apologist
JANUARY 29, 2018 After Ignoring Extremist Language by Palestinian President, NPR Focuses on Netanyahu's Wife
DECEMBER 12, 2017 NPR Corrects: UN Resolution 242 Does Not Call For Jerusalem Withdrawal
AUGUST 30, 2017 NPR Skews the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
JUNE 12, 2017 The “Pro-Con” Con: Curating Criticism of Israel
MARCH 14, 2017 CAMERA Prompts NPR Correction on Annexation Claim
FEBRUARY 8, 2017 Palestinian Misinformation and Hate Rhetoric on Public Radio
FEBRUARY 1, 2017 "Here and Now" Corrects on "New Settlements" Plan
JANUARY 31, 2017 "Here and Now" Host Jeremy Hobson Wrong on 'New Settlements'
JANUARY 9, 2017 NPR and Others Continue to Whitewash Palestinian Terrorism
JANUARY 4, 2017 The 7 Things NPR Wants You to Know About Settlements
DECEMBER 18, 2016 NPR 'Morning Edition' Corrects Tel Aviv Error, Errs on 'Palestinian Land'
JULY 28, 2016 NPR’s Emily Harris Reflects, Blearily, on Three Years Reporting from Jerusalem
JUNE 29, 2016 NPR's Conflict of Interest No Conflict, NPR Decides
JUNE 23, 2016 NPR Minimizes Orlando Terrorist's Pledge to ISIS
MAY 17, 2016 NPR Misleads Public on Palestinian Incitement to Violence
FEBRUARY 2, 2016 NPR's Former Israel Reporter 'Sad' That Hoax Anti-Israel Agitprop Not Real
JANUARY 25, 2016 NPR Affiliate Peddles Anti-Israel, Pro-Terrorist Propaganda
OCTOBER 22, 2015 NPR’s Emily Harris Interviews Jerusalem Stabbing Victims in Powerful Segment
OCTOBER 20, 2015 "Desperation" to Rationalize Murder
OCTOBER 19, 2015 NPR Correspondent Emily Harris Humanizes Attackers, Ignores Victims (UPDATED)
OCTOBER 12, 2015 NPR Host Misses Anti-Israel Hate In 140 Characters or Less
SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 Chicago Public Media Bombards Listeners with Max Blumenthal Falsehoods
MARCH 19, 2015 National Public Radio Series Marred By Inaccuracies and Omissions
FEBRUARY 27, 2015 In Coverage of Banksy's Erroneous Gaza Video, There's No Such Thing as Bad Publicity
DECEMBER 31, 2014 CAMERA's Top Ten MidEast Media Mangles for 2014
DECEMBER 4, 2014 WBUR's On Point Misleads About the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
NOVEMBER 5, 2014 NPR Host Claims Professor Fired For Criticizing Israel, Conceals What He Really Said
OCTOBER 7, 2014 NPR Clarifies Claim That Israel "Helped" in Shatila Massacre
OCTOBER 6, 2014 When NPR Overlooked Anti-Palestinian Discrimination
AUGUST 25, 2014 NPR Interviews Anti-Israel Head of U.N. Gaza Investigation
AUGUST 24, 2014 Letter to Boston Globe Rebutting Use of the Term "Occupation"
AUGUST 8, 2014 The Murkiness of Gaza Casualty Figures: One Case Study
AUGUST 5, 2014 On Separation Between Israel, West Bank Palestinians, NPR Deceives
JULY 22, 2014 NPR's Diane Rehm Plays Gaza Wild Card: Herself
JULY 21, 2014 Mondoweiss Welcomed Warmly on NPR
JULY 15, 2014 As Cease-fire Fails, Some Headlines Fail to Explain Why
JULY 11, 2014 NPR's Ashbrook Excludes Pro-Israel Voice Again
JULY 7, 2014 NPR's Siegel Fumbles Interview, Allows Errors Against Israel
JANUARY 28, 2014 NPR Examination of Mideast Coverage Misleads
NOVEMBER 21, 2013 NPR Host Obstructs Balanced Discussion on Iran
SEPTEMBER 10, 2013 After Iranian Twitter Posts, Excitement Overcomes Nuance
AUGUST 30, 2013 NPR Ombudsman Blasts Report; Newsroom Says 'Get Lost'
AUGUST 14, 2013 This American Life Omits Context About Sinai Refugees
JUNE 5, 2013 What the Media Won't Tell You About Palestinian Prisoners
JUNE 2, 2013 NPR Romanticizes Child's Attacker
MARCH 19, 2013 NPR's Ailing Coverage of Kidney Care in Gaza
JANUARY 9, 2013 Updated: NPR Broadcasts Gaza Import Correction
JANUARY 8, 2013 NPR Blames Only Israel for Undermining the Peace Process
DECEMBER 29, 2012 CAMERA Top Ten MidEast Media Mangles of 2012
NOVEMBER 20, 2012 NPR's Leila Fadel: Israel Targeting Journalists
AUGUST 2, 2012 NPR Sidelines All Fayyad's Internal Palestinian Worries
JULY 18, 2012 On Israel, NPR is No Perspective Radio
JUNE 3, 2012 NPR’s Rehm Partners with Swipe-at-Israel Academic Gerges to Pummel Israel
JANUARY 27, 2012 NPR Lament: Palestinians Watching Sesame Street Reruns
DECEMBER 28, 2011 NPR Ombudsman's Response to CAMERA Falls Short
NOVEMBER 20, 2011 NPR Jaffa Story Alleges Israeli Plot to Eradicate Arabs
MARCH 8, 2011 NPR Execs Dine with Fake Islamists
JANUARY 21, 2011 On NPR, Israel is Accused With No Defense Allowed
JANUARY 18, 2011 Obsessing Over Israel, NPR Glosses Over Plight of African Migrants
OCTOBER 27, 2010 Juan Williams and NPR's Taxpayer Funding
JUNE 17, 2010 NPR's On Point Stacks the Deck Against Israel - As Usual
JUNE 6, 2010 In Wake of Flotilla, NPR Coverage is Listing
DECEMBER 31, 2009 On the Lookout for Bias at NPR
AUGUST 7, 2009 Spotty Coverage of Mary Robinson's Role in Durban Hate Fest
MARCH 31, 2009 NPR Editor Jenkins Blames Israel for ME Deadlock
MARCH 23, 2009 NPR Claims Jewish Gangs Harrassing Muslim Girls in Paris
FEBRUARY 4, 2009 On NPR's Fresh Air, Terry Gross Relieves Hamas of War Crime Charge
JANUARY 14, 2009 CAMERA on Minnesota Public Radio Discusses NPR Gaza Coverage
OCTOBER 24, 2008 Rep. Sherman Reminds CPB of "Mandate for Objectivity and Balance"
OCTOBER 22, 2008 BACKGROUNDER: The Rafah Crossing and Restrictions on Cross-Border Movement for Gaza Palestinians
AUGUST 6, 2008 Press Release: Rep. Cantor Urges Public Broadcasting to Conduct Objectivity and Balance Oversight
FEBRUARY 13, 2008 Dvorkin Agonistes
JANUARY 22, 2008 Hamas Manufacture a "Crisis," But Media Blame Israel
OCTOBER 2, 2007 Radical anti-Israel views on Chicago's WBEZ
AUGUST 24, 2007 CAMERA Prompts NPR Correction on Hezbollah Rockets
AUGUST 6, 2007 CAMERA Op-Ed: Public Broadcasting Must Meet Balance Test
JUNE 14, 2007 NPR's Six-Day War Series — Agenda-Driven and Biased
JUNE 1, 2007 NPR Corrects Error in Gaza Story
APRIL 24, 2007 WBUR's "On Point" Misses the Mark
DECEMBER 3, 2006 Jimmy Carter Can't Make Up His Mind
DECEMBER 2, 2006 UPDATE: Peace Now Map Based Only on Palestinian Claims
OCTOBER 17, 2006 Overview of Recent NPR Bias
JULY 25, 2006 NPR and Rami Khouri
JULY 21, 2006 "Israel Lobby" Authors Find Friendly NPR Forum
JUNE 25, 2006 Prisoners' Document: Peace Plan or “Phased Plan”?
MAY 23, 2006 More Terror Bias at NPR
MAY 19, 2006 NPR Coddles Hamas
APRIL 28, 2006 NPR Still Skews the News
JANUARY 6, 2006 On NPR, Arab Journalist Rami Khouri Blames Ariel Sharon for Islamism
JANUARY 6, 2006 Sharon's Career Mischaracterized by the Media
JANUARY 4, 2006 A Stacked Deck – the NPR Formula at Work
JANUARY 4, 2006 PRESS RELEASE: Sen. Brownback Affirms Public Broadcasting Oversight
JANUARY 4, 2006 Remarks by Senator Sam Brownback on CPB Oversight
NOVEMBER 29, 2005 PRESS RELEASE: Rep. Rothman Stresses Need for Public Broadcasting Oversight
NOVEMBER 18, 2005 Remarks by Representative Steve Rothman on The Importance of CPB's Oversight Obligation
OCTOBER 3, 2005 New National Poll: Public Expects Higher Standards from NPR and other Publicly-Funded Broadcasters
SEPTEMBER 1, 2005 Covering Up for NPR
JUNE 8, 2005 CAMERA Responds to Prof's CPB Smear
JUNE 1, 2005 CAMERA Studies of NPR Coverage
MAY 19, 2005 PRESS RELEASE: CAMERA Welcomes CPB Review of NPR's Middle East Coverage
APRIL 12, 2005 NPR's Robert Siegel Reacts (Badly) to Bias Charge
APRIL 4, 2005 NPR Wants it Both Ways
MARCH 29, 2005 NPR Ombudsman Dodges Listener Query
MARCH 21, 2005 Another NPR Winter of Distortion
JANUARY 25, 2005 The NPR Switch
DECEMBER 23, 2004 Updated: NPR Refuses to Correct House Demolition Error
OCTOBER 25, 2004 CAMERA ALERT: In NPR Report, Dying With Dignity = Killing Jews?
OCTOBER 13, 2004 NPR's Derogates Israel and Religious Jews
OCTOBER 13, 2004 PRESS RELEASE: CAMERA Faults NPR Role at Holocaust Museum Event
SEPTEMBER 28, 2004 PRESS RELEASE: CAMERA and Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) Testify on NPR's anti-Israel Bias
SEPTEMBER 21, 2004 Oversight Failure: The Case of National Public Radio
AUGUST 11, 2004 CAMERA Obtains NPR Correction on UN Vote
AUGUST 1, 2004 CAMERA ALERT: Media Downplay Hamas Responsibility for Terror
JUNE 11, 2004 NPR Critiques Itself
MAY 26, 2004 NPR Turns to Guardian Reporter for Lessons in Israel Bashing
MAY 19, 2004 Journalists Fall Prey to Palestinian Booby-Traps
MAY 14, 2004 UPDATED CAMERA ALERT: NPR Blames Mother and Daughters for their own Murders
MAY 12, 2004 Two NPR Corrections in Two Days
APRIL 27, 2004 CAMERA Obtains NPR Correction on 'Terror' Terminology
MARCH 29, 2004 UPDATED: CAMERA Staff, Members Prompt NPR Correction
MARCH 15, 2004 CAMERA Obtains Correction at NPR
FEBRUARY 7, 2004 CAMERA Obtains Correction at NPR
JANUARY 27, 2004 CAMERA ALERT: Suicide-Bomber Chic and More at NPR
JANUARY 22, 2004 CAMERA ALERT: NPR Smears Israel with Skewed Charges
NOVEMBER 14, 2003 NPR's Bias (And a $200 Million Windfall)
OCTOBER 1, 2003 EYE ON THE MEDIA: On the Oslo Anniversary, NPR as Usual
SEPTEMBER 11, 2003 NPR Tortures the Truth to Malign Israel
AUGUST 22, 2003 UPDATED: NPR's Little Cover-Up
AUGUST 15, 2003 NPR's Letter of Protest to CAMERA, and CAMERA's Reply
AUGUST 15, 2003 UPDATED: NPR Discovers Terror in the West Bank
AUGUST 11, 2003 PRESS RELEASE: CAMERA Urges Overseas Press Club to Revoke Award to NPR
JUNE 21, 2003 EYE ON THE MEDIA: National Public Radio's Predictable Evasions
JUNE 10, 2003 NPR's Terror Problem published in National Review Online
JUNE 2, 2003 EYE ON THE MEDIA: National Public Radio Off the Map
MAY 14, 2003 CAMERA ALERT: Lopsided NPR News from Peter Kenyon
APRIL 29, 2003 CAMERA ALERT: NPR's Seelye Provides Platform for Arab Regimes
APRIL 21, 2003 EYE ON THE MEDIA: Media's Selective Martyrology
MARCH 25, 2003 Terry Gross's "Tit-for-Tat" Interview with James Bennet
MARCH 11, 2003 Terror Rules at NPR
FEBRUARY 18, 2003 NPR’s Second Intifada
JANUARY 21, 2003 CAMERA Column: NPR's Gradstein Falsely Labels Israel “Extremist”
JANUARY 3, 2003 CAMERA Op-Ed: Blaming the Media, With Reason
JANUARY 1, 2003 NPR and Israel: June, July 2002
DECEMBER 11, 2002 CAMERA Critiques NPR History Series
NOVEMBER 26, 2002 NPR's Intifada
NOVEMBER 11, 2002 NPR Should Atone:
OCTOBER 14, 2002 NPR at War – with History
OCTOBER 9, 2002 Back to the Future:
OCTOBER 9, 2002 EYE ON THE MEDIA: Just Say No to NPR
OCTOBER 2, 2002 More Middle East Fiction from NPR
SEPTEMBER 30, 2002 National Predictable Radio Strikes Again
SEPTEMBER 30, 2002 NPR's Special Bias
SEPTEMBER 15, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: NPR Continues Its One-Sided and Erroneous Broadcasts
SEPTEMBER 15, 2002 NPR Bias Persists As CAMERA Action Prompts Fox News, PBS Coverage
AUGUST 19, 2002 NPR’s Biased Corrections
JULY 1, 2002 NPR Cover-Up
JUNE 26, 2002 NPR: Palestinians Who Murdered Israeli Mother and Children Were “Commandos”
MAY 3, 2002 PRESS RELEASE: CAMERA Calls on NPR to Fire Foreign Editor Loren Jenkins
JANUARY 2, 2002 EYE ON THE MEDIA: NPR Distorts Even Its Bias
DECEMBER 26, 2001 NPR's "On the Media" Distorts Interview with CAMERA
OCTOBER 19, 2001 EYE ON THE MEDIA: Do You Know Where Your Tax Dollars Are?
OCTOBER 6, 2001 NPR's “Attitude Problem” Toward Israel
SEPTEMBER 26, 2001 Despite Terror Attacks, NPR Maintains Blacklist of Leading Terror Expert
AUGUST 19, 2001 ADVERTISEMENT: NPR's Coverage of Israel? Still Skewed, Still False
AUGUST 12, 2001 National Public Radio – All Bias, All the Time
JUNE 5, 2001 NPR Airs Correction in Response to "After Latest Suicide Bombing, NPR's Ludden Gets it Wrong Again, June 3, 2001"
MARCH 27, 2001 A Record of Bias: National Public Radio's Coverage of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
MARCH 19, 2001 EYE ON THE MEDIA: Karen Armstrong’s Unscholarly Prejudices
MARCH 1, 2001 NPR Smears Ariel Sharon
JANUARY 10, 2001 NPR Coverage Divorced From Reality
DECEMBER 7, 2000 ADVERTISEMENT: NPR is Lying About Israel Again
NOVEMBER 30, 2000 EYE ON THE MEDIA: NPR and Terror
NOVEMBER 9, 2000 NPR Bias Masks Arab Violence
NOVEMBER 2, 2000 National Public Radio Promotes Palestinian “Right of Return”
AUGUST 14, 2000 EYE ON THE MEDIA: Hanan's Free Ride
JUNE 16, 2000 EYE ON THE MEDIA: Whitewashing Hizballah
APRIL 25, 2000 NPR Unrelenting in Anti-Israel Bias
AUGUST 2, 1999 NPR Misleads on Water Again
JULY 1, 1999 Pattern Of Bias
JUNE 1, 1999 Palestinian Textbooks Teach Anti-Israel Hate
FEBRUARY 3, 1999 PRESS RELEASE: CAMERA Campaign Challenges NPR Bias
SEPTEMBER 5, 1998 NPR Bias Triggers New CAMERA Action
MAY 11, 1998 Israel's 50th, the New Historians and NPR
APRIL 29, 1998 PRESS RELEASE: CAMERA Urges Congress Action on NPR Israel Bias
APRIL 2, 1998 PRESS RELEASE: CAMERA Study Challenges Media "Groupthink" on Arab Building in Jerusalem
OCTOBER 9, 1997 The Hamas "Truce" Offer: Genuine or Fake?
OCTOBER 2, 1995 Conflict of Interest Fits NPR Bias
MARCH 23, 1994 Public Radio: Hatreds Newsworthy and Not
JANUARY 13, 1994 NPR Apologizes to CAMERA...But Middle East Distortions Continue
JANUARY 16, 1993 NPR Answers (or Dodges) CAMERA Criticism
NOVEMBER 4, 1992 A Study in News Manipulation
NOVEMBER 2, 1992 Linda Gradstein Pushes Political Agenda
JULY 30, 1992 Thumbs Down to Linda Gradstein

To view the corrected, uncorrected and dismal corrections on NPR , click below: