Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Modern Israel

Applefeld's Table (2004)

47 minutes
Israel, Hebrew with English subtitles
Producer and Director: Adi Japhet-Fuchs

The film revolves around the renowned Israeli author, Aharon Applefeld's daily pilgrimages to the Anna Ticho House in Jerusalem, whose café he uses as a study and a meeting place with friends and colleagues. Appelfeld's dramatic personal story is enriched by excerpts from his writings with an attempt to understand the creative process.

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At the End of the Day (2000)

50 minutes
Israel, Hebrew with English subtitles
Producer and Director: Ayelet Bargur

Four young men, all commanders in the same Israeli Defense Force Golan Heights paratrooper unit, were killed over a twenty-two month period from 1995 to 1997. Their families, realizing they all suffer a common fate, agree to meet and share their stories. With great sensitivity and skill, director Ayelet Bargur, whose brother Zvi was among those who died, documents the ongoing attempts by these families to come to terms with the deaths of their loved ones. This painful subject is one that touches many Israeli families today.

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David Rubinger: Eyewitness (1998)

50 minutes
Israel, Hebrew with English subtitles
Producer and Director: Micha Shagrir 

David Rubinger, recipient of the Israel Prize for Photography and the Time-Life photographer whose images of Israel over the past 50 years has shaped the world's perception of the state, began to photograph in 1947. He has covered nearly every important event in Israel’s history. Through his camera lens, he has been an eyewitness to the dramatic events that took place in Israel throughout the years. Among his most famous photographs are of the crew of the "Bat Galim" ship that tried to break the blockade of the Suez Canal in 1955; a mother and two daughters in kibbutz Gadot after their home was hit by a Syrian rocket in 1967; Ella Yosefi of Bet Shean after the news of a terrorist attack at the town school in 1970; a female soldier during the 1973 war treating the wounded; and perhaps best known, the three soldiers at the Western Wall in June 1967. In this film, Rubinger journeys back to the places and people he has photographed during the years, and leads the viewers to a better understanding of the contemporary Israeli reality. Rubinger’s pictures represent his own life story, professional views and experiences, but mainly his great love for the country and its people.

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34 Allenby St.
Tel-Aviv 63552
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Israel: A Nation is Born (1997)

360 minutes
An Israel Heritage/WNET Production
Producer and Director: Neville Meyer
Narrator: Abba Eban

This television mini-series, originally 5 episodes, was released in 1992.  In 1997, it was re-released with an additional episode and in again in 2002, as a boxed DVD set. Abba Eban, an Israeli diplomat and politician who served as foreign minister during Israel's Six Day War,  presents the story of modern Israel through both historical events and personal, firsthand recollections of many of those who lived them, using international newsreels, archival film footage, and photographs as well as both modern and vintage interviews that, while heavily weighted toward the Zionists and eventual Israelis, also include those of world Arab leaders and local Arab citizens. About the series, Eban said, "the series is designed to provide an essential context to an inspiring human story."
 The episodes include:
From the Rise of Zionism to 1948
The Creation of the State 1948-56
Coming of Age 1956-67
Six Days That Changed the Middle East 1967-73
New Conflicts, New Dreams 1973-90
On the Brink of Peace—added in 1997 

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The Old Stores (2006)

53 minutes
Israel, Hebrew, Arabic with English subtitles 
Producer and Director: Yoav Gurfinkel

The documentary tells the story of aging "Mom and Pop" stores that have survived in the ever-changing, dynamic city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa . This non-political  film looks nostalgically at the passage of time—the clinging to traditions and old world values in an age of modernization and provides a rare glimpse of the everyday concerns of real Israelis without the filter of the Arab-Israeli conflict that often colors the images we see from there.

Contact Info: JMT Films, Distribution and Sales
General Manager, Michael Treves 


Too Close to Home (1995)

50 minutes
Israel, Color, Hebrew with English subtitles
Producer: Talia Goshen
Director: Ori Inbar

The future of the Golan remains a crucial issue for Israel's future. This documentary about the people who live in and protect the Golan provides important insight into the political and social issues surrounding the territory. In 1994, Israeli army officer and filmmaker Ori Inbar recorded his annual reserve service in the Israeli-Syrian border patrol on the Golan Heights. The documentary follows five of the men of Inbar's unit during the 32 days of their yearly tour of duty, an experience they have been sharing for nearly 20 years. All five live in the Golan, and were among the first to settle in the area after it changed from Syrian to Israeli hands.

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Underdogs: A War Movie (1996)

86 minutes
Israel, Hebrew with English subtitles
Producer: Avi Armoza
Directors: Doron Tsabori and Rino Zror

Underdogs is a documentary about the soccer mania that hits Beit She'an, a small working-class Israeli town near the Jordanian border, when the local team prepares for their last crucial game of the season. Beit She’an's team must defeat the rich, national champions from Haifa in order to remain in the league. More than battles on the soccer field, the film is about the conflicts between rich and poor, small town and big city, and minorities and the ruling class.

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Telephone: (781) 899-7044
Fax: (781) 736-2070


Unsettled (2007)

80 minutes
USA, English, Hebrew with English subtitles
Producer and Director: Adam Hootnick

This documentary about Israel’s 2005 withdrawal from Gaza focuses on three young Israelis who are expelled from their homes, two of the Israeli soldiers who are sent to evict them, and an activist who tries to raise public support for the withdrawal, despite her sister’s murder by Palestinian terrorists. It tells the story about young Israelis on the front lines of a battle where there is no winner.

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Zaka: Living With Death (2004)

47 minutes
Israel, English
Producer and Director: Noam Shalev

Two suicide bombers detonate their bombs in a busy shopping area in the center of Tel Aviv. The aftermath is horrific. Enter the ZAKA team. Black plastic bags in hand, they scour the area, intent on finding everything down to the last fingernail. Their mission: To collect every piece of flesh, every scrap of hair, left after a suicide bombing. Always on call, their beepers vibrate seconds after the disaster. They believe in providing the "Chessed Shel Emet" or "true act of kindness"—i.e. a burial for all human remains. They are the ZAKA volunteers. The film follows the ZAKA volunteers in more than two years of suicide bombings in Israel, in their training and when they get the call - to come and take care of the bodies. In February 2004 a group of Zaka volunteers traveled to The Hague with the bombed bus from one of the suicide bombings in Jerusalem.

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