Saturday, March 17, 2018
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Huffington Post Arabic Removes Hamas Propaganda

In response to communication from CAMERA and its new Arabic department, Huffington Post editors have commendably removed Hamas propaganda from its Arabic web site. As reported last week on CAMERA's Snapshots blog, the Feb. 10 Huffington Post Arabic item ("Video and first pictures. . . see the site of the Israeli F-16 plane's crash and its debris after it was shot down by fire from inside Syria") included a number of videos taken from the Facebook page of Hamas' Shehab News Agency, along with Shehab's caption on one video which referred to Israel as "the enemy" and "the occupation," and its territory (within the Green Line) as "occupied Palestine." The caption had stated (CAMERA Arabic's translation):
The occupation's media publishes scenes which it said are of the moment of shooting down the Iranian drone (according to the announcement of the enemy) that entered the skies of occupied Palestine early in the morning. (Emphasis added.)

While such terminology is common within Hamas, designated as a terror group by the United States, European Union, and Israel, it is completely at odds with professional journalistic language. CAMERA is glad that Huffington Post editors agree, and commendably removed all the Hamas clips, including the aforementioned caption, from its story.
To read this post in Arabic, please see CAMERA Arabic. To see additional Huffington Post and Huffington Post Arabic corrections prompted by CAMERA and CAMERA Arabic, please see here.

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