Sunday, February 25, 2018
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The Diplomat Corrects: Jerusalem, Not Tel Aviv, Is Israel's Capital

CAMERA's Israel office yesterday prompted corrections to erroneous references to Tel Aviv as Israel's capital in The Diplomat, an online magazine which describes itself as "the premier international current-affairs magazine for the Asia-Pacific region."
The article ("What Modi's Israel Visit Means for Pakistan," July 11) used the common journalistic practice of citing a nation's capital city as shorthand for the country's government, erroneously citing Tel Aviv, instead of Jerusalem, as a stand-in for Israel, along with Washington, New Dehli (India) and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).
The article had originally reported:
New Delhi getting Washington and Tel Aviv to echo its stance on militancy in Kashmir is not only a diplomatic triumph for Modi, it also underscores the global alienation of all freedom movements that have been taken over by Islamism.
In addition, the article also stated:
By not restricting itself to an ideological prism, India has successfully agreed to defense deals with both Saudi Arabia and Israel, without compromising on New Delhi’s economic interests with Iran – the common major foe for both Riyadh and Tel Aviv.

Editors commendably amended the article, replacing Tel Aviv with Jerusalem. Contrary to standard journalistic practice, editors did not append a note alerting readers to the change. The corrected passages follow.

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