Monday, April 23, 2018
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Film Suggestions

Film Recommendations

Below are some film recommendations on films about Israel, the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Middle East.  Our list does not include any feature films; it is limited to documentaries depicting the modern State of Israel–its history, current challenges, wars, culture, etc. from a variety of Israeli perspectives. The documentaries span the period from early Zionism to modern-day Israel and range from informative historical documentaries serious films about terrorism to more light-hearted films about soccer fans and  mom and pop stores surviving in modern day Tel Aviv.

Many of the films are available from Brandeis University’s National Center for Jewish Film (NCJF), a non-profit motion picture archive, distributor and resource center housing one of the largest, most comprehensive collections of Jewish-theme film and video in the world. Purchase and rental fees are scaled according to use (classroom, home viewing, private or public screenings, etc.) and format (16mm, 35mm, video, DVD).

Other films can be purchased for individual use from Ergo Media Inc., a distributor of films, videos and DVD's about Jewish culture, Israel, the Holocaust, and world Jewry; the Simon Wiesenthal Center, or individual filmmakers and distributors. Film rights for public screenings must be clarified with the distributor.

For a complete list of recommended films, listed alphabetically, click here.
For a complete list, by category, click here.

Or click below on a specific category. 


1. Early Zionist Films

2. Zionism, Pre-State Palestine and Birth of Israel

3. The Arab-Israeli Conflict

4. Terrorism

5. Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries

6. Modern Israel

7. Israel and the Media

8. Islamic Radicalism

Check the lists periodically for new films.