Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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US Maj. Gen. says Israel Has Been “Very, Very Restrained”

Commenting on FoxNews after the Israeli attack against missile launchers in Qana which inadvertently killed 28 or more Lebanese civilians, United States Maj. Gen. Burton Moore, former head of Centcom, stated that contrary to many critics, Israel has been “very, very restrained” in its attacks.

Here are excerpts from the interview:

MOORE: ... the killing of any innocents or civilians, particularly women and children in a conflict is regrettable, as Israel has expressed their regrets as has the United States, but it also raises the other question in the kind of wars we now are fighting against terrorists and jihadists who hide behind women and children, who hide behind hospitals and mosques in order to conduct their operations feeling that they will be at least in some part shielded.

... Hezbollah probably miscalculated, they were really looking to get some prisoners released, but now they’re in this war with Israel, and I think in some ways Israel is being very, very restrained. ...

Israel is not at this stage willing to put the military might that’s probably required to really decapitate Hezbollah. I think they can bring some serious damage to them, but I do not think the diplomatic solution that Hezbollah is looking for is one that the Israelis nor the United States can sign up to.

TRACE GALLAGHER: It’s interesting General to hear you use the word restraint, when all day long around the world and around this region we have heard “too much force, too much force.” You think that Israel really has shown great restraint and could actually go further in this campaign?

MOORE: I think they could – I mean they could carpet bomb if they were inclined to, they could wage a massive invasion if they were inclined to. (FoxNews, 7/30/2006)

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