Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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FEBRUARY 1, 2018 Intersectionality Is Making Teen Vogue’s Editors Stupid
JANUARY 7, 2018 The New Yorker Can't Get the Facts Right on Jerusalem
DECEMBER 13, 2017 Teen Vogue Promotes Terror Organization, Cites DJs on International Law
DECEMBER 5, 2017 Wall Street Journal all but Ignores Israeli Perspective on Jerusalem
NOVEMBER 3, 2017 Glamour Magazine to Honor BDS Proponent Linda Sarsour
OCTOBER 27, 2017 Trick or Treating for UNICEF: "Scary Good" or Just Plain Scary?
SEPTEMBER 11, 2017 Success: PBS Amends "Dying to Be a Martyr" Lesson Plan
AUGUST 15, 2017 PBS Stands by "Dying to Be a Martyr" Curriculum
AUGUST 11, 2017 The Atlantic Wrongly Blames Israel for Jerusalem Impasse
AUGUST 4, 2017 The Atlantic Whips up Sympathy for Jordanian Screwdriver Attacker
JULY 27, 2017 Amid Weeks of Terror, Wall Street Journal Obscures Identity of Attackers, Downgrades Temple Mount
JUNE 30, 2017 Teen Magazine Promotes Conspiracy Theory from Protocols of the Elders of Zion
JUNE 21, 2017 The Conviction Rate in IDF Tribunals: Is it Too High?
MAY 30, 2017 Reporting on Presidential Visit to Israel, NBC Downplays Palestinian Terrorism and Misrepresents King David Hotel Bombing
MAY 25, 2017 Wall Street Journal Spins Presidential Visit to Western Wall, Creating False Narrative of Division
MAY 12, 2017 New Jersey Jewish News Promotes Anti-Israel Group Breaking the Silence
APRIL 4, 2017 The Washington Post Omits Important Context on Arab League Summit
MARCH 17, 2017 Teen Vogue Promotes Palestinian Narrative to Adolescent Readers
MARCH 9, 2017 What Really Happened at Kerry’s 2016 “Regional Peace Summit”?
FEBRUARY 13, 2017 PBS Hosts Extremist Miko Peled on Talk Show
JANUARY 26, 2017 NBC Furthers Palestinian Narrative
DECEMBER 20, 2016 Wall Street Journal Omits Important Context on Jerusalem Embassy Issue
NOVEMBER 28, 2016 The Huffington Post's Holocaust Inversion
NOVEMBER 2, 2016 The Washington Post Evicts Context on Palestinian Village Without Electricity
OCTOBER 21, 2016 Vox Docs Reinvents History, Legitimizes Bigotry
OCTOBER 19, 2016 CAMERA Prompts Prompt National Geographic to Correct on Gaza Zoo Closure
OCTOBER 11, 2016 Newsweek Sugarcoats Anti-Israel Course at Berkeley
SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 At WSJ, After Peres's Death, Truth Remains Elusive
SEPTEMBER 21, 2016 New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof Appropriates the Holocaust for Political Gain