Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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APRIL 7, 2017 Quantifying the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict's Importance to Middle East Turmoil
DECEMBER 30, 2016 Thomas Friedman, Anachronism
JULY 26, 2016 Reviewing BBC Reporting of Vehicular Attacks in France and Israel
MAY 23, 2016 An Analysis of Lonely Planet's Israel Travel Guide
FEBRUARY 4, 2016 Fox News Correspondent Conor Powell's Coverage of Israel is Not Fair and Balanced
JANUARY 12, 2016 The IDF's Pivotal Role in Securing the Jewish Future
NOVEMBER 25, 2015 Update: MSNBC Corrects Mistaken Use of a False Historical Map of Palestine
NOVEMBER 18, 2015 Poisonous Palestinian Propaganda Creeps Into Elementary Schools
JULY 31, 2015 Samir Kuntar: Hero to Some
JULY 7, 2015 Florida Newspaper Publishes Hoax Quote Accusing the Jewish People of Controlling America
MAY 18, 2015 Joshua Mitnick's Hit Piece on Ayelet Shaked
APRIL 21, 2015 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorials Fail to Abide by Journalistic Standards
APRIL 2, 2015 Review of Rick Steves' "The Holy Land: Israelis and Palestinians Today"
MARCH 19, 2015 National Public Radio Series Marred By Inaccuracies and Omissions
MARCH 6, 2015 Two Takes on Netanyahu's Speech in the Boston Globe
FEBRUARY 24, 2015 The Associated Press Demonstrates Its Bias Against Israel
JANUARY 21, 2015 New York Times' Amnesia in Recounting Hezbollah's Past Actions
DECEMBER 17, 2014 The New York Times Blog Publishes Shoddy Defense of Steven Salaita
DECEMBER 8, 2014  Bias Seeps Into The Wall Street Journal's News Coverage
NOVEMBER 10, 2014 Iran Propels Forward on All Fronts
NOVEMBER 5, 2014 NPR Host Claims Professor Fired For Criticizing Israel, Conceals What He Really Said
OCTOBER 13, 2014 While Western Media Fixated on Gaza, The Main Action Was Elsewhere
SEPTEMBER 11, 2014 The Economist Misappropriates Terms to Describe Israel's Land Declaration
AUGUST 24, 2014 Letter to Boston Globe Rebutting Use of the Term "Occupation"
JULY 31, 2014 CAMERA Op-Ed on How Hamas Wields Gaza's Casualties as Propaganda
JULY 14, 2014 Reporting of Casualties in Gaza
JULY 11, 2014 NPR's Ashbrook Excludes Pro-Israel Voice Again
JULY 10, 2014  Rick Steves's Misguided Venture Into the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
MAY 30, 2014 Expose on UNRWA Deserves Attention
MARCH 4, 2014 The Demography Argument Takes Center Stage
FEBRUARY 12, 2014 Media Maven Dangles Boycott Over Israel's Head While Israel's Economy Booms
FEBRUARY 6, 2014 Iran and The Munich Analogy
JANUARY 23, 2014 James Zogby's "Myths" are Stubborn Facts
JANUARY 17, 2014 The Significance of Who Attended Ariel Sharon's Funeral
JANUARY 13, 2014 The Ideology and Rhetoric Behind the ASA Boycott
DECEMBER 31, 2013 Backgrounder on the Beduin Land Dispute
NOVEMBER 21, 2013 NPR Host Obstructs Balanced Discussion on Iran
NOVEMBER 12, 2013 Film Review: 5 Broken Cameras
OCTOBER 2, 2013 Southern New Hampshire Newspaper Defames Israel and Jews
SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown - Jerusalem" Serves up Palestinian Propaganda
AUGUST 6, 2013 Preoccupied with Israel, Media Neglect Unstable Arab Societies
JULY 2, 2013 In Teaching About Mideast, Boston Area Schools Get Poor Mark
JUNE 17, 2013 CAMERA Op-Ed: Misinforming Students on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
MAY 23, 2013 BOOK REVIEW: The Israel-Palestine Conflict: One Hundred Years of War
APRIL 1, 2013 Letter to Hindustan Times on Its Bias Against Israel
MARCH 25, 2013 The Lancet's Negativity Toward Israel
MARCH 14, 2013 Human Rights Watch Goes to Bat for Hamas's Al Aqsa TV
JANUARY 21, 2013 London Review of Books Cheerleads for Hamas
JANUARY 8, 2013 NPR Blames Only Israel for Undermining the Peace Process
DECEMBER 14, 2012 The Threatened Use of Poison Gas in the Middle East
NOVEMBER 30, 2012 Memo to the Media: Check Those Civilian Casualty Claims
NOVEMBER 20, 2012 Netanyahu Derangement Syndrome in the Media
OCTOBER 25, 2012 The Straight Facts About the Palestinian Authority and Fighting Terrorism
OCTOBER 4, 2012 The Museum of Fine Arts Boston Sticks With Palestine Film Series
SEPTEMBER 14, 2012 Sam Bacile and the One Hundred Jewish Donors
JULY 11, 2012 Mearsheimer on PBS: Nuclear Weapons are Weapons of Peace
JUNE 15, 2012 An Example of Responsible Media: Culturegrams Corrects Errors
APRIL 1, 2012 Mocking the Commemoration of the Holocaust
MARCH 30, 2012 The Daily Show's Unfunny Segment on Palestinians and UNESCO
MARCH 6, 2012 Daylight Between Friedman and Kristof on Egypt
JANUARY 27, 2012 NPR Lament: Palestinians Watching Sesame Street Reruns
DECEMBER 13, 2011 Harvard's Middle East Outreach Center Headed By BDS Supporter
NOVEMBER 14, 2011 The Economist Misrepresents Bedouin Resettlement as Ethnic Cleansing
OCTOBER 26, 2011 Tunisia's Acclaimed Moderate Islamist Party has Troubling View of Israel
OCTOBER 14, 2011 Dramatic Statistics Refute Media Stereotype of Violent Jewish Settlers
SEPTEMBER 28, 2011 New York Magazine's Cognitive Dissonance on Israel Solved By Maligning Netanyahu
SEPTEMBER 12, 2011 Does the New York Times Care Less About Kurds Than Palestinians
SEPTEMBER 2, 2011 UN Palmer Report Affirms Legality of Israeli Naval Blockade of Gaza
JULY 21, 2011 Los Angeles Times Op-Ed Denies Delegitimization
JULY 11, 2011 The New York Times Conceals the Flotilla's Extremist Connections
JUNE 17, 2011 Gay Girl in Damascus Hoax - the Media's Gullibility Again on Display
JUNE 7, 2011 The 1967 Lines and Israel's Defensibility - Some Hard Facts
JUNE 6, 2011 A New Song Advocates Breaking Down "the Wall" Protecting Israelis From Suicide Bombers
MAY 12, 2011 Western Media Looks Away as PA Venerates a Mass Murderer
APRIL 6, 2011 Goldstone Retracts, Human Rights Watch Attacks
MARCH 27, 2011 Al Jazeera’s ‘Real News’ Comes With a Cost
FEBRUARY 18, 2011 The Economist Equates Palestinian Demands on Israel with Protests in Arab Countries
FEBRUARY 7, 2011 The New Leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in His Own Words
JANUARY 28, 2011 Film Review: Checkpoint
JANUARY 17, 2011 Film Review: Defamation
JANUARY 17, 2011 Jews Accused of Using the Holocaust to Excuse Israeli Crimes
NOVEMBER 19, 2010 Hamas's Revelation Undermines Key Conclusion of Goldstone Report
NOVEMBER 1, 2010 Anti-Israel Agitators Target Leading Music Journal
SEPTEMBER 1, 2010  Palestinian Opinion Polls Refute New York Times Negative Verdict on Gaza Blockade
AUGUST 2, 2010 Financial Times' Chris Patten - Hard on Israel, Soft on Hamas
JULY 1, 2010 CAMERA Letter Corrects False Assertions on Flotilla in Cape Cod Times
JUNE 17, 2010 NPR's On Point Stacks the Deck Against Israel - As Usual
JUNE 11, 2010 CAMERA's Steve Stotsky interviewed on CNN
JUNE 8, 2010 Spotlight on Flotilla Spokesman Edward Peck
MAY 10, 2010  Historical Amnesia at the Financial Times
APRIL 26, 2010 Anatomy of a False Allegation; The Petraeus Controversy
MARCH 29, 2010 Financial Times Columnist Labels Israel a Rogue State
MARCH 26, 2010 Dissembling Wins Out Over Accuracy at the New Yorker
FEBRUARY 24, 2010 James Carroll Misrepresents Jerusalem Evictions Story
FEBRUARY 23, 2010 BBC and New York Times Omit Coverage of Palestinian Corruption Story
JANUARY 25, 2010 Anna Baltzer - Jewish Defamer of Israel
JANUARY 18, 2010 Henry Siegman Promotes Forceful Intervention Against Israel
DECEMBER 31, 2009 On the Lookout for Bias at NPR
DECEMBER 5, 2009 New Yorker's Lawrence Wright Proffers Palestinian Narrative
NOVEMBER 2, 2009 Daily Show Duo Spread Lies About Israel
OCTOBER 9, 2009 Is the Goldstone Report Escalating the Conflict?
OCTOBER 2, 2009 Ha'aretz's Gideon Levy: Israel Should be Thankful for Goldstone Report
SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 Did Israel's Use of White Phosphorus Constitute a War Crime?
AUGUST 13, 2009 New Fatah Central Committee Ties to Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades
JULY 31, 2009 Film Review: "Inside Israel's Army" and "Peace and Prosperity in the West Bank?"
JULY 21, 2009 Film Review : Heart of Jenin
JUNE 10, 2009 Spreading Falsehoods About Israel on the Internet
JUNE 5, 2009 Are there Seven Million American Muslims?
APRIL 29, 2009 Has the Huffington Post Become a Magnet for Israel Haters?
MARCH 23, 2009 NPR Claims Jewish Gangs Harrassing Muslim Girls in Paris
MARCH 6, 2009 The Independent Refuses to Correct Flawed Column on West Bank Sewage
FEBRUARY 20, 2009 New York Times Article on War Crimes Allegations Reveals Bias
FEBRUARY 19, 2009 Israeli Account of Alleged School Shelling Contradicts Media Reports
FEBRUARY 4, 2009 UNRWA's Omissions Distort Coverage of Jabaliya Tragedy
JANUARY 29, 2009 Gaza Casualties: Civilian or Combatant?
DECEMBER 17, 2008 Looking Into the Details of the Economic Situation in the West Bank
OCTOBER 10, 2008 Chomsky Lite: Anna Baltzer Joins anti-Israel Campaigns
AUGUST 6, 2008 Johann Hari's Tirade Against Israel
JULY 21, 2008 Shedding New Light on the Mufti's Alliance With the Nazis
JULY 15, 2008 Professor Accuses Israel of Slow-Motion Genocide
JULY 1, 2008 Unintended Consequences of Foreign Aid to the Palestinians
JUNE 17, 2008 "Jewish Voice for Peace" A Voice for Defamation
FEBRUARY 21, 2008 CAMERA Letter in San Antonio Express Refutes Apartheid Smear
FEBRUARY 10, 2008 Plan for Palestinian Police Force Seven Times Larger than Current Force
JANUARY 5, 2008 Film Review: Occupation 101
JANUARY 2, 2008 Article Correlating Palestinian Aid and Terrorism Prompts Discussion
DECEMBER 17, 2007 Foreign Aid and Palestinian Violence: An Uncomfortable Correlation
NOVEMBER 13, 2007 Economist Corrects Error on Hamas Suicide Bombing Campaign
NOVEMBER 2, 2007 Will Massive Infusions of Aid Rescue the Palestinian Economy?
OCTOBER 4, 2007 Amanpour's Troubling Journalism
OCTOBER 4, 2007 Exposing Mazin Qumsiyeh's Falsehoods
OCTOBER 2, 2007 Radical anti-Israel views on Chicago's WBEZ
JULY 11, 2007 BBC Radio Adopts the Arab Narrative of the Six-Day-War
MAY 7, 2007 Azmi Bishara's Apologia in the Los Angeles Times
MAY 4, 2007 Shilling for Hamas
APRIL 30, 2007 A Promising Career at the Independent
APRIL 26, 2007 New York Times Publishes CNI Propaganda Ad
MARCH 14, 2007 Is Israel Responsible for Palestinian Healthcare Woes?
FEBRUARY 21, 2007 Aid to Palestinians Increases Since Hamas Election
DECEMBER 6, 2006 Phyllis Bennis - anti-Israel fellow traveler
NOVEMBER 7, 2006 Guardian Conceals Facts About Gaza Casualties
SEPTEMBER 7, 2006 Questioning the Number of Civilian Casualties in Lebanon
AUGUST 10, 2006 Anti-Israel Agitation in the Lancet
JULY 5, 2006 Guardian Publishes Seale's Tirade Against Israel
MAY 23, 2006 More Terror Bias at NPR
MAY 19, 2006 NPR Coddles Hamas
FEBRUARY 23, 2006 Guardian's False Apartheid Charges—Part II
FEBRUARY 8, 2006 CAMERA ALERT: Guardian portrays Israel as an Apartheid State
FEBRUARY 7, 2006 Cartoon Double Standard at the Independent
JANUARY 30, 2006 Guardian Cheerleads for Hamas
JANUARY 23, 2006 Partisanship in the Guardian’s Middle East Coverage
DECEMBER 21, 2005 Key Context Missing in Globe article about Saudi donor to Harvard and Georgetown
NOVEMBER 11, 2005 Michigan Muslim Leader Defends Iranian President's Call to Wipe Out Israel
OCTOBER 12, 2005 Film Review: Writers on the Borders