Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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JULY 25, 2008 "Tough Love" for Nicholas Kristof
APRIL 4, 2008 UN Human Rights Council Votes to Have Foxes Watch the Henhouse
JANUARY 8, 2008 LA Times runs Anti-Semitic Cartoon with Inflammatory Op-Ed
AUGUST 24, 2007 God's Muslim Warriors — CNN's Double Standard
JULY 3, 2007 New York Times Publishes Photo of Smiling Terrorist
APRIL 24, 2007 PBS Suppresses Film About Islam vs. Islamists
FEBRUARY 6, 2007 Film Review: Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: The Resurgence
DECEMBER 1, 2006 Jimmy Carter Distorts Facts, Demonizes Israel in New Book
JULY 24, 2006 BACKGROUNDER: Hezbollah/Hamas War on Israel
JUNE 12, 2006 Israel Should Not Be Presumed Guilty of Gaza Beach Deaths
APRIL 6, 2006 CAMERA ALERT: BBC's Hardtalk Host Harangues Halevy with Hostile Questions
FEBRUARY 8, 2006 CAMERA ALERT: Guardian portrays Israel as an Apartheid State
JANUARY 6, 2006 Sharon's Career Mischaracterized by the Media
DECEMBER 6, 2005 How to Assess If Coverage of a Terror Attack is Fair
JULY 13, 2005 Double Standards on International Terrorism at the New York Times and AP
JULY 11, 2005 CAMERA ALERT: London Sun's List of Worldwide Islamic Terror Attacks Omits Any in Israel
MARCH 16, 2005 Students Mobilize to Defeat Anti-Israel Resolution at University of Michigan
OCTOBER 19, 2004 CAMERA ALERT: LA Times Slants Israel's Gaza Mission
SEPTEMBER 7, 2004 AP: Palestinian Terrorists "Shocked" at Killing of Children
JUNE 2, 2004 CAMERA ALERT: Time to Reopen Case on Geyer's Hoaxes
MAY 6, 2004 Ford and Rockefeller Foundations Institute Responsible, New Funding Policy
MARCH 29, 2004 UPDATED: Tom Friedman's Grudging Correction
MARCH 22, 2004 Coverage of Yassin Killing Too Often Omits Key Information
FEBRUARY 9, 2004 CAMERA ALERT: Tom Friedman Hits New Low
JANUARY 15, 2004 Media Misses Key Aspects of Gaza Attack
DECEMBER 15, 2003 CAMERA ALERT: Token Coverage of EU Study
OCTOBER 17, 2003 Ford Foundation Funds Hatred for Israel
SEPTEMBER 1, 2003 CAMERA ALERT: St. Petersburg Times Editor Reconsiders Use of “Terrorist” and “Militant”
JULY 27, 2003 UPDATED: St. Louis College Reporter Promoted After Linking Israel to 9/11
JULY 11, 2003 CAMERA Letter-to-the Editor Printed in Daily Herald
APRIL 11, 2003 Reporting Under Repression
JANUARY 15, 2003 CAMERA Chicago Daily Herald Alert: Hanania Gets It Wrong
DECEMBER 14, 2002 New York Times Alert: Small Words with a Big Impact
OCTOBER 21, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: Arab Terrorists Imitating Jews?
SEPTEMBER 4, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: Marwan Barghouti's Links to Terror
AUGUST 7, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: Palestinians Cheer Carnage
JULY 24, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: Coverage of Raid on Shehadeh Requires Context
JULY 22, 2002 Articles on Israeli Victims of Terror Give Context to Israel's War on Terrorism
JULY 18, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: Architectural Review's "View from Ramallah"
FEBRUARY 4, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: Commend 48 Hours For Informative Show
FEBRUARY 1, 2002 Hoax: Martin Luther King's "Letter to an anti-Zionist Friend"
JANUARY 22, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: Houston Chronicle's Thompson Sloppy and Full of Error
JANUARY 22, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: Letter by Martin Luther King a Hoax
DECEMBER 18, 2001 CAMERA ALERT: Bill Maxwell Accuses Israel of Brutalizing Palestinians
DECEMBER 6, 2001 CAMERA ALERT: Goldsborough's Reckless Allegations
SEPTEMBER 13, 2001 CAMERA ALERT: PA Blocks Coverage of Palestinians Cheering 9/11 Attacks
JULY 27, 2001 CAMERA ALERT: Faulty Timeline and Partisan Sources at the New York Times
APRIL 5, 2001 CAMERA ALERT: Review of 60 Minutes’ “Israel's Hit Squads”
FEBRUARY 16, 2001 CAMERA ALERT: Peter Jennings Skips Coverage of Terror Attack
OCTOBER 26, 2000 CAMERA ALERT: New York Times Skews Sharon's Temple Mount Visit
OCTOBER 10, 2000 Talking Points on Crisis
JUNE 26, 2000 CAMERA ALERT: LA Times Mum on Al-Marayati's Record
MARCH 30, 2000 CAMERA ALERT: 60 Minutes II Provides Insight on S. Lebanon
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