Thursday, March 22, 2018
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DECEMBER 31, 2015 Top Ten MidEast Media Mangles for 2015
OCTOBER 13, 2015 Media Silent on Palestinian Leaders’ Incitement to Violence
AUGUST 11, 2015 Anti-Semitic Echoes in Iran Deal Debate
MAY 20, 2015 Statehouse Moves Mark Dramatic Setback for Anti-Israel BDS Campaign
MAY 13, 2015 What You Won’t Hear about “Nakba Day”
MAY 12, 2015 UC Riverside Lets Undergrad SJP Leader Teach Israel-Bashing Course
APRIL 28, 2015 Connecticut College Professor Targeted by Anti-Israel Hate Groups
DECEMBER 31, 2014 CAMERA's Top Ten MidEast Media Mangles for 2014
OCTOBER 16, 2014 In NY Times and Streets of New York, Klinghoffer Opera Controversy Continues
OCTOBER 1, 2014 More on The Lancet's Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic Sickness
JULY 30, 2014 Medical Journal The Lancet Infected with Anti-Israel Bias
JULY 23, 2014 Fox News Airs Two Remarkable Interviews
MAY 9, 2014 New Yorker Blog Drips with Hatred of Israel
FEBRUARY 14, 2014 The Triumph of Marketing and the Tragedy of Inaccuracy
JANUARY 31, 2014 Scarlett Johansson Stands Up to BDS Hypocrisy and Bullying
DECEMBER 27, 2013 Top Ten Mideast Media Mangles for 2013
AUGUST 19, 2013 PBS Doubles Down on Anti-Israel Films
JULY 17, 2013 Talking about Peace Talks
JULY 4, 2013 Updated: German Cartoon Depicts Israel as a Bloodthirsty Monster
MAY 16, 2013 The Economist Squeezes Out the Truth
APRIL 11, 2013 Irish Academics Boycott Israel, Academic Integrity and Common Sense
MARCH 20, 2013 New York Times Magazine Cheerleads for Terror
JANUARY 28, 2013 Updated: In London's Sunday Times, Picture Worth a Thousand Anti-Semitic Words
JANUARY 10, 2013 Christian Science Monitor Corrects Three Errors in Op-Ed
JANUARY 10, 2013 Christian Science Monitor Op-Ed Holds No Water, Plenty of Falsehoods and Malice
JANUARY 4, 2013 13 for '13: New Year's Resolutions We'd Like the Media to Make
DECEMBER 29, 2012 CAMERA Top Ten MidEast Media Mangles of 2012
NOVEMBER 29, 2012 Michael Oren: Media Perpetuate Hamas Strategy
NOVEMBER 21, 2012 Ten Things The Huffington Post Got Wrong About Gaza (Actually Thirteen, but Who’s Counting?)
NOVEMBER 20, 2012 The Facts About Gaza Rocket Fire
OCTOBER 2, 2012 A Nuclear-Capable Iran is a Threat to America
AUGUST 24, 2012 The New York Times' Broken Moral Compass
AUGUST 14, 2012 In The Washington Post, the Truth Zahi Khouri Ignores
JULY 27, 2012 The New York Times' Embattled Integrity
JULY 18, 2012 On Israel, NPR is No Perspective Radio
JULY 11, 2012 Where’s the Coverage? The Real Arafat Mystery… Where’s the Money?
JULY 3, 2012 On Refugees and Racism, a Double Standard Against Israel
JUNE 13, 2012 Wall Street Journal Lets Palestinian Spokesman Deep-Six the Facts
JUNE 4, 2012 The New York Times Has Tunnel Vision on the Gaza Tunnels
MAY 25, 2012 National Geographic Traveler Veers Off Track
MAY 16, 2012 In The WSJ, Michael Oren is Right: Israel's Enemies Seek Its Delegitimization
APRIL 27, 2012 The Guardian Exploits Holocaust Survivors to Slander Israel
MARCH 23, 2012 The Global Blood Libel against Israel
MARCH 13, 2012 The Economist Blog: Short on Facts, Long on Venom
FEBRUARY 17, 2012 Harvard to Host Conference Promoting Israel's Destruction
JANUARY 24, 2012 BDS: A Smokescreen for Delegitimizing Israel
DECEMBER 15, 2011 Tom Friedman Doesn't Let Facts Get in the Way
NOVEMBER 18, 2011 Joseph Massad's Falsehoods, Columbia's Embarrassment
OCTOBER 11, 2011 Nicholas Kristof on Israel: More of the Same