Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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DECEMBER 7, 2017 New York Times Downplays Judaism's Ties to Jerusalem
DECEMBER 6, 2017 BACKGROUNDER: History of Jerusalem
NOVEMBER 15, 2017 Jewish Journalism: Focus on The Forward
AUGUST 30, 2017 NPR Skews the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
AUGUST 3, 2017 NYT: Shaping Perceptions of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
AUGUST 2, 2017 The Making of a Terrorist
JULY 24, 2017 Updated: The Battle Over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount
JULY 16, 2017 The New York Times: Misleading by Omission
JULY 7, 2017 Updated: UNESCO and the Jewish Legacy in Hebron
JUNE 7, 2017 NY Times: Nathan Thrall's Ode to Palestinian Violence
MAY 24, 2017 Reunification of Jerusalem and Media Myths
MAY 23, 2017 Who Is Linda Sarsour?
MARCH 14, 2017 At the NYT, Seeing Israel Through a Jaundiced Eye
FEBRUARY 28, 2017 How the NYT Continues to Skew the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
FEBRUARY 22, 2017 Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers at AP
FEBRUARY 20, 2017 Analyzing Palestinian Propaganda on CNN: Rashid Khalidi on "Fareed Zakaria GPS"
FEBRUARY 8, 2017 Palestinian Misinformation and Hate Rhetoric on Public Radio
JANUARY 16, 2017 Another Biased Report by Fox News' Conor Powell
JANUARY 11, 2017 Update: NPR Responds to Criticism
JANUARY 9, 2017 NPR and Others Continue to Whitewash Palestinian Terrorism
JANUARY 4, 2017 The 7 Things NPR Wants You to Know About Settlements
OCTOBER 18, 2016 UPDATED: UNESCO and the Denial of Jewish History
AUGUST 11, 2016 NYT Interactive Feature Used as Teaching Tool Distorts Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
AUGUST 1, 2016 Jumbled, Incoherent NYT Op-Ed Slams Netanyahu
JULY 6, 2016 Reuters' Luke Baker Spins An Article About the Quartet's Report Into a Propaganda Piece
JUNE 29, 2016 Al Jazeera Uses Classic Canard to Promote Jihad Against Jews
JUNE 22, 2016 Film Review: Promises
MAY 17, 2016 NPR Misleads Public on Palestinian Incitement to Violence
APRIL 21, 2016 Time Magazine Ignores Facts to Denigrate Israel
APRIL 15, 2016 Salon.com Parrots PLO Talking Points
JANUARY 25, 2016 NPR Affiliate Peddles Anti-Israel, Pro-Terrorist Propaganda
JANUARY 6, 2016 Year-End Globe and Mail Article Blames Israel for Ills in Region
DECEMBER 30, 2015 Huffington Post Blog Distorts the News With Anti-Israel Screed
DECEMBER 10, 2015 Ashleigh Banfield Equates Radical Islamic Terrorists and Jewish Hooligans 30+ Years Ago
NOVEMBER 24, 2015 PBS' Tavis Smiley Hosts Anti-Israel Propagandist Rula Jebreal
NOVEMBER 11, 2015 The New Yorker's Dexter Filkins Lacks Objectivity on Israeli-Palestinian Peace
OCTOBER 7, 2015 NYT Veers From Downplaying Palestinian Terrorism — But Only Online
JULY 28, 2015 Two Disparate Polls on Jewish Support for Iran Deal
JULY 6, 2015 What The New York Times Won't Show Readers
JUNE 25, 2015 Analysis of NYT Hebron Journal: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
JUNE 16, 2015 Jodi Rudoren Skews the Story Against Israel Again
MAY 12, 2015 Explicit in The Times
APRIL 14, 2015 Haaretz's Gideon Levy Spreads His Anti-Israel Poison Abroad
MARCH 20, 2015 The New York Times' Anti-Bibi Campaign
MARCH 19, 2015 National Public Radio Series Marred By Inaccuracies and Omissions
FEBRUARY 20, 2015 The Death of Adele Biton and The New York Times’ Justification of Lopsided Reporting
FEBRUARY 4, 2015 The New York Times Rewritten
FEBRUARY 1, 2015 The AMIA Attack: Terrorism, Cover-Up and the Implications for Iran
DECEMBER 21, 2014 A Guide to NYT Advocacy Journalism: Focus on Jodi Rudoren
DECEMBER 4, 2014 WBUR's On Point Misleads About the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
NOVEMBER 18, 2014 Mainstream Media Coverage of Jerusalem Synagogue Massacre
NOVEMBER 6, 2014 Fatah and Hamas Working in Lockstep to Incite and Attack
OCTOBER 30, 2014 The MSM's Inversion of Reality
OCTOBER 24, 2014 The ABC's of Media Spin: The NYT and A Terror Attack
SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 NYT Book Review Provides Platform for Joe Klein's Bias
AUGUST 21, 2014 On Kidney Transplants, Too, an Israel Obsession at The New York Times
JULY 22, 2014 More Anti-Israel Bias from The New York Times' Jodi Rudoren
JULY 1, 2014 The Moral Equations of the New York Times
MAY 7, 2014 CAMERA Op-Ed: The New York Times Whitewashes Palestinian Terrorism
APRIL 29, 2014 More Advocacy Journalism at The New York Times
APRIL 24, 2014 The Facts About Hamas
MARCH 25, 2014 Why Israel Insists on Palestinian Recognition of a Jewish State
JANUARY 27, 2014 The New York Times Guide to Peace Negotiations
JANUARY 7, 2014 New York Times Coverage of Incitement: A Step in the Right Direction
NOVEMBER 21, 2013 EAST JERUSALEM: Setting the Record Straight
NOVEMBER 21, 2013 Thomas Friedman and the "Israel Lobby"
NOVEMBER 6, 2013 NYT Part II: Telling Readers How to Think About Palestinians
OCTOBER 28, 2013 NYT: Telling Readers How to Think About Israel
OCTOBER 10, 2013 Another Week, Another Example of Bias at The New York Times
OCTOBER 4, 2013 New York Times Indicts Israeli Leader For Speech Exposing Iran
OCTOBER 1, 2013 Is CNN Conducting PR Campaign for the Iranian Regime?
SEPTEMBER 12, 2013 New York Times: Defending the Muslim Brotherhood
SEPTEMBER 2, 2013 New York Times Indicts Israel With Charges of Racism, Again
AUGUST 5, 2013 The New York Times Romanticizes Palestinian Stone Throwers and Ignores Their Victims
JULY 23, 2013 New York Times Selective About Apportioning Blame in the Arab-Israeli Conflict
MAY 22, 2013 13-Year Controversy Over Al Dura Incident Continues
MAY 20, 2013 BACKGROUNDER: Mohammed Al Dura
APRIL 30, 2013 Updated: The New York Times Continues Its Irresponsible Reporting on the Arab-Israeli Conflict
FEBRUARY 9, 2013 Double Standards on Soccer Racism
DECEMBER 10, 2012 Media Embrace E1 Falsehoods
NOVEMBER 28, 2012 Hamas' Smuggling Tunnels and What National Geographic Does Not Want You to Know
NOVEMBER 17, 2012 The New York Times Still Spinning the News
NOVEMBER 15, 2012 The New York Times Evades the Facts to Blame Israel
JULY 8, 2012 New York Times: "All the News That's Fit to Conceal"
MAY 1, 2012 Amira Hass and the Activists of Nabi Saleh
NOVEMBER 7, 2011 BBC Derails on Jerusalem Tram Story
SEPTEMBER 27, 2011 The New York Times' War Against Israeli Settlers
SEPTEMBER 8, 2011 New York Times Promotes Radical Sources Maligning Israel
JULY 29, 2011 The New York Times' Bronner Advocates for Fringe Group, Censors Mainstream Concerns
JUNE 29, 2011 Amira Hass Spouts Vitriol on the CBC
JUNE 6, 2011 CBS "60 Minutes" Rebroadcasts Jerusalem Propaganda Piece
JUNE 1, 2011 Time Mag's Joe Klein Vents Fury at Israeli PM
MAY 25, 2011 AP "Fact Check" Conveys Anti-Israel Spin
MAY 10, 2011 CAMERA Responds to BBC in Spectator
APRIL 5, 2011 Updated: The Goldstone Report and the New York Times
MARCH 31, 2011 BBC Ethics Unveiled: Lies About Jerusalem, Lies About Guidelines
MARCH 23, 2011 Reuters Reverts: Neutralizing Terrorism
MARCH 14, 2011 A Historical Perspective on the Itamar Killings
JANUARY 4, 2011 New York Times: Annual Feature Misrepresents Israel – Again
NOVEMBER 1, 2010 Colleague Takes Gideon Levy to Task
SEPTEMBER 7, 2010 Time Magazine Promotes Anti-Jewish Prejudice
SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 New York Times Draws Anti-Israel Lesson From Palestinian Attack
JULY 8, 2010 Goldstone Report Implicitly Validated by the New York Times
JUNE 24, 2010 Updated: Forbes Features Radical Professor for Commentary
JUNE 15, 2010 More Support for Those Calling Al Dura Broadcast a Hoax
JUNE 13, 2010 Deceptive Cartoon in Cleveland Plain Dealer Elicits Negative Response
JUNE 8, 2010 Spotlight on Flotilla Spokesman Edward Peck
JUNE 7, 2010 Fauxtography at Reuters: What Was Removed?
JUNE 2, 2010 Greta Berlin: Gaza Flotilla Propagandist
MAY 12, 2010 Celebrating Jerusalem Amidst Denial of Jewish Rights
MAY 7, 2010 Economist Defends Jerusalem Article
APRIL 29, 2010 Economist Demonizes Israel with Racist Traffic Light Accusation
MARCH 17, 2010 New York Times, CNN Whitewash Palestinian Incitement
MARCH 16, 2010 The Economist Parrots Propaganda About Jerusalem
FEBRUARY 24, 2010 BDS, Academic/Cultural Boycott of Israel, and Omar Barghouti
FEBRUARY 10, 2010 Time's McGirk Sides With Opponents of Jerusalem Archeology
JANUARY 21, 2010 BBC Panorama Distorts the Facts About Jerusalem
DECEMBER 30, 2009 BOOK REVIEW: The Invention of the Jewish People
DECEMBER 7, 2009 A Formal Letter to Justice Goldstone
NOVEMBER 5, 2009 UPDATED: Norwegian University Votes Down Anti-Israel Boycott
OCTOBER 20, 2009 Human Rights Watch Discredited Even By Its Founder
SEPTEMBER 2, 2009 LA Times Defends Publishing Boycott Call But Publishes Critique
AUGUST 23, 2009 Anti-Jewish Violence in Pre-State Palestine/1929 Massacres
AUGUST 12, 2009 Sixth Fatah Congress: The Myth of Moderation
JULY 17, 2009 Breaking the Silence and the British Media
JUNE 22, 2009 In New York Times, Tony Judt Rules on Jewish Settlements' Legal Status
MAY 10, 2009 The New York Times Skews the Story on Israeli Archeology
MARCH 31, 2009 Irish Times: “Leading and Shaping” Public Opinion Against Israel
JANUARY 21, 2009 Diana Buttu: Palestinian Rockets Don't Explode!
JANUARY 14, 2009 Washington Post Correspondent Makes False Claims in LA Times Op-Ed
JANUARY 8, 2009 New York Times Attacks Israel on its Op-Ed Page
JANUARY 8, 2009 Rashid Khalidi Uses Bogus Quote in New York Times Op-Ed
JANUARY 7, 2009 Diana Buttu Is At It Again
JANUARY 6, 2009 Norwegian Doctors in Gaza: Objective Observers or Partisan Propagandists?
NOVEMBER 26, 2008 BBC’s Web Site Conveys an Anti-Israel Message
NOVEMBER 5, 2008  Mohammed Omer Levels Unsubstantiated and Contradictory Allegations Against Israel
SEPTEMBER 4, 2008 Spotlight on the Guardian's Guard: Clancy Chassay
AUGUST 25, 2008 Electronic Intifada "Refutation" Disintegrates Under Scrutiny
JULY 17, 2008 Whitewashing a Terrorist
JULY 2, 2008 Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem: Bias in Euro Headlines
MAY 21, 2008 Updated: France 2 vs. Philippe Karsenty: The Appeal
MAY 20, 2008 More Anti-Israel Propaganda in New York Times Op-Eds
MAY 7, 2008 Ha'aretz Columnist Sacrifices Truth to Show IDF "Wrongdoing"
APRIL 7, 2008 New Statesman Publishes Falsehoods by Palestinian Propagandist
MARCH 11, 2008 BBC Corrects False Report
MARCH 6, 2008 Reuters Provides Hamas a Platform
FEBRUARY 26, 2008 Selective Reporting by the BBC
FEBRUARY 5, 2008 Study: NY Times Op-Eds: Forum for Contentious Issues or One-Sided Advocacy?
FEBRUARY 5, 2008 Study: On Nation's Op-Ed Pages, Israel's Voice is Stifled
FEBRUARY 5, 2008 The BBC and the Bombers in Dimona
DECEMBER 24, 2007 Inflammatory Bethlehem Column in Wall Street Journal
NOVEMBER 14, 2007 Timeline of the Al Dura Affair: A French Media Scandal
AUGUST 21, 2007 New York Times Implies Israel's Road Plan is Racist
AUGUST 14, 2007 Is Fatah Moderate?
AUGUST 1, 2007 Film Review: Suicide Killers
JULY 3, 2007 New York Times Publishes Photo of Smiling Terrorist
JUNE 13, 2007 The Debate About Israeli Settlements
MARCH 13, 2007 The Washington Post Ignores the Facts on Pappe
MARCH 12, 2007 New York Times Denying Palestinian Hate Indoctrination
FEBRUARY 8, 2007 Error-Filled Advocacy Journalism Replaces Balanced Reporting on Settlements
JANUARY 29, 2007 Fatah Follows "Moderate" Abbas' Instructions
JANUARY 15, 2007 BBC Editor Sets Tone for Biased Reporting
DECEMBER 27, 2006 According to the Media, Israel Must "Cease" While Palestinians "Fire"
DECEMBER 20, 2006 Der Spiegel Mirrors Europe's Monocled Perspective
OCTOBER 19, 2006 France 2 Counters Accusations with Lawsuits
SEPTEMBER 26, 2006 BACKGROUNDER: Hezbollah's Media Weapon
AUGUST 15, 2006 Reuters Forgets Pledge
AUGUST 9, 2006 Updated: A Reprise: Media Photo Manipulation
AUGUST 2, 2006 Anders Strindberg Turns Truth on its Head in Christian Science Monitor
JULY 27, 2006 New York Times Story on UN Position Hit by Israel Omits Crucial Context
JULY 17, 2006 BBC Does Not Give "Full and Fair Account" of Middle East Conflict
JULY 12, 2006 New York Times Tilts Toward Palestinians
JUNE 29, 2006 BBC News or BBC Propaganda?
JUNE 26, 2006 New York Times Apologetics for Terror
JUNE 26, 2006 Charles Enderlin: Further Cover-Up of Al Dura Affair?
JUNE 12, 2006 Israel Should Not Be Presumed Guilty of Gaza Beach Deaths
MAY 16, 2006 New York Times Publishes Moving Article About Israeli Terror Victim
MAY 11, 2006 Human Interest Stories in New York Times Skewed Toward Palestinians
MARCH 29, 2006 Madison Newspaper Features Propaganda by Anti-Israel Activist
MARCH 17, 2006 BACKGROUNDER: Hamas Essentials
JANUARY 26, 2006 Hamas PR by the Guardian
JANUARY 10, 2006 CAMERA ALERT: Hitchens Defames Sharon in Slate
NOVEMBER 4, 2005 On BBC Website, Israeli Noise More Serious than Palestinian Terrorism
OCTOBER 30, 2005 Backgrounder--Countering Propaganda: Focus on Diana Buttu
OCTOBER 23, 2005 The Al Dura Affair: France 2 Misleads About U.S. Congressional Report
OCTOBER 20, 2005 BACKGROUNDER on Professor Ilan Pappé: When Ideology Trumps Scholarship
OCTOBER 13, 2005 The Academic Blacklisting of Israel, the Tantura Affair and Ilan Pappe
OCTOBER 12, 2005 Film Review: Writers on the Borders
SEPTEMBER 13, 2005 Media Excuses Palestinian Destruction of Synagogues
SEPTEMBER 1, 2005 BACKGROUNDER on Professor Ilan Pappé: When Ideology Trumps Scholarship
JULY 29, 2005 New York Times Anti-Israel Bias in Editorials As Bad As Ever
JULY 13, 2005 Double Standards on International Terrorism at the New York Times and AP
JULY 1, 2005 NBC's Martin Fletcher Omits the Mainstream Perspective
JUNE 23, 2005 Human Interest Tilt Continues at New York Times
MAY 18, 2005 Updated: Media Ignores Palestinian Call to "Finish Off Every Jew"
MAY 12, 2005 BBC Correspondent Demonstrates Bias
APRIL 19, 2005 Updated: The "Contiguity" Double Standard
APRIL 1, 2005 Tom Paulin's Poetic Incitement
MARCH 30, 2005 BOOK REVIEW: How Israel Lost: The Four Questions
JANUARY 16, 2005 The New York Times' Knee-Jerk Editorial Bias
DECEMBER 15, 2004 The New York Times; Too Little, Too Late on Incitement
OCTOBER 13, 2004 NPR's Derogates Israel and Religious Jews
OCTOBER 4, 2004 Exposing False Zionist Quotes II (Quote Busters II)
OCTOBER 1, 2004 Exposing False Zionist Quotes (Quote Busters)
SEPTEMBER 24, 2004 UPDATED: September 27, 2004--Reuters: News Agency or PR Firm for Terrorists?
SEPTEMBER 8, 2004 Public Health News Turns to ISM Activist for Article on Palestinian Health
SEPTEMBER 2, 2004 Providing a Platform for Propaganda
JULY 28, 2004 AP Misleads on Judaism’s Holiest Site
JULY 26, 2004 Can the BBC Change?
JULY 23, 2004 Reuters and AP Echo Hezbollah
JULY 1, 2004 Updated: AP Caption Writers Take Sides in Arab-Israeli Conflict
MAY 26, 2004 NPR Turns to Guardian Reporter for Lessons in Israel Bashing
MAY 17, 2004 AP's Barzak Does Damage Control for Arafat
APRIL 17, 2004 'Mosaic' Deceptions
APRIL 1, 2004 Partisan Reporting at AP
MARCH 25, 2004 FILM REVIEW: Palestine is Still the Issue
MARCH 25, 2004 Journalists Behaving Badly
MARCH 22, 2004 Coverage of Yassin Killing Too Often Omits Key Information
MARCH 3, 2004 BBC-WATCH: BBC Jerusalem Correspondent Misleads on Settlements
MARCH 3, 2004 James Carroll Errs on Israel's Security Fence
JANUARY 29, 2004 BBC Under Fire
JANUARY 15, 2004 Confusing Murder and Martyrdom at ABC
JANUARY 6, 2004 BACKGROUNDER: "Geneva Accords"
JANUARY 5, 2004 New York Times’ Correction on Judaism's Holiest Site Misleading
DECEMBER 24, 2003 The Power of Words--Reuters' and CAMERA's
NOVEMBER 7, 2003 BBC Questions Israel's Legitimacy
OCTOBER 27, 2003 BBC-WATCH: BBC on Oslo
OCTOBER 9, 2003 BBC-WATCH: News Hour Provides Platform for Attack on Israel
SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 BBC-WATCH: Julian Marshall Shows Disdain
SEPTEMBER 15, 2003 UPDATED: “Terrorism” as Defined by the New York Times
SEPTEMBER 7, 2003 Reuters: News Agency or Political Advocacy Group?
SEPTEMBER 4, 2003 Nightline's Moral Equivalence
SEPTEMBER 1, 2003 BBC Shapes 'News' to Fit Views
SEPTEMBER 1, 2003 CNN.com Mangles Facts in Jerusalem Feature
AUGUST 22, 2003 BBC-WATCH: BBC Touts Hamas Line
AUGUST 20, 2003 BBC-WATCH: BBC Blames Israel Again
AUGUST 15, 2003 BBC-WATCH: The BBC on Egyptian Anti-Semitism
AUGUST 5, 2003 Evolution of a Cartoon
JULY 7, 2003 New York Times Turns to Comic-Book Journalist on Arab-Israeli Conflict
JUNE 13, 2003 The Message at the New York Times – Blame the Victim
MAY 23, 2003 New York Times Refuses to Report the Straight Facts
APRIL 9, 2003 New York Times Headline Writer Tosses Aside Impartiality
MARCH 25, 2003 Terry Gross's "Tit-for-Tat" Interview with James Bennet
MARCH 17, 2003 Newsweek Features Only One Side
FEBRUARY 5, 2003 BBC's Profiles Obscure Reality
FEBRUARY 4, 2003 CNN's "Interactive Timeline" Misleads
DECEMBER 31, 2002 CAMERA Op-Ed: 'Righting' the Facts
DECEMBER 15, 2002 Bias on Montreal's Concordia University Campus
DECEMBER 5, 2002 BBC's News Misjudgement
AUGUST 15, 2002 CAMERA Alert: Time Magazine's One-Sided Feature on Palestinians
JULY 1, 2002 The World's Version of Mideast History
MAY 30, 2002 False Zionist Quote: Racist Statements Misattributed to Ariel Sharon
MAY 16, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: ABC News Broadcasts Error and Distortion
MAY 7, 2002 Update: Holger Jensen Resigns to Pursue Other Interests
MAY 1, 2002 STUDY: New York Times Skews Israeli-Palestinian Crisis
MARCH 20, 2002 New York Times' Double Standards and Lack of Balance
JANUARY 25, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: Israel Bashing "In Vogue"
JANUARY 21, 2002 UPDATE: CAMERA Letter to the Editor Published in Newsweek
DECEMBER 17, 2001 Arafat and Sharon Reverse Roles in Newsweek Feature
OCTOBER 23, 2001 CAMERA ALERT: CNN Adopts Arab Claims
OCTOBER 22, 2001 BBC Softpedals Terrorism
OCTOBER 8, 2001 The BBC, the British Press, and the Attack on America
OCTOBER 6, 2001 NPR's “Attitude Problem” Toward Israel
OCTOBER 5, 2001 BACKGROUNDER: Jewish Settlements and the Media
SEPTEMBER 1, 2001 PLO Terrorism and Palestinian National Covenant Misrepresented on CNN
APRIL 19, 2001 More One-Sided Reporting by CNN, Reuters and BBC
APRIL 3, 2001 Reuters Photos the Picture of Bias
MARCH 1, 2001 Zionist Misquote: Moshe Dayan on Dispossessing Arabs in the Land of Israel
 "Mosaic" Deceptions
 Israel Bashing in Vogue
 Mideast Editor Jeremy Bowen Sets the Tone at the BBC
 Movie Review: Palestine is Still the Issue
 Movie Reviews
 Quote Busters
 Reuters' Loaded Language