Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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JUNE 21, 2017 BBC News Changes Headline, Deletes Tweet After Anger at Portrayal of Terror Attack in Jerusalem
JUNE 7, 2017 BBC Promotes Distorted Account of Six-Day-War
MAY 12, 2017 BBC’s Knell Tells Audiences Convicted Terrorists are ‘Political Prisoners’
MARCH 10, 2017 End of Year Scorecard for 2016 BBC Reporting on Palestinian Terrorist Incidents
AUGUST 23, 2016 BBC News Website Continues to Ignore Missile Attacks on Israeli Communities
JULY 27, 2016 BBC Watch Complaint on ‘Banned’ Book Upheld
JULY 7, 2016 Mapping Changes in Terminology Used by BBC to Describe the Temple Mount
JULY 7, 2016 Nasrallah Speech Requires Update of BBC’s Hizballah Profile
JUNE 23, 2016 BBC Trust Rejects Appeals on Willcox ‘Jewish Hands’ Complaints
MAY 18, 2016 BBC News Tries - and Fails - to Explain Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism
MAY 18, 2016 What the BBC World Service Edited Out of a Boston Calling Report
MAY 5, 2016 Sketchy Chronology Haunts Washington Post and BBC on Gaza War
APRIL 19, 2016 Revisiting the BBC’s Source of 2014 Gaza Casualty Data
APRIL 7, 2016 BBC World Service Touts an Ill-informed Caricature of Israel
APRIL 1, 2016 BBC News Alleges Racial Discrimination in Israeli Airport Security
MARCH 30, 2016 BBC Radio London Provides a Platform for Conspiracy Theories
MARCH 25, 2016 Another Example of BBC Double Standards on Disputed Territories
MARCH 17, 2016 BBC Ignores Israeli-Arab Parties' Opposition to Arab States' Designation of Hizbullah as Terrorist Organization
MARCH 11, 2016 BBC Trending’s Preposterous International Women’s Day Question
MARCH 4, 2016 BBC Promoted False Palestinian Eviction Story in Parliament
MARCH 2, 2016 Sourcing an Anti-Israel Libel Promoted on BBC Radio 4
FEBRUARY 25, 2016 The Continuing Saga of the BBC’s Failure to Make a Simple Correction
FEBRUARY 24, 2016 How an Uncorrected Inaccuracy Became BBC Conventional Wisdom
FEBRUARY 19, 2016 The BBC's Twisted Logic to Explain Why it Describes Jews as Terrorists But Never Palestinians
AUGUST 20, 2015 BBC Airs Smear That Israel Restricts Medical Equipment in Gaza
JULY 21, 2015 Yolande Knell’s Political Campaigning Continues Unabated in BBC ‘Gaza Anniversary’ Coverage
JULY 17, 2015 BBC Portrays Israel as the Spoiler in Nuclear Agreement With Iran
JULY 15, 2015 BBC Watch: BBC’s Doucet explains why Yemen gets less coverage than Gaza
JANUARY 13, 2015 BBC Reporter Links Murder of French Jews to Israeli Actions