Monday, February 19, 2018
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CAMERA ALERT: Yossi Klein Halevi's Op-Ed Provides Context For Israel's War Against Terror

Yossi Klein Halevi's August 1st op-ed, published in the Los Angeles Times, expresses the indomitable spirit of Israelis, whose resolve has been strengthened, not weakened, by the terror attacks against them.  The essay also contains 2 important points that are often understated by the media:

1) "Most Israelis realize that this isn't a war of Palestinian desperation but part of a long pattern of Palestinian self-destructiveness. Just as there would have been no Palestinian refugee problem had the Palestinians not rejected the U.N. partition in 1947 and tried to destroy the newborn Jewish state, and just as there would have been no Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza had the Arab world not tried again to destroy Israel in 1967, so too would there be no reoccupation today had the Palestinians accepted Israel's offer of statehood two years ago."

2) "...we draw strength from the realization that we are the front line in a global war against a new barbarity....Not surprisingly, the Jews once again find themselves the primary targets of those intent on world domination. As history has repeatedly proved, what begins as a threat to the Jews ends with a threat to civilization. In clinging to a semblance of normal life and refusing to be terrorized, we are fighting a war whose implications extend far beyond Israel.
Terrorists around the world are watching this conflict to see whether terrorism breaks Israeli will. Whether or not the world recognizes it, we know we're holding the line for its future as well as ours."


Write letters to the media, especially your own local paper, paraphrasing one of Halevi's main points.

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