Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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JUNE 28, 2017 Haaretz (Again) Corrects Inflated Rafah Casualty Figure
JUNE 12, 2017 Hebrew Haaretz Says What English Won't: Islamic Jihad Man Was Target of Fatal Strike
JUNE 4, 2017 These Are Your Journalists, Haaretz
MARCH 19, 2017 Who Is Most Targeted in America? Muslims or Jews? Haaretz Corrects
SEPTEMBER 27, 2016 Gideon Levy Underscores Dubious Claims by Father of Terrorist
NOVEMBER 18, 2015 Haaretz Corrects: Bill Doesn't Call For Jailing 12-Year-Olds
AUGUST 5, 2015 Haaretz's Gideon Levy Chooses a Classical Antisemitic Trope
MAY 3, 2015 Gideon Levy's Swimming Pool Falsehood Resurfaces
APRIL 14, 2015 Haaretz's Gideon Levy Spreads His Anti-Israel Poison Abroad
APRIL 4, 2013 CAMERA Prompts Corrections on Gideon Levy Column
DECEMBER 29, 2012 CAMERA Top Ten MidEast Media Mangles of 2012
NOVEMBER 4, 2012 Former Ha'aretz Editor Marmari Speaks Out on 'Apartheid' Poll Scandal
OCTOBER 29, 2012 In Today's 'Apology,' Gideon Levy Just Doesn't Get It
OCTOBER 28, 2012 Will Inquiry Follow Ha'aretz 'Apartheid' Clarification?
OCTOBER 25, 2012 Ha'aretz's Apartheid Campaign Against Israel
JULY 3, 2011 Gideon Levy's Distorted Discourse
JUNE 23, 2011 Gideon Levy Adrift in His Alternate Reality
MARCH 31, 2011 Israeli Ambassador Slams Gideon Levy
NOVEMBER 1, 2010 Colleague Takes Gideon Levy to Task
OCTOBER 2, 2009 Ha'aretz's Gideon Levy: Israel Should be Thankful for Goldstone Report
JANUARY 20, 2009 Ha'aretz's Levy Fuels Anti-Israel Distortions -- In Croatia
DECEMBER 22, 2008 Ha'aretz Radical Mainstreamed in LAT
OCTOBER 6, 2008 Levy Blinded in Days of Awe
MAY 4, 2008 UPDATED: 'Last Refuge,' Latest Falsehood
APRIL 18, 2008 CAMERA Translates Letter from Israeli Author Slamming Ha'aretz
NOVEMBER 21, 2006 Badly Sourced Accusations at Disciples World
SEPTEMBER 21, 2006 Gideon Levy's Hot Air on Prisoner Releases
NOVEMBER 30, 2005 UPDATED: Ha'aretz Indifferent to Journalistic Norms
JUNE 16, 2005 Truthful Media, U.N.-Style
NOVEMBER 27, 2004 CAMERA Column: Fast and Loose with Facts at Ha'aretz
 Baron of the Falsehood Industry

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