Sunday, February 18, 2018
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OCTOBER 9, 2017 CAMERA Op-Ed: The Media and the Missing Abu Jihad
AUGUST 8, 2017 Can The Washington Post 'Google' Anti-Jewish Incitement?
JULY 25, 2017 CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post Passes on Palestinian Incitement
JULY 7, 2017 When The Washington Post Makes Palestinians Disappear
APRIL 26, 2017 The Washington Post's Jewish Home Fixation
FEBRUARY 9, 2017 The Washington Post’s Missing Peace
OCTOBER 21, 2016 The Washington Post Turns an Anti-Terror Raid into an Anti-Israel Article
SEPTEMBER 16, 2016 The Washington Post: Palestinian Anti-Jewish Violence is an Israeli ‘Sensational Charge’
JULY 27, 2016 Half Full but Two-Thirds Empty: Washington Post Hezbollah-Israel Report
JUNE 22, 2016 ‘Holy of Holies’ Apparently is as Washington Post Does, Not Judaism Says
JUNE 7, 2016 On Jerusalem Day and Diplomacy, Too Many Washington Post Omissions
JUNE 6, 2016 Washington Post Reports on Israeli Victim but Obscures Palestinian Incitement
JUNE 2, 2016 The Palestinian History Hoax
MAY 18, 2016 Washington Post Word Choice Tilted ‘Balance’ to Palestinian Self-Justifications
MAY 5, 2016 Sketchy Chronology Haunts Washington Post and BBC on Gaza War
APRIL 4, 2016 Tweeting Trips Another Journalist, This Time from The Washington Post
APRIL 1, 2016 Winner's Husband a Terrorist, and Other Missing Washington Post Details
FEBRUARY 2, 2016 Rooms to Rent by Israelis? Washington Post Recycles 'Restrictive Covenant'
JANUARY 27, 2016 Washington Post Reports Palestinian Incitement, Still Misses Point
DECEMBER 16, 2015 Washington Post Muddies Islamic and Palestinian Terrorism Link
DECEMBER 2, 2015 Washington Post Confuses about 2014 Gaza War
NOVEMBER 21, 2015 Paris Massacres: Case Study in Washington Post Use of Terrorist or Militant
OCTOBER 21, 2015 Washington Post Obscures the Obvious—Palestinian Hatred of Jews
OCTOBER 5, 2015 Israel Bars Palestinian Arabs from Old City, Washington Post Bars Readers from Understanding Why
OCTOBER 2, 2015 Abbas in U.N. Wonderland; Media Miss Cheshire Cat
AUGUST 16, 2015 Washington Post-Watch: Retrospective on Israel’s Gaza Evacuation Wobbles
AUGUST 13, 2015 Washington Post-Watch: Extremist Jews Everywhere, Arab Extremists Nowhere
JULY 25, 2015 Bad Day at The Washington Post, Times Four
JULY 9, 2015 Errors, Omissions and Language: Washington Post Israel Coverage Erodes
JUNE 15, 2015 Washington Post Misreports BDS, Gaza War Casualty Debate