Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Middle East Issues

Wikipedia Entry on Victor Batarseh Lacks Important Information

Victor Batarseh served as the mayor of Bethlehem from 2007 to 2012.
The Wikipedia article about Batarseh omits some important facts about his public life.

A May 20, 2005 report by Agence France Presse, described Batarseh, a Roman Catholic (and a U.S. citizen), as a member of the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

This group is responsible for the assassination of Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze'evi in October 2001, a December 2003 suicide attack that killed three Israelis, and the murders of several Americans including wheel-chair bound Leon Klinghoffer, who was pushed off the Achille Lauro cruise ship in the Mediterranean in 1985.

Batarseh was elected to the Bethlehem city council in May 2005 while running on Hamas' slate of candidates. After his election as councilor, he was elected Mayor with the support of three other councilors from the PFLP and five from Hamas. A Dec. 29, 2005 report by Chiesa, a Catholic journal, stated that Batarseh was also supported by Palestinian Islamic Jihad, another group that has perpetrated suicide attacks against Israeli civilians.

Omissions like this deny Wikipedia's readers of important information about Batarseh's career.

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