Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Middle East Issues

After CAMERA Contacts About Error, USA Today Corrects on Palestinian Terror ‘Lull’

In an otherwise informative article, USA Today's special correspondent Shira Rubin claimed that an Aug. 11, 2016 Palestinian terrorist attack was “the first such attack after a five-week lull in assaults by Palestinians that began last fall (“Attack lull ends as Israeli is stabbed by Palestinian,” Aug. 12, 2016).”

CAMERA—citing Israeli Foreign Ministry (MFA) reports and articles from other news outlets—requested a correction noting that, in fact, the Aug. 11, 2016 terror attack was not “the first such attack after a five-week lull.” The MFA, in what they acknowledge to be a “partial list that does not include most of the daily instances of riots, rock throwing and Molotov cocktails in which no one was hurt,” noted at least three other incidents in which Palestinian terrorists attacked Israelis during that time period.

To its credit, USA Today published a correction on Aug. 26 informing readers that “a previous version of this story misstated the number of Palestinian attacks since July 1. There have been fewer than 10 reported by authorities.”

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