Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Middle East Issues


APRIL 1, 2015 Virginia State Bar Appeases Boycotters; CAMERA Files Freedom of Information Request
SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 Gaza War Coverage a Case of News Media Meltdown
AUGUST 25, 2014 NPR Interviews Anti-Israel Head of U.N. Gaza Investigation
NOVEMBER 3, 2009 The Goldstone Report: A Study in Duplicity
OCTOBER 5, 2001 BACKGROUNDER: Jewish Settlements and the Media
NOVEMBER 9, 2000 BACKGROUNDER: Is Israel Using “Excessive Force” Against Palestinians?
JANUARY 24, 2018 The Washington Post Covers For Palestinian Anti-Semitism and Rejectionism
JANUARY 9, 2018 The New York Times' Sanitized Profile of UNRWA
JANUARY 5, 2018 The Washington Post Whitewashes UNRWA
DECEMBER 12, 2017 CAMERA Op-Ed: UNESCO Indulges Anti-Semitism
OCTOBER 30, 2017 CAMERA Op-Ed: Fatah Admits Its True Goals—But the Media Won’t Retweet
OCTOBER 27, 2017 Trick or Treating for UNICEF: "Scary Good" or Just Plain Scary?
AUGUST 4, 2017 Washington Post Op-Ed Shills for Hezbollah Ally
MARCH 27, 2017 The Washington Post Soft-Pedals Discredited Anti-Israel U.N. Report
JANUARY 16, 2017 CAMERA Notes Palestinian Intransigence in the Richmond Times-Dispatch
JANUARY 5, 2017 Politico’s ‘Letter from Israel’ is Marked to the Wrong Address
JANUARY 5, 2017 CAMERA in The Baltimore Sun: Israel Isn't at Fault for Peace Process Failure
DECEMBER 30, 2016 Where’s the Coverage? Egyptian Paper Claims US Colluded with Palestinians on UN Vote
DECEMBER 28, 2016 Did Secretary Kerry Get His Facts Straight?
DECEMBER 24, 2016 Res. 2334: Game Changer or Not?
AUGUST 12, 2016 Washington Times Headline Mistakes Hamas Cause for Israeli Effect
APRIL 19, 2016 UNESCO Erases Jewish Connection to Temple Mount, Kotel
FEBRUARY 8, 2016 Host of Tax-Payer Funded VOA Show Thinks Anti-Israel Op-Ed is ‘Balanced’
OCTOBER 2, 2015 Abbas in U.N. Wonderland; Media Miss Cheshire Cat
JULY 22, 2015 CAMERA Prompts AP Correction on Palestinian Return Center
JUNE 23, 2015 Washington Post's One Error -- Seeing U.N. Gaza Report as News
MARCH 31, 2015 Washington Post Re-Runs 'Palestinian Narrative' Through U.N.
JANUARY 19, 2015 Washington Post Ops for Pop Psychology over Hard News on Palestinian U.N. Moves
JULY 30, 2014 CNN Corrects: Criticism of Israel from UN, not US, Official
OCTOBER 28, 2013 Book Promoted by Willow Creek Church Leaves Readers Ill-Prepared for Peacemaking
NOVEMBER 26, 2012 Backgrounder: The Palestinian "Non-Member State" Drive at the UN
OCTOBER 2, 2012 A Nuclear-Capable Iran is a Threat to America
MARCH 30, 2012 The Daily Show's Unfunny Segment on Palestinians and UNESCO
SEPTEMBER 2, 2011 UN Palmer Report Affirms Legality of Israeli Naval Blockade of Gaza
JULY 7, 2011 AFP's Selective Coverage of U.N. Palmer Report on Flotilla
OCTOBER 13, 2009 CAMERA Analyst Interviewed On Janet Parshall's America
OCTOBER 9, 2009 Is the Goldstone Report Escalating the Conflict?
OCTOBER 2, 2009 Ha'aretz's Gideon Levy: Israel Should be Thankful for Goldstone Report
OCTOBER 1, 2009 America Magazine Invokes Goldstone Report and Mishnah Torah to Indict Israel
SEPTEMBER 21, 2009 Goldstone Commissioner Suggests Israelis Conditioned to Kill Children
SEPTEMBER 17, 2009 Chinkin's Gaza Letter Reveals Bias, But Also Skewed Facts
SEPTEMBER 17, 2009 UN's Goldstone Report Contains Major Error that Calls into Question Work’s Credibility
SEPTEMBER 16, 2009 Goldstone Report Endorses Unreliable Witnesses
FEBRUARY 4, 2009 UNRWA's Omissions Distort Coverage of Jabaliya Tragedy
JANUARY 29, 2009 Hamas Manipulates UN with Dubious Casualty Figures
JANUARY 23, 2009 Updated: UN Agency Condemns Israel, Enables Terror
NOVEMBER 18, 2008 Media Again Censor UN Criticism of Palestinians
NOVEMBER 17, 2008 Hass, Back From Leave, Still Out to Lunch
APRIL 4, 2008 Rev. Wall Errs, Again
APRIL 4, 2008 UN Human Rights Council Votes to Have Foxes Watch the Henhouse
MARCH 5, 2008 Media Project Anti-Israel Bias Onto UN Secretary General
OCTOBER 5, 2006 AFP Buries UN Criticism of Hezbollah, Highlights Criticism of Israel
NOVEMBER 15, 2005 AP: Accuracy Problems
JUNE 16, 2005 Truthful Media, U.N.-Style
DECEMBER 17, 2004 CAMERA Runs Full Page New York Times Ad on UN Bias Against Israel
APRIL 7, 2003 CAMERA Letter-to-the-Editor Addresses Misconceptions about "Double Standards"
MARCH 26, 2003 U.N. Resolutions on Iraq, Israel Not Comparable
DECEMBER 31, 2002 CAMERA Op-Ed: 'Righting' the Facts
OCTOBER 16, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: The Economist's Informative Article on Israel, Iraq and the UN
JULY 28, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: Times Op-Ed Desk Guts Criticism of U.N.
AUGUST 3, 2001 EYE ON THE MEDIA: The Diplomats' Hottest Videotape
AUGUST 1, 2001 The U.N.'s Israel Problem
 The Washington Post Soft-Pedals Discredited Anti-Israel U.N. Report