Friday, March 23, 2018
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Middle East Issues


JULY 30, 2015 Washington Post Blogger Mystified by Iran Deal and Much More
SEPTEMBER 8, 2014 News Media Confusion of Execute and Murder is Deadly to Accuracy
APRIL 28, 2014 Jihadis for Jerusalem, Journalists for Confusion
APRIL 1, 2014 The Washington Post Delivers - An April Fools' Daily Double
FEBRUARY 19, 2014 Saeb Erekat's Fabrication Exposes 'Palestinian Narrative'
JULY 28, 2013 The JTA Gets it Wrong on Settlements
MAY 24, 2013 Terrorist or Militant? Washington Post Wobbles Exemplify Media Confusion
NOVEMBER 2, 2017 Foreign Policy Magazine, Fake Quotes and False Narratives
AUGUST 7, 2017 New York Times "Journeys" Corrects on Gaza Area "Settlements," "Palestine"
JULY 28, 2017 National Geographic Corrects 'Palestine' Terminology
JANUARY 19, 2017 New York Times Fabricates Palestinian Support for ‘Two States for Two Peoples’
DECEMBER 15, 2016 CAMERA Prompts National Geographic Correction on 'Palestine' Terminology
SEPTEMBER 12, 2016 CAMERA Prompts AP Correction on Palestine Terminology
JULY 12, 2016 CAMERA Prompts Christian Science Monitor Corrections on 'Palestine,' 'New' Settlements, Jerusalem
APRIL 7, 2016 BBC World Service Touts an Ill-informed Caricature of Israel
APRIL 1, 2016 LA Times Dubs Palestinian Stabber a "Protester"
MARCH 22, 2016 Voice of America Fixes Headline, Admits Casualties Were Attackers
MARCH 20, 2016 New York Times Corrects: Palestinian Territories Not 'Illegally Occupied'
FEBRUARY 19, 2016 The BBC's Twisted Logic to Explain Why it Describes Jews as Terrorists But Never Palestinians
JANUARY 7, 2016 The Trouble with Textbooks: The Case of the Missing Correction
OCTOBER 14, 2015 CAMERA Prompts NY Times Correction: Occupation is not "Illegal"
MAY 19, 2015 Washington Post, Washington Times Trip Covering 'Palestinian Nuns' Sainthood
APRIL 15, 2015 CAMERA Letter Rebuts Roll Call 'Dual Loyalty' Implication
MARCH 19, 2015 Petty Politics in Washington Post's Israeli Vote Coverage?
SEPTEMBER 7, 2014 Washington Post Corrects On West Bank 'Palestinian Land'
JULY 1, 2014 i24 News Amends Incorrect Reference to Green Line
DECEMBER 8, 2013 CAMERA Prompts USA Today Correction on Green Line
MAY 2, 2013 French Court Ruling Affirms Legality of Israeli Occupation
MARCH 29, 2013 New York Times Promotes (Actual) Palestinian Talking Point
JUNE 2, 2011 In New York Times, the “Blame Israel” Narrative Trumps Neutrality on Rafah Crossing
MAY 20, 2011 Media Misreport on 1967 Ceasefire Lines
AUGUST 19, 2010 AP Takes “Hard Line” Against Israeli Negotiating Position
AUGUST 2, 2010 Financial Times' Chris Patten - Hard on Israel, Soft on Hamas
SEPTEMBER 29, 2009 CAMERA Op-Ed in Christian Science Monitor on Skewed Media Descriptions
AUGUST 6, 2009 An Inside Look at the BBC Ruling Against Jeremy Bowen
DECEMBER 31, 2008 UPDATED: New York Times Calls Extremists "Human Rights Advocates"
OCTOBER 22, 2008 BACKGROUNDER: The Rafah Crossing and Restrictions on Cross-Border Movement for Gaza Palestinians
JULY 15, 2008 Professor Accuses Israel of Slow-Motion Genocide
APRIL 23, 2008 Insisting on an Error: The Washington Post - Infallible, or Just in Denial?
APRIL 11, 2008 Wall Street Journal Reporters Award Palestinians Entire West Bank, E. Jerusalem
MARCH 22, 2007 Former NY Times Editor Reveals his Bias in Anti-Israel Magazine
MARCH 11, 2007 Op-Ed in Sacramento Bee: “Asserting Mideast facts isn't censorship”
MARCH 8, 2007 German Bishops Cross the Line
FEBRUARY 7, 2007 Norman Finkelstein, Benny Morris and Peace not Apartheid
OCTOBER 27, 2006 CAMERA Prompts Correction on "Banned" Weapons
SEPTEMBER 29, 2006 CAMERA Prompts New York Times Correction on Palestinian Rally Photo
AUGUST 14, 2006 The Washington Post's Misrepresentation of the Shebaa Farms
JUNE 25, 2006 Prisoners' Document: Peace Plan or “Phased Plan”?
FEBRUARY 23, 2006 Guardian's False Apartheid Charges—Part II
DECEMBER 15, 2005 UPDATED: Mazin Qumsiyeh Lacks Credibility
DECEMBER 4, 2005 WASHINGTON POST-WATCH: Almost All Right on Lebanon
SEPTEMBER 9, 2005 Terrorists, Terrorism and The Washington Post
JULY 21, 2005 Location, Location, Location: The Washington Post sees terrorist attacks in London but rarely in Israel
JUNE 22, 2005 CAMERA Prompts East Bay Express Correction on Security Barrier
APRIL 19, 2005 Updated: The "Contiguity" Double Standard
JANUARY 29, 2005 CAMERA Letter Published in South Florida Sun-Sentinel
APRIL 28, 2004 Dictionary of Bias
OCTOBER 10, 2003 WASHINGTON POST-WATCH: Opinion as News at the Washington Post
SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 CAMERA Responds to Washington Post's “Language of Terrorism”
SEPTEMBER 23, 2003 AP Calls Terrorists "Revenge Bombers"
SEPTEMBER 10, 2003 Call Terrorists “Terrorists”
SEPTEMBER 7, 2003 Reuters: News Agency or Political Advocacy Group?
SEPTEMBER 1, 2003 CAMERA ALERT: St. Petersburg Times Editor Reconsiders Use of “Terrorist” and “Militant”
AUGUST 22, 2003 UPDATED: NPR's Little Cover-Up
AUGUST 15, 2003 UPDATED: NPR Discovers Terror in the West Bank
JULY 20, 2003 AP Calls Terror Organizations “Militias”
JULY 7, 2003 B'Tselem, Los Angeles Times Redefine "Civilian"