Monday, February 19, 2018
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Middle East Issues

CAMERA Prompts East Bay Express Correction on Security Barrier

CAMERA staff prompted the following correction in the East Bay Express about the route of Israel's security barrier:

Error (East Bay Express, 6/8/05): When completed, the wall the Israeli government is constructing will annex approximately 47 percent of the West Bank

Correction (6/22/05): A Calendar item ("Rebel Rousers," 6/8) erroneously stated that the security wall Israel has under construction will annex roughly 47 percent of the West Bank. The route planned for the wall puts roughly 7 percent of West Bank land on the Israeli side, down from about 16 percent under the previous plan, according to prominent news outlets.

CAMERA: The correction refers to the barrier as a "wall" even though over 95 percent of the barrier is chain-link fence and less than 5 percent is constructed of concrete.

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