Saturday, March 28, 2015
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Middle East Issues


 The Strange Case of The Washington Post's Tehran Bureau Chief
MARCH 5, 2015 Israel Seems to Irritate USA Today Columnist, Repeatedly
FEBRUARY 26, 2015 CAMERA Prompts NY Times Correction, Raises Question, on Netanyahu Speech
FEBRUARY 1, 2015 The AMIA Attack: Terrorism, Cover-Up and the Implications for Iran
JANUARY 30, 2015 Baltimore Sun Op-Ed on Israel, Iran Draws CAMERA Correction
JANUARY 26, 2015 New Iran Sanctions Won't Lead to War -- One Side's Already Fighting It
NOVEMBER 25, 2014 Presbyterian Peace Activists Bet on Iranian Good Will
NOVEMBER 10, 2014 Iran Propels Forward on All Fronts
SEPTEMBER 11, 2014 Has Pro-Christian Conference Been Hijacked by Pro-Iran/Hezbollah Dhimmis?
FEBRUARY 6, 2014 Iran and The Munich Analogy
DECEMBER 27, 2013 Top Ten Mideast Media Mangles for 2013
DECEMBER 11, 2013 LA Times Distorts Netanyahu's Speech on Iran
NOVEMBER 21, 2013 NPR Host Obstructs Balanced Discussion on Iran
NOVEMBER 21, 2013 Thomas Friedman and the "Israel Lobby"
NOVEMBER 19, 2013 The NYT on Israel, Iran: What's the Deal?
OCTOBER 17, 2013 After Translator Admits Error, CNN Still Refuses to Come Clean
OCTOBER 6, 2013 CiF Watch Prompts Correction on Fisk Op-Ed
OCTOBER 1, 2013 Is CNN Conducting PR Campaign for the Iranian Regime?
SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 UPDATED: Rouhani Fever and CNN
SEPTEMBER 10, 2013 After Iranian Twitter Posts, Excitement Overcomes Nuance
AUGUST 5, 2013 New York Times Corrects Iran Mistranslations — Including Its Own
OCTOBER 2, 2012 A Nuclear-Capable Iran is a Threat to America
JULY 11, 2012 Mearsheimer on PBS: Nuclear Weapons are Weapons of Peace
MAY 7, 2012 U.S. Election is not Israel's Iran Consideration
MARCH 13, 2012 CAMERA Prompts NY Times Correction on President's AIPAC Speech
FEBRUARY 1, 2010 Stephen Sizer Complains to Police About Blogger
JULY 2, 2009 UCC Body Acknowledges Human Rights Abuses in Iran
JUNE 15, 2009 SECOND UPDATE: Mennonite Central Committee Silent on Iran (JUNE 30)
OCTOBER 1, 2008 Mennonite Central Committee Defends Dinner With Ahmadinejad
SEPTEMBER 26, 2008 Larry King Gives Ahmadinejad a Pass
SEPTEMBER 26, 2008 Rev.'s Kinnamon and Thomas Get it Right on Ahmadinejad
AUGUST 28, 2008 BBC Corrects Misrepresentation of Iran Nuclear Program
SEPTEMBER 28, 2007 Mennonites Organize Meeting With Ahmadinejad, Again
SEPTEMBER 24, 2007 CAMERA Letter in USA Today Informs on Rafsanjani
MARCH 2, 2007 Church Leaders Mainstream Ahmadinejad
SEPTEMBER 1, 2004 A Hole in the Story
FEBRUARY 18, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: Los Angeles Times Publishes Conspiracy Theory