Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Middle East Issues


NOVEMBER 13, 2014 Fareed Zakaria: More Plagiarism but Still at Washington Post, CNN
JUNE 18, 2014 Washington Post Correction Policy and Reality Clash
AUGUST 4, 2017 Washington Post Op-Ed Shills for Hezbollah Ally
AUGUST 2, 2017 CAMERA Op-Ed: Hezbollah's Media Relations Department
MARCH 8, 2017 DPA, AP Correct: Lebanon, not Libya, Borders Israel
SEPTEMBER 28, 2016 Contradicting Its Earlier Coverage, NY Times Turns Anti-Jewish Rioters Into Victims
JULY 27, 2016 Half Full but Two-Thirds Empty: Washington Post Hezbollah-Israel Report
FEBRUARY 23, 2016 The Selective Skepticism of Salon's Ben Norton
FEBRUARY 4, 2016 Hezbollah Pressures TV Station to Cut Footage
JANUARY 7, 2016 The Trouble with Textbooks: The Case of the Missing Correction
DECEMBER 22, 2015 Heinous Terrorist Killed, Washington Post Goes Easy on His Crimes
OCTOBER 7, 2014 NPR Clarifies Claim That Israel "Helped" in Shatila Massacre
OCTOBER 6, 2014 When NPR Overlooked Anti-Palestinian Discrimination
SEPTEMBER 11, 2014 Has Pro-Christian Conference Been Hijacked by Pro-Iran/Hezbollah Dhimmis?
JANUARY 21, 2014 CAMERA Prompts NY Magazine Correction on Sabra, Shatilla
NOVEMBER 2, 2012 Christian Leaders Seek to Blacken Israel’s Name
JULY 16, 2012 Ha'aretz Allegation of War Crime Unfounded
SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 New York Times Draws Anti-Israel Lesson From Palestinian Attack
SEPTEMBER 21, 2009 CAMERA's Israel Director Addresses Institute for Counter-Terrorism
SEPTEMBER 17, 2008 CAMERA Prompts Corrections at Washington Times
JULY 30, 2008 Absolution for Kuntar in the New York Times
FEBRUARY 13, 2008 Methodist Manual Maligns Israel, Stereotypes Jews
JUNE 6, 2007 At LA Times, 'Chronology' Redefined
APRIL 24, 2007 WBUR's "On Point" Misses the Mark
JANUARY 24, 2007 CAMERA Asks Christian Century to Correct Wall's Errors
OCTOBER 27, 2006 CAMERA Prompts Correction on "Banned" Weapons
OCTOBER 25, 2006 Makdisi Op-Ed in LA Times Replete with False Charges Against Israel
OCTOBER 17, 2006 Video: Casualty Count Distortions and Hezbollah Propaganda
SEPTEMBER 26, 2006 BACKGROUNDER: Hezbollah's Media Weapon
SEPTEMBER 25, 2006 New York Times Mangles Sheba Farms Issue
SEPTEMBER 22, 2006 CAMERA and Human Rights Watch: An Exchange
SEPTEMBER 22, 2006 WASHINGTON POST-WATCH: Failures in Coverage of Hezbollah Continue
SEPTEMBER 13, 2006 Christian Century Stonewalling on Star Columnist's Error
SEPTEMBER 7, 2006 Questioning the Number of Civilian Casualties in Lebanon
AUGUST 14, 2006 The Washington Post's Misrepresentation of the Shebaa Farms
AUGUST 13, 2006 Hezbollah and Lebanon: Myths and Facts
AUGUST 2, 2006 CAMERA Elicits LA Times Correction on Erroneous Headline
AUGUST 1, 2006 AP Ignores Displaced Israelis
JULY 29, 2006 BBC Headline Falsely Charges Beirut Airport “Destroyed”
JULY 28, 2006 A BBC Fable
JULY 26, 2006 Makdisi's Revisionist History on Hezbollah Rockets
JULY 25, 2006 ABC Withholds Information on Transmission Towers
JULY 24, 2006 Washington Post Publishes CAMERA Response to Cohen Column
JULY 22, 2006 Philadelphia Inquirer Discovers Hate Education – by Israelis
JULY 17, 2006 Timeline of Hezbollah Violence
JULY 17, 2006 UPDATED: AP Timeline Obscures Arab Attacks
JANUARY 10, 2006 CAMERA ALERT: Hitchens Defames Sharon in Slate
JANUARY 10, 2006 CAMERA ALERT: Makdisi Smears Sharon in LA Times
NOVEMBER 14, 2003 Lebanon's Civil War and Jennings' Historical Revisionism