Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Middle East Issues


JANUARY 26, 2017 Backgrounder on Force 17
OCTOBER 30, 2017 CAMERA Op-Ed: Fatah Admits Its True Goals—But the Media Won’t Retweet
OCTOBER 9, 2017 CAMERA Op-Ed: The Media and the Missing Abu Jihad
OCTOBER 2, 2017 Valerie Plame Was Just Echoing the Echo Chamber’s Antisemitism
JULY 25, 2017 CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post Passes on Palestinian Incitement
APRIL 26, 2017 The Washington Post's Jewish Home Fixation
SEPTEMBER 21, 2016 Media Could Use Some Assistance on U.S.-Israel Aid Deal
SEPTEMBER 19, 2016 CAMERA Fills In the Richmond Times-Dispatch on U.S. Aid to Israel
MAY 3, 2016 Analyst: The West Ignores Palestinian Leaders' Autocratic Tendencies
APRIL 4, 2016 Tweeting Trips Another Journalist, This Time from The Washington Post
NOVEMBER 2, 2012 Christian Leaders Seek to Blacken Israel’s Name
MARCH 23, 2010 J Street Accuses Presbyterian Peacemakers of Downplaying Threats to Israel
JUNE 10, 2009 Spreading Falsehoods About Israel on the Internet
JULY 15, 2008 Professor Accuses Israel of Slow-Motion Genocide
FEBRUARY 11, 2008 The Fraudulent Scholarship of Professors Walt and Mearsheimer
SEPTEMBER 5, 2007 Mearsheimer’s Blunder
MARCH 22, 2006 Harvard Backs Away from "Israel Lobby" Professors; Removes Logo from Controversial Paper
MARCH 20, 2006 Study Decrying "Israel Lobby" Marred by Numerous Errors
DECEMBER 15, 2005 UPDATED: Mazin Qumsiyeh Lacks Credibility
NOVEMBER 11, 2005 Despite Some Improvement, AP Misreporting Persists
AUGUST 19, 2005 Updated: All Three Media Outlets Which Overstated Aid to Israel Have Corrected
DECEMBER 12, 2003 WSJ Columnist Overstates U.S. Aid to Israel by Almost $1 Trillion
DECEMBER 3, 2003 CAMERA Obtains Correction at New York Times