Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Middle East Issues


MAY 12, 2009 BACKGROUNDER: Palestinian Arab and Jewish Refugees
SEPTEMBER 1, 2000 BACKGROUNDER: The Palestinian Claim to a “Right of Return”
MARCH 14, 2018 CAMERA Prompts AP Corrections on Palestinian Refugees
JANUARY 28, 2018 Times of Israel Clarifies About Palestinian Refugees
JANUARY 9, 2018 The New York Times' Sanitized Profile of UNRWA
JANUARY 5, 2018 The Washington Post Whitewashes UNRWA
NOVEMBER 2, 2017 Foreign Policy Magazine, Fake Quotes and False Narratives
NOVEMBER 1, 2017 AFP Corrects Inflated Figure For Displaced Palestinians
AUGUST 9, 2017 Did Benny Morris Change His Views on Alleged Zionist Ethnic Cleansing Plan?
JUNE 2, 2016 Washington Post on ‘Netanyahu’s Shift’ Conventional, Not Wise
MAY 19, 2016 USA Today Report on Israel’s Independence Day Hits and Misses
MAY 18, 2016 Washington Post Word Choice Tilted ‘Balance’ to Palestinian Self-Justifications
MAY 16, 2016 AFP Corrects Photo Caption on Palestinian Refugee
FEBRUARY 12, 2016 CAMERA Letter Refutes False Commentary by Hill Contributor
FEBRUARY 4, 2016 CAMERA Op-Ed in Washington Jewish Week:The Post Erases Nearly 1 Million Jews from History
JULY 9, 2015 Errors, Omissions and Language: Washington Post Israel Coverage Erodes
JUNE 11, 2015 Palestinian 'Nakba' Revisionism Rebutted by CAMERA in The Hill
MAY 15, 2015  Washington Post Gives Palestinian Spokesman 'Nakba Day' Foul Shots
MAY 13, 2015 What You Won’t Hear about “Nakba Day”
APRIL 22, 2015 CAMERA Letter in LA Times: Yarmouk Refugees and Palestinian Rejectionism
OCTOBER 7, 2014 NPR Clarifies Claim That Israel "Helped" in Shatila Massacre
OCTOBER 6, 2014 When NPR Overlooked Anti-Palestinian Discrimination
SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 New York Times Corrects Grossly Inflated Figure for Palestinian Refugees
MAY 30, 2014 Expose on UNRWA Deserves Attention
JANUARY 27, 2014 The New York Times Guide to Peace Negotiations
DECEMBER 15, 2013 Washington Post Gives Ari Shavit Undeserved 'Two-fer'
JULY 17, 2013 Talking about Peace Talks
APRIL 30, 2012 Why 1948 Matters More Than Ever
APRIL 16, 2012 Institute for Palestine Studies Stands by Misrepresentations, Threatens Legal Action
APRIL 9, 2012 Journal of Palestine Studies Compounds its Ben-Gurion Error
SEPTEMBER 22, 2011 Makdisi: Eliminating Jewish State More Important than Creating Palestinian One
JUNE 21, 2011 Inciting in Plain Sight
MAY 17, 2011 Abbas Rewrites History in NY Times
MAY 16, 2011 Media Coverage of “Nakba Day” and Infiltration Attempts
DECEMBER 15, 2010 AP Clarifies Jordan Refugee Numbers
AUGUST 24, 2010 CAMERA Prompts Corrections on Palestinian Refugees
JUNE 25, 2010 BBC Commemorates Palestinian Nakba With a Bit of Fakery and Propaganda
FEBRUARY 3, 2010 The AJC's of a Failure to Correct Gaza Refugee Errors
JUNE 20, 2008 Presbyterian Officials Prepare for General Assembly With Bait and Switch Tactics
DECEMBER 14, 2007 CAMERA Prompts New York Times Correction on Annapolis Talks
SEPTEMBER 7, 2007 CAMERA Letter Clarifies Reason for Palestinian Refugees
JULY 17, 2007 Times Magazine Profile of Livni Mangles Key Issues
JUNE 10, 2007 BBC: Obstacle to Understanding on Refugees
MARCH 28, 2007 New York Times Wrong on Israel’s Origin and “Right of Return”
JANUARY 17, 2007 U.N. High Commissioner on Refugees Wrong about Refugees
APRIL 7, 2006 AP Rewrites History of Moroccan Jews
DECEMBER 15, 2005 UPDATED: Mazin Qumsiyeh Lacks Credibility
NOVEMBER 15, 2005 AP: Accuracy Problems
OCTOBER 15, 2005 CAMERA Prompts Washington Post Correction
OCTOBER 11, 2005 Washington Post’s Features Palestinian Propaganda Piece
SEPTEMBER 1, 2005 Who Are the Palestinians? At DePaul, Don't Ask and Don't Tell
AUGUST 14, 2005 Why Palestinians Still Live in Refugee Camps
AUGUST 5, 2005 CAMERA Letter in Boston Globe Educates on Settlements and Palestinian Refugees
JUNE 13, 2005 CAMERA Letter in San Francisco Chronicle Educates on Palestinian Refugees
JANUARY 30, 2005 CAMERA Obtains NYT/IHT Correction on Palestinian Refugees
MAY 12, 2004 Two NPR Corrections in Two Days
APRIL 29, 2004 Los Angeles Times Corrects One Laura King Error, Leaves the Other Standing
APRIL 26, 2004 No Right of Return
APRIL 19, 2004 CAMERA Obtains Correction at the Washington Post
APRIL 18, 2004 CAMERA Obtains Correction at New York Times
APRIL 18, 2004 UPDATED CAMERA ALERT: Inaccurate Terms in Coverage of Bush Statement
AUGUST 12, 2003 CAMERA ALERT: The PA “Condemns” – and Justifies – Terror Attack
AUGUST 1, 2003 Palestinian Refugees: 'Forgotten' People?
JANUARY 7, 2003 CAMERA Op-Ed: Arab Rejectionism Fuels Conflict
OCTOBER 30, 2002 Additional Reading About Legal Aspects of Palestinian Refugees
FEBRUARY 5, 2001 Washington Post Wrong on Refugees
DECEMBER 8, 2000 American Bar Association Journal Libels Israel
NOVEMBER 8, 2000 Hanan Ashrawi’s Propaganda
NOVEMBER 2, 2000 National Public Radio Promotes Palestinian “Right of Return”