Monday, February 19, 2018
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Middle East Issues


NOVEMBER 3, 2009 The Goldstone Report: A Study in Duplicity
OCTOBER 24, 2014 Dajani's 'Israel's Water War Crimes' Charges Run Dry
JANUARY 10, 2013 Christian Science Monitor Op-Ed Holds No Water, Plenty of Falsehoods and Malice
NOVEMBER 21, 2012 Ten Things The Huffington Post Got Wrong About Gaza (Actually Thirteen, but Who’s Counting?)
NOVEMBER 20, 2012 The Facts About Gaza Rocket Fire
NOVEMBER 1, 2012 Diana Buttu is at it Again, Harvard Edition
APRIL 5, 2011 CMEP Invoked Goldstone Then – Says Nothing Now
APRIL 5, 2011 Updated: The Goldstone Report and the New York Times
NOVEMBER 19, 2010 Hamas's Revelation Undermines Key Conclusion of Goldstone Report
NOVEMBER 9, 2010 Ha'aretz Corrects Headline on Hamas Casualties
JULY 8, 2010 Goldstone Report Implicitly Validated by the New York Times
MAY 20, 2010 Presby Peacemakers Attack Jewish Groups in the U.S.
MARCH 18, 2010 All the News Unfit to Print
FEBRUARY 1, 2010 Cloud of Questions Over Ha'aretz's White Phosphorous Story
DECEMBER 7, 2009 A Formal Letter to Justice Goldstone
NOVEMBER 11, 2009 Carter, Goldstone and Gaza
OCTOBER 13, 2009 CAMERA Analyst Interviewed On Janet Parshall's America
OCTOBER 9, 2009 Is the Goldstone Report Escalating the Conflict?
OCTOBER 2, 2009 Ha'aretz's Gideon Levy: Israel Should be Thankful for Goldstone Report
OCTOBER 1, 2009 America Magazine Invokes Goldstone Report and Mishnah Torah to Indict Israel
SEPTEMBER 21, 2009 Goldstone Commissioner Suggests Israelis Conditioned to Kill Children
SEPTEMBER 17, 2009 Chinkin's Gaza Letter Reveals Bias, But Also Skewed Facts
SEPTEMBER 17, 2009 UN's Goldstone Report Contains Major Error that Calls into Question Work’s Credibility
SEPTEMBER 16, 2009 Goldstone Report Endorses Unreliable Witnesses