Monday, February 19, 2018
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Middle East Issues


SEPTEMBER 30, 2010 Backgrounder: The Human Rights Council Flotilla Report
APRIL 14, 2017 Taxpayer Supported World Relief Responds Evasively to CAMERA Challenge
MARCH 2, 2014 Abingdon Press Took a Pass on Burge's Book
JANUARY 13, 2014 Pilgrim Press Reneges on Offer to Distribute Insert, New Problems Emerge
SEPTEMBER 2, 2011 UN Palmer Report Affirms Legality of Israeli Naval Blockade of Gaza
AUGUST 18, 2011 New York Times Presents Attack on Soldiers by Mavi Marmara Activists as Israeli Claim
AUGUST 5, 2011 Would-Be Flotilla Participant Poses as Jew in Ha'aretz
JULY 11, 2011 The New York Times Conceals the Flotilla's Extremist Connections
JULY 7, 2011 AFP's Selective Coverage of U.N. Palmer Report on Flotilla
JULY 3, 2011 Gideon Levy's Distorted Discourse
JUNE 29, 2011 Gaza, the Flotilla and the Blockade: Facts and Law
JUNE 28, 2011 Flotilla Passenger Hagit Borer's Selective Vision in LA Times
JUNE 23, 2011 Gideon Levy Adrift in His Alternate Reality
NOVEMBER 1, 2010 Anti-Israel Agitators Target Leading Music Journal
SEPTEMBER 1, 2010  Palestinian Opinion Polls Refute New York Times Negative Verdict on Gaza Blockade
AUGUST 18, 2010 Christian Use of Jewish Voices to Defame Israel
JULY 30, 2010 Reuters Reports False Claims, But Ignores Flotilla Facts
JUNE 20, 2010 Latest Video Clips -- Gaza Flotilla Incident
JUNE 18, 2010 CAMERA's Alex Safian Interviewed on the Lisa Wexler Show
JUNE 17, 2010 NPR's On Point Stacks the Deck Against Israel - As Usual
JUNE 13, 2010 Deceptive Cartoon in Cleveland Plain Dealer Elicits Negative Response
JUNE 11, 2010 CAMERA's Alex Safian Interviewed on KPFA re the Gaza Flotilla
JUNE 11, 2010 CAMERA's Steve Stotsky interviewed on CNN
JUNE 8, 2010 Gun-Running Bishop in Flotilla
JUNE 8, 2010 Huwaida Arraf's Flotilla Fable on BBC
JUNE 8, 2010 Spotlight on Flotilla Spokesman Edward Peck
JUNE 7, 2010 Fauxtography at Reuters: What Was Removed?
JUNE 7, 2010 Navigational Error at "Fareed Zakaria GPS"
JUNE 7, 2010 Shapiro Uses News Hour to Distort Reality
JUNE 6, 2010 In Wake of Flotilla, NPR Coverage is Listing
JUNE 4, 2010 The Gaza Flotilla: Falsehoods and Facts
JUNE 2, 2010 Greta Berlin: Gaza Flotilla Propagandist
JUNE 1, 2010 On Flotilla, International Herald Tribune Editors Asleep at the Helm
MAY 31, 2010 Gaza Flotilla Crisis Yields More Coverage, More Bias
MAY 31, 2010 Israel’s Right to Blockade Gaza and to Interdict Shipping