Wednesday, April 01, 2015
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Middle East Issues


JULY 12, 2014 CAMERA Highlights 'False Equivalence' in Baltimore Sun
DECEMBER 10, 2013 Reporters without Borders, Committee to Protect Journalists Undermine Free Press
MARCH 5, 2015 Israel Seems to Irritate USA Today Columnist, Repeatedly
JANUARY 4, 2015 Haaretz Corrects "Lost in Translation" on Mosque Fire
DECEMBER 31, 2014 CAMERA's Top Ten MidEast Media Mangles for 2014
DECEMBER 21, 2014 New York Times Corrects Mosque "Arson" Claim. Will CNN?
OCTOBER 13, 2014 While Western Media Fixated on Gaza, The Main Action Was Elsewhere
AUGUST 4, 2014 The World Evangelical Alliance Asks Hamas to Negotiate in “Good Faith”
JULY 9, 2014 NYT Corrects: There Were Jerusalem Clashes
JUNE 17, 2014 CiF Watch Prompts British Media Corrections on Kidnapped 'Settlers'
JUNE 16, 2014 CAMERA Op-Ed in Times of Israel Calls Out the NYT Spin on Israel Search for Kidnap Victims
APRIL 9, 2014 Ha'aretz Pulls Tendentious, Plagiarized FIFA Story
JANUARY 17, 2014 The Significance of Who Attended Ariel Sharon's Funeral
DECEMBER 27, 2013 Top Ten Mideast Media Mangles for 2013
DECEMBER 25, 2013 Ha'aretz Headline: Where Disputed Arab Claims Come True
DECEMBER 9, 2013 Meet the Ramahis, Family of 'Peace'
JULY 17, 2013 Talking about Peace Talks
MAY 12, 2013 Ha'aretz, But Not AFP, Publishes Correction On Israeli Stone-Throwers
MAY 7, 2013 AFP Misidentifies Israeli Stone-Throwers as Palestinian
NOVEMBER 20, 2012 Netanyahu Derangement Syndrome in the Media
OCTOBER 25, 2012 The Straight Facts About the Palestinian Authority and Fighting Terrorism
OCTOBER 4, 2012 The Museum of Fine Arts Boston Sticks With Palestine Film Series
JUNE 20, 2012 Ha'aretz Rocket Remix
MAY 20, 2012  UPDATED: Ha'aretz's Conflicting 'Nakba' Headlines: Clashes or Quiet?
MAY 20, 2012 CAMERA Prompts Ha'aretz Correction on 'Nakba Day' Clash
MARCH 23, 2012 The Global Blood Libel against Israel
MARCH 13, 2012 UPDATED: International Herald Tribune Caption Challenged, Again
JANUARY 28, 2012 International Herald Tribune Falls for Unverified AFP Image
SEPTEMBER 25, 2011 Updated: English Ha'aretz Covers Up Palestinian Violence
AUGUST 25, 2011 AFP Rewrites Post-Ceasefire Violence
JUNE 23, 2011 Presspectiva/CAMERA Wins in Hearing Against Ynet
JUNE 7, 2011 The 1967 Lines and Israel's Defensibility - Some Hard Facts
MAY 19, 2011 UPDATED: B'Tselem Photographer Stages Scene
MAY 16, 2011 Media Coverage of “Nakba Day” and Infiltration Attempts
APRIL 5, 2011 CMEP Invoked Goldstone Then – Says Nothing Now
FEBRUARY 18, 2011 The Economist Equates Palestinian Demands on Israel with Protests in Arab Countries
FEBRUARY 2, 2011 Egyptian Crisis: Round-up of News and Commentary