Saturday, May 28, 2016
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Middle East Issues


APRIL 22, 2016 Terror Analyst: Ties Exist Between Hamas-linked Charities and BDS
NOVEMBER 9, 2015 'Palestinian Lives Matter' Ploy Hoodwinks Washington Post Writers
APRIL 1, 2015 Virginia State Bar Appeases Boycotters; CAMERA Files Freedom of Information Request
DECEMBER 19, 2013 George Mason University Doesn't Fall for Academic Dishonesty
FEBRUARY 24, 2010 BDS, Academic/Cultural Boycott of Israel, and Omar Barghouti
MAY 11, 2016 Washington Post’s Letter from Israel Should be Marked ‘Return to Sender’
MAY 11, 2016 Reality Goes Missing in Anti-Israel Hill Op-Ed
MAY 10, 2016 New York Times Again Downplays BDS Extremism
MAY 4, 2016 Alliance of Baptists Doesn’t Let Facts Get in the Way of Affirming BDS
FEBRUARY 2, 2016 Rooms to Rent by Israelis? Washington Post Recycles 'Restrictive Covenant'
JANUARY 25, 2016 Haaretz Legal Follies
DECEMBER 31, 2015 Top Ten MidEast Media Mangles for 2015
DECEMBER 15, 2015 NYU Law School BDS Activists Mislead Peers
NOVEMBER 18, 2015 History Goes AWOL in Washington Post Reporting on Anti-Jewish Boycott
OCTOBER 25, 2015 Washington Post Slams Israel—Opinions not Worth Paper They’re Printed On
OCTOBER 13, 2015 The Presbyterian Church’s Enduring False Witness
SEPTEMBER 2, 2015 Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism Tarnish Desmond Tutu's Nobel Peace Prize
AUGUST 20, 2015 CAMERA Rebuts Palestinian 'Minister of Disinformation'
AUGUST 10, 2015 Where are Empowered21 and Oral Roberts University Headed in Relation to Israel?
JULY 24, 2015 Breaking the Silence -- And Filling It with Propaganda
JULY 7, 2015 CAMERA Deplores UCC Vote Targeting Israel with Boycott and Divestment
JULY 2, 2015 As Church Votes in Support of BDS, New Leader Lacks Courage to Voice Opposition
JUNE 18, 2015 J Street's Unreported Pro-BDS Partner -- 'Jewish Voice for Peace'
JUNE 15, 2015 Washington Post Misreports BDS, Gaza War Casualty Debate
JUNE 1, 2015 L A Times Lets Saree Makdisi Incriminate Himself, Again
MAY 20, 2015 Statehouse Moves Mark Dramatic Setback for Anti-Israel BDS Campaign
MAY 19, 2015 CAMERA Refutes 'Jewish Voice for Peace' BDS Advocacy
MAY 12, 2015 UC Riverside Lets Undergrad SJP Leader Teach Israel-Bashing Course
JUNE 11, 2014 Times of Israel Deletes False Claim About Lenny Kravitz, BDS
FEBRUARY 26, 2014 Ha'aretz Veers Off Course on Israel Ports Story
FEBRUARY 11, 2014 "The Stones Cry Out" Misrepresents Plight of Palestinian Christians
JANUARY 31, 2014 Scarlett Johansson Stands Up to BDS Hypocrisy and Bullying
JANUARY 13, 2014 The Ideology and Rhetoric Behind the ASA Boycott
DECEMBER 24, 2013 Criticism of American Studies Association (ASA) Boycott: A Roundup
DECEMBER 22, 2013 Bogus Bus Boycott
JUNE 12, 2013 AFP Falsely Reports Lenny Kravitz Boycotted Israel
MAY 26, 2013 Toronto Star Corrects: Meg Ryan Never Boycotted Israel
MAY 18, 2013 Toronto Star Corrects: Bruce Willis Never Boycotted Israel
APRIL 11, 2013 Irish Academics Boycott Israel, Academic Integrity and Common Sense
MAY 10, 2012 CAMERA Critiques Baltimore Sun Op-Ed on Divestment
MAY 4, 2012 Desmond Tutu Assails Israel, Gives Palestinians a Pass
JANUARY 24, 2012 BDS: A Smokescreen for Delegitimizing Israel
DECEMBER 26, 2011 UPDATED: BDS Supporter Kills Off Living Palestinian Girl
DECEMBER 13, 2011 Harvard's Middle East Outreach Center Headed By BDS Supporter
DECEMBER 1, 2011 BDS Activist Peddles Fabrications in California Newspaper