Friday, April 27, 2018
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Middle East Issues


JANUARY 24, 2017 On Annexation and Jerusalem Building, Shady News in The Los Angeles Times
MARCH 20, 2013 New York Times Magazine Cheerleads for Terror
FEBRUARY 7, 2013 Ha'aretz Corrects E-1, Gaza Errors
JANUARY 20, 2013 Guardian Corrects: Israel Didn't Violate Injunction. Why won't Ha'aretz?
JANUARY 16, 2013 CAMERA Prompts LA Times Correction: No Tents Removed
JANUARY 15, 2013 Ha'aretz's 'Tailor-Made' English Content Wrong Again
JANUARY 15, 2013 CiF Watch Prompts Guardian Correction: Palestinian Activists Not Arrested
JANUARY 13, 2013 Updated: CNN Corrects False Report About Arrest of Palestinians
JANUARY 9, 2013 E-1 Building Does Not Cut West Bank in Two
DECEMBER 16, 2012 Updated: CAMERA Prompts New York Times Corrections on Effect of E1 Corridor
JUNE 16, 2005 The LA Times' Contiguity Contortions
APRIL 19, 2005 Updated: The "Contiguity" Double Standard
APRIL 15, 2005 CAMERA Letter in Los Angeles Times Educates On West Bank Contiguity