Friday, March 23, 2018
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Middle East Issues


DECEMBER 16, 2014 Omissions Distort Washington Post's 'Palestinian U.N. Statehood Showdown'
OCTOBER 19, 2014 Media Misstate Palestinian 'Statehood' Dodge
JULY 1, 2014 The West Bank -- Jewish Territory Under International Law
DECEMBER 19, 2013 George Mason University Doesn't Fall for Academic Dishonesty
SEPTEMBER 1, 2000 BACKGROUNDER: The Palestinian Claim to a “Right of Return”
JULY 1, 2000 BACKGROUNDER: Camp David 2000
DECEMBER 12, 2017 NPR Corrects: UN Resolution 242 Does Not Call For Jerusalem Withdrawal
JUNE 7, 2016 On Jerusalem Day and Diplomacy, Too Many Washington Post Omissions
MAY 11, 2016 Washington Post’s Letter from Israel Should be Marked ‘Return to Sender’
MARCH 22, 2016 Jimmy Carter, Middle East Mirage USA Today Thought it Saw
FEBRUARY 8, 2016 Host of Tax-Payer Funded VOA Show Thinks Anti-Israel Op-Ed is ‘Balanced’
FEBRUARY 2, 2016 Rooms to Rent by Israelis? Washington Post Recycles 'Restrictive Covenant'
JANUARY 7, 2016 The Trouble with Textbooks: The Case of the Missing Correction
NOVEMBER 18, 2015 History Goes AWOL in Washington Post Reporting on Anti-Jewish Boycott
MAY 26, 2015 CAMERA Prompts Jerusalem Post Correction on U.N. Resolution 242
JANUARY 19, 2015 Washington Post Ops for Pop Psychology over Hard News on Palestinian U.N. Moves
JANUARY 9, 2015 When is a Correction in Error? When The Washington Post Says So
MARCH 2, 2014 Abingdon Press Took a Pass on Burge's Book
NOVEMBER 2, 2012 Christian Leaders Seek to Blacken Israel’s Name
NOVEMBER 14, 2011 Prof. Hixson Takes the High Road to Hate Mongering
MAY 30, 2011 Carter Misrepresents Longstanding U.S. Policy, U.N. Resolution 242
MAY 20, 2011 Media Misreport on 1967 Ceasefire Lines
AUGUST 23, 2007 Mainline Churches Embrace Burge's False Narrative
JULY 17, 2007 Times Magazine Profile of Livni Mangles Key Issues
MAY 30, 2007 San Antonio Express-News Misleads its Readers
JANUARY 15, 2007 Security Council Resolution 242 According to its Drafters
DECEMBER 2, 2006 Time Inc. Turns to Propagandist for Book Intro
DECEMBER 1, 2006 Jimmy Carter Distorts Facts, Demonizes Israel in New Book
APRIL 7, 2006 Washington Times Publishes CAMERA Letters
MARCH 22, 2006 Jimmy Carter's Syndicated Errors
MARCH 7, 2006 CAMERA Prompts IHT Correction on UN Resolution
NOVEMBER 15, 2005 AP: Accuracy Problems
NOVEMBER 11, 2005 Despite Some Improvement, AP Misreporting Persists
JUNE 16, 2005 Truthful Media, U.N.-Style
MARCH 22, 2005 AP Corrects Erroneous Description of UN Resolution 242
FEBRUARY 6, 2005 Time's Tony Karon Rewrites U.N. Resolution 242
JANUARY 29, 2005 CAMERA Letter Published in South Florida Sun-Sentinel
MAY 12, 2004 CAMERA Staff, Members Obtain Wall Street Journal Correction on U.N. Resolution 242
APRIL 30, 2004 CAMERA Letter in Boston Globe Clarifies Status of West Bank Land
APRIL 18, 2004 UPDATED CAMERA ALERT: Inaccurate Terms in Coverage of Bush Statement
DECEMBER 31, 2002 CAMERA Op-Ed: 'Righting' the Facts
OCTOBER 16, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: The Economist's Informative Article on Israel, Iraq and the UN
APRIL 30, 2002 MSNBC Crashes the Truth
APRIL 3, 2002 ADVERTISEMENT: Stop Distorting UN Resolution 242!
NOVEMBER 8, 2000 Hanan Ashrawi’s Propaganda