Thursday, February 22, 2018
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JANUARY 17, 2018 CNN Sanitizes Mahmoud Abbas' Speech, Expunges Antisemitic Statements
NOVEMBER 2, 2017 Mahmoud Abbas’s Guardian Op-Ed Illustrates Dishonesty of Official "Palestinian narrative"
MARCH 1, 2017 No, New York Times, Abbas Does Not Accept the Jewish State
JANUARY 5, 2017 Media Ignores Poll Highlighting Abbas' Lack of Legitimacy
DECEMBER 24, 2016 Res. 2334: Game Changer or Not?
SEPTEMBER 26, 2016 In Coverage of UN Speeches, New NY Times Bureau Chief Peter Baker Follows Old Pattern
JULY 28, 2016 NPR’s Emily Harris Reflects, Blearily, on Three Years Reporting from Jerusalem
JUNE 7, 2016 On Jerusalem Day and Diplomacy, Too Many Washington Post Omissions
JUNE 2, 2016 Washington Post on ‘Netanyahu’s Shift’ Conventional, Not Wise
JUNE 2, 2016 The Palestinian History Hoax
MAY 18, 2016 Washington Post Word Choice Tilted ‘Balance’ to Palestinian Self-Justifications
APRIL 1, 2016 Winner's Husband a Terrorist, and Other Missing Washington Post Details
MARCH 22, 2016 Jimmy Carter, Middle East Mirage USA Today Thought it Saw
JANUARY 27, 2016 Washington Post Reports Palestinian Incitement, Still Misses Point
DECEMBER 16, 2015 Washington Post Muddies Islamic and Palestinian Terrorism Link
DECEMBER 7, 2015 State Department Stenography via The Washington Post
NOVEMBER 9, 2015 Real Polls of Palestinian Housewives, et. al., Pass Washington Post Columnist
OCTOBER 21, 2015 Vice News Compares Murdering Jews to Skateboarding Accidents
OCTOBER 21, 2015 Washington Post Obscures the Obvious—Palestinian Hatred of Jews
OCTOBER 20, 2015 NBC Corrects: Netanyahu Didn't Spread False Information on Pisgat Zeev Victim
OCTOBER 19, 2015 USA Today’s ‘Slingshots and Sandwiches’ Romanticizes Palestinian Violence
OCTOBER 18, 2015 NBC Can't Be Sure, Assailant Ahmed Manasrah, 13, Could Be Innocent
OCTOBER 16, 2015 'Israel defending itself': CAMERA's Washington Times Letter
OCTOBER 5, 2015 Israel Bars Palestinian Arabs from Old City, Washington Post Bars Readers from Understanding Why
OCTOBER 5, 2015 Rocks Attack Cars, 'Violence Spikes' but Palestinian Arabs not Responsible
OCTOBER 2, 2015 Abbas in U.N. Wonderland; Media Miss Cheshire Cat
SEPTEMBER 25, 2015 Palestinian Groups Ahead of ISIS in Destroying Antiquities
SEPTEMBER 16, 2015 Incitement over Temple Mount Leads to Palestinian Violence, Again
MARCH 27, 2015 Note to Foreign Desk--Washington Post Editorial Reports News
JANUARY 19, 2015 Washington Post Ops for Pop Psychology over Hard News on Palestinian U.N. Moves
JANUARY 12, 2015 Mahmoud Abbas at Paris March. Media Don't Ask Why
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Omissions Distort Washington Post's 'Palestinian U.N. Statehood Showdown'
NOVEMBER 24, 2014 CAMERA Letter Corrects Baltimore Sun on Jerusalem Murders
NOVEMBER 19, 2014 New York Times Suppresses Kerry Condemnation of Palestinian Incitement
NOVEMBER 18, 2014 After Jerusalem Massacre, New York Times Covers Up Abbas' Incitement
NOVEMBER 6, 2014 Fatah and Hamas Working in Lockstep to Incite and Attack
OCTOBER 26, 2014 Haaretz Partially Corrects Article on "Settler Attacks" on Al Aqsa
OCTOBER 19, 2014 Media Misstate Palestinian 'Statehood' Dodge
OCTOBER 2, 2014 Dana Milbank Sets Fire to His Washington Post Column
JULY 17, 2014 Daoud Kuttab's Delusional Mahmoud Abbas Apologia in Washington Post
JANUARY 14, 2014 Talking Points Against "Jewish State" Fall Short
AUGUST 9, 2013 When Peace Almost Broke Out: A Washington Post Mirage
JANUARY 4, 2013 13 for '13: New Year's Resolutions We'd Like the Media to Make
OCTOBER 22, 2012 Karl Vick Conceals Abbas's Rejection of Negotiations
DECEMBER 6, 2011 Israeli and Palestinian Statements about the "Damn Table"
NOVEMBER 3, 2011 AP's Twisted Coverage of Direct Talks
MAY 17, 2011 Abbas Rewrites History in NY Times
AUGUST 30, 2010 The Incitement Double Standard: Ovadia Yosef vs PA Leadership
AUGUST 19, 2010 AP Takes “Hard Line” Against Israeli Negotiating Position
JUNE 1, 2009 WASHINGTON POST-WATCH: Still Off Balance, Part II: Credibility Problems — Abbas and the Washington Post
MARCH 18, 2008 Abbas the "Relative Moderate"
OCTOBER 24, 2007 CAMERA Letter in Newsweek Clears Up Disagreement on Clinton Offer
JANUARY 29, 2007 Fatah Follows "Moderate" Abbas' Instructions
NOVEMBER 27, 2006 False Claim by Abbas Goes Unchallenged
FEBRUARY 24, 2005 CAMERA Op-Ed Published in Portsmouth Herald
JANUARY 16, 2005 The New York Times' Knee-Jerk Editorial Bias
DECEMBER 27, 2004 Toles in a Cartoon World of His Own
MARCH 29, 2004 UPDATED: Tom Friedman's Grudging Correction
AUGUST 1, 2003 Israel's 'Demands'
MAY 13, 2003 CAMERA ALERT: When Moore is Less at the Washington Post