Sunday, March 18, 2018
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JANUARY 25, 2016 Los Angeles Times Makes First Move Towards Correcting Saree Makdisi Op-Ed
JANUARY 10, 2016 In Boycott Call, Professor Saree Makdisi Flunks On Israeli Education
JUNE 1, 2015 L A Times Lets Saree Makdisi Incriminate Himself, Again
SEPTEMBER 22, 2011 Makdisi: Eliminating Jewish State More Important than Creating Palestinian One
JULY 21, 2011 Los Angeles Times Op-Ed Denies Delegitimization
FEBRUARY 1, 2011 UPDATED: In LA Times Op-Ed, Makdisi Wrong on 'Palestine Papers'
JUNE 26, 2008 CAMERA Letter in Washington Jewish Week Discusses Speaker's Falsehoods
FEBRUARY 5, 2008 Study: The LA Times Op-Eds: Provocative? Yes. Balanced? No
AUGUST 24, 2007 CAMERA Prompts NPR Correction on Hezbollah Rockets
JUNE 6, 2007 At LA Times, 'Chronology' Redefined
OCTOBER 25, 2006 Makdisi Op-Ed in LA Times Replete with False Charges Against Israel
JULY 26, 2006 Makdisi's Revisionist History on Hezbollah Rockets
JUNE 26, 2006 License to Err on SF Chronicle Opinion Pages
JANUARY 10, 2006 CAMERA ALERT: Makdisi Smears Sharon in LA Times
JANUARY 17, 2005 LA Times 'Correction' on Binational State Op-Ed Further Misleads