Monday, February 19, 2018
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NOVEMBER 30, 2016 Former President Jimmy Carter Misrepresents Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in The New York Times
MARCH 22, 2016 Jimmy Carter, Middle East Mirage USA Today Thought it Saw
AUGUST 26, 2015 Praise for Carter Ignores Ex-President's Anti-Israel Obsession
MAY 14, 2015 Jimmy Carter Shills for Hamas, Again, Now in Foreign Policy
APRIL 6, 2015 Selective Memory Bedevils Washington Post Op-Ed Contributors
APRIL 10, 2013 Controversy at Cardozo No Surprise in Light of Carter's History
MAY 30, 2011 Carter Misrepresents Longstanding U.S. Policy, U.N. Resolution 242
DECEMBER 24, 2009 Letter to Jimmy Carter Urges Action After Apology
NOVEMBER 11, 2009 Carter, Goldstone and Gaza
JULY 17, 2009 Carterís Allegations Too Good to Check
APRIL 8, 2009 CAMERA Researcher on the Steel on Steel Radio Program
MARCH 3, 2009 Jimmy Carterís Second Draft
FEBRUARY 2, 2009 A Comfortable Platform for Carter
FEBRUARY 2, 2009 Jimmy Carter (Still) Shills for Hamas
JANUARY 29, 2009 King Gives Carter a Pass (Mostly)
JANUARY 27, 2009 New Book, New Falsehoods
JANUARY 10, 2009 Carter Shills for Hamas
JULY 17, 2007 PRI Uses Tax Dollars to Promote Anti-Israel Book List
MAY 24, 2007 CAMERA at CBS Shareholders Meeting Challenges Carter's Publisher
APRIL 26, 2007 New York Times Publishes CNI Propaganda Ad
MARCH 22, 2007 Former NY Times Editor Reveals his Bias in Anti-Israel Magazine
FEBRUARY 19, 2007 CAMERA Op-Ed in YNet Exposes Aloni Falsehoods
FEBRUARY 15, 2007 CAMERA Letter Clarifies Reason for Brandeis Presence
FEBRUARY 7, 2007 Norman Finkelstein, Benny Morris and Peace not Apartheid
JANUARY 27, 2007 Jimmy Carter's "Settlement Freeze" Lie
JANUARY 25, 2007 Jimmy Carter's Falsehoods—Flyer
JANUARY 22, 2007 A Comprehensive Collection of Jimmy Carter's Errors
JANUARY 18, 2007 CAMERA Column: Correcting Carter's 242 Distortion
JANUARY 15, 2007 Security Council Resolution 242 According to its Drafters
JANUARY 11, 2007 Mass Resignations from Carter Center
DECEMBER 28, 2006 ADVERTISEMENT: Correct Carter's Falsehoods
DECEMBER 27, 2006 Letters in Journal Constitution, Pioneer Press, Patriot Ledger Address False Description of CAMERA
DECEMBER 23, 2006 UPDATED: Another Emory Professor Denounces Carter
DECEMBER 21, 2006 Rev. Wall Fails to Disclose Connection to Carter Campaigns
DECEMBER 20, 2006 CAMERA Rebuttal Published in Post-Gazette
DECEMBER 15, 2006 On CNN, Many More Carter Fabrications
DECEMBER 9, 2006 Carter Admits to Ignoring Key Source
DECEMBER 6, 2006 Historian Severs Ties with Carter Center Over Distorted Book
DECEMBER 6, 2006 Roundup of Commentary on Jimmy Carterís Palestine: Peace not Apartheid
DECEMBER 3, 2006 Jimmy Carter Can't Make Up His Mind
DECEMBER 2, 2006 Time Inc. Turns to Propagandist for Book Intro
DECEMBER 1, 2006 Jimmy Carter Distorts Facts, Demonizes Israel in New Book
DECEMBER 1, 2006 NPR's Fresh Air Allows Carter to Revise History While Smearing Israel
AUGUST 2, 2006 Washington Post Publishes Carter's Latest Error-Filled Op-Ed
MAY 17, 2006 CAMERA ALERT: Jimmy Carter Blunders in USA Today
MARCH 22, 2006 Jimmy Carter's Syndicated Errors
MARCH 17, 2006 BACKGROUNDER: Hamas Essentials
JANUARY 13, 2005 The Worst of Times
MAY 5, 2004 CAMERA Prompts Boston Globe Correction on Legality of Settlements
OCTOBER 5, 2001 BACKGROUNDER: Jewish Settlements and the Media