Friday, October 31, 2014
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The MSM's Inversion of Reality
Yehuda Glick is a non-violent Israeli activist, director of the Libah organization that advocates freedom of worship for Jews on the Temple Mount. Muataz Hijazi is the Palestinian presumed to have shot Glick in an assassination attempt. Yet it is the non-violent Glick whom the media labels pejoratively as a "far-right" provocateur while the Palestinian terrorist who tried to kill him and Palestinian rioters on the Temple Mount who engage in violence against Israelis escape any such designations.
Campaign Calls Out New York Times Bias
NY Times Corrects Misquote by Ali Abunimah, Robert Mackey
October 29, 2014
The combination of anti-Israel bloggers Robert Mackey and Ali Abunimah had led to a factual error at The New York Times, which, to its credit, the newspaper corrected yesterday. We expect more errors, though, as long as Mackey is free to cover Israel with such transparent hostility.
CAMERA Op-Ed in JPost Exposes Bethlehem Bible College Anti-Israel Activities
October 27, 2014
Bethlehem Bible College claims to exist for the purpose of training leaders to serve local Arab churches and communities. But a CAMERA Op-Ed exposes another agenda entirely, which is the perpetuation of anti-Israel propaganda.
Haaretz Partially Corrects Article on "Settler Attacks" on Al Aqsa
October 26, 2014
CAMERA's Israel office prompts corrections today of a Haaretz headline and accompanying article which reported as fact Mahmoud Abbas' false charge that "settlers" are "attacking Al-Aqsa."
Dajani's 'Israel's Water War Crimes' Charges Run Dry
October 24, 2014

Al-Shabaka is Palestinian propaganda masquerading as policy. Its Muna Dajani alleged Israeli "water water crimes" at The Hill, a congressional newspaper.  CAMERA shredded her diatribe.

The ABC's of Media Spin: The NYT and A Terror Attack
October 24, 2014
An NYT news story about a terrorist attack at a Jerusalem light rail stop qualified it as Israeli claims and quickly redirected readers away from the facts of Palestinian violence to focus on Israel's alleged misdeeds. By cherry-picking what facts to share with readers and how to frame them, The New York Times once again demonstrated its biased treatment of Israel.
CAMERA Op-Ed: Beyond ‘Klinghoffer’
October 21, 2014

One of the most controversial operas in recent memory, "The Death of Klinghoffer," which had its (New York) Metropolitan Opera debut on Oct. 20, is a vehicle for tendentious anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist slurs. When considered together with other operas by the same composer and librettist, it represents something more — a prejudicial obsession with Jews.

Media Misstate Palestinian 'Statehood' Dodge
October 19, 2014
News media failures to scrutinize the latest “Palestinian statehood” maneuver mirror reporting lapses during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge. A CAMERA Op-Ed suggested that pro-Palestinian blinkers again got in the way. 
In NY Times and Streets of New York, Klinghoffer Opera Controversy Continues
October 16, 2014
While New York Times coverage of the controversial opera "The Death of Klinghoffer" ignores the paper's own prior criticism of the piece, critics plan a major protest outside the Lincoln Center on opening night.
While Western Media Fixated on Gaza, The Main Action Was Elsewhere
October 13, 2014
The Middle East has descended into violence. But it was a statistician's questions about the ratio of civilian fatalities in Gaza that stirred such outrage that the world's largest media organization felt compelled to censor his analysis.
NPR Clarifies Claim That Israel "Helped" in Shatila Massacre
October 7, 2014
CAMERA's Israel office prompts clarification of a NPR broadcast which misleadingly referred to the killing of Palestinians in Shatila as "a massacre of mostly Palestinian civilians by Christian militias helped by Israeli forces."
NY Times Errs on Druze, Downplays ISIS (Updated)
October 7, 2014
An article in The New York Times moderates Islamic State and Hezbollah's views about Israel, and misleads about the position of the Druze in Israel.
Time for Church of England to Bring an End to Vicar’s Jew-Baiting
October 6, 2014
Rev. Dr. Stephen Sizer's recent visit to Iran is a violation of the spirit, if not the letter, of an agreement he made with the Church of England and the Board of Deputies of British Jews.
When NPR Overlooked Anti-Palestinian Discrimination
October 6, 2014
NPR's "Cities Project" report on Beirut, focusing on how the "ghost's of a city's past affects its neighborhoods," ignores how Lebanon's very real, concrete policies, including the ban on citizenship for Palestinians, impact those same communities.
World Vision Expresses Regret for Offense Caused by Ad in Ireland
October 3, 2014
World Vision, a multi-billion dollar Christian relief, development and advocacy organziation has expressed regret over the offense caused by an anti-Israel radio ad aired by its affiliate in Ireland in August.
Dana Milbank Sets Fire to His Washington Post Column
October 2, 2014

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank called Benjamin Netanyahu's comparison of the Islamic State with Hamas “incendiary.” He called Mahmoud Abbas' charge of Israeli “genocide” … nothing. Not worth his notice, apparently.

Washington Post Op-Ed Imagines Non-Jewish Israel Would Uphold Civil Rights
October 1, 2014

 A UCLA professor imagines a “one-state solution” would assure minority rights in Israel. Her prescription, wrong on so many counts, was featured as a Washington Post Op-Ed column.

Attacking Hamas in Gaza: What if Israel Followed US Policies?
October 1, 2014
The US has been targeting terrorists in various countries in recent years. What if Israel used the US approach and followed the US rules of engagement?
More on The Lancet's Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic Sickness
October 1, 2014
Further evidence surfaces of the racism and anti-Israel bigotry of Lancet contributors as the medical journal continues to lose credibility.
Gaza War Coverage a Case of News Media Meltdown
September 30, 2014

News media suffered a melt-down in covering the 2014 Israel-Hamas war. Many veteran journalists said so.

NY Times Hits New Low With Op-Ed on "How Israel Silences Dissent"
September 29, 2014
Mairav Zonszein's polemic that "the aggressive silencing of anyone who voices disapproval of Israeli policies" is a grotesquely distorted depiction of the status of democracy in the Middle East's one free state.

A "Captive Mouthpiece" Demonizes Israel
September 29, 2014
Hanna Massad, who used to lead a Baptist church in the Gaza Strip, played the role of dutiful dhimmi in a recent interview in Christianity Today. He assailed Israel and downplayed Hamas' criminality.
CAMERA Prompts LA Times, Washington Post Corrections on 'Palestine' Terminology
September 28, 2014
CAMERA staff elicit corrections of an obituary in The Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post which inaccurately stated that archeologist Gerald Larue participated in digs in "Palestine" in the 1960s.

New York Times Corrects Grossly Inflated Figure for Palestinian Refugees
September 21, 2014
CAMERA's Israel office prompts a correction of an International New York Times article which overstated the number of Gaza residents who are refugees from 1948 and 1967 by close to one million individuals.
NCR Blog Entry Misleads on Christian Population in Holy Land
September 17, 2014
A blog entry by Ra'fat Aldajani and Fr. Drew Christiansen, S.J. misleads readers about the population of Arab Christians in Israel. The article speaks of their "disappearance" when in fact, their numbers have increased substantially since Israel's founding.
NYT Book Review Provides Platform for Joe Klein's Bias
September 17, 2014
The New York Times Sunday Book Review Supplement turned to Time Magazine's Joe Klein to write a review of a book about the Begin-Sadat negotiations. Klein used it as an opportunity to air his own biased views of the former Israeli Prime Minister.
CAMERA Prompts LA Times Correction on Golan Heights
September 15, 2014
The Los Angeles Times today corrects an article which erroneously reported that Fijian peacekeepers on the Golan Heights were released by the Al Nusra Front "in the Israel-occupied Golan Heights."
Pro-Christian Conference Descends Into Anti-Israel Bigotry
September 15, 2014
Sen. Ted Cruz stated an obvious fact when he spoke at the Gala dinner organized by In Defense of Christians: The same people who kill Christians in the Middle East also hate Israel and the United States.
Has Pro-Christian Conference Been Hijacked by Pro-Iran/Hezbollah Dhimmis?
September 11, 2014

A newly founded group, In Defense of Christians, has been particularly aggressive in drawing attention to the misdeeds of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, but has been relatively quiet about the abuse and murder of Christians by Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah.

The Economist Misappropriates Terms to Describe Israel's Land Declaration
September 11, 2014
An Economist article on Israel's declaration of state land is characteristically harsh on Israel and employs inappropriate terminology.
Christian Science Monitor Flunks Its Own Quiz on Palestinians
September 10, 2014
The Christian Science Monitor quiz, "How much do you know about the Palestinians?" errs on Jerusalem's status in international agreements, distorts UN Resolution 242 and whitewashes Palestinian violence.

i24 News Corrects Erroneous Reference to West Bank 'Annexation'
September 8, 2014
CAMERA's Israel office prompts correction of a headline at i24 News which erroneously referred to the "annexation" of West Bank land.
News Media Confusion of Execute and Murder is Deadly to Accuracy
September 8, 2014
News media increasing conflate execute with murder. This is not simply an erroneous word choice. It is, rather, a potentially demoralizing confusion.
Washington Post Corrects On West Bank 'Palestinian Land'
September 7, 2014
CAMERA's Washington, D.C., office prompts correction of a Washington Post news article which incorrectly referred to disputed West Bank land as "Palestinian land."
Bethlehem Bible College: Anti-American, Anti-Israel, All in the Name of Love
September 5, 2014

Bethlehem Bible College's Alex Awad (left) recently posted a video on Youtube in response to the recent Hamas/Israeli conflict. The video offers anti-American and anti-Israel propaganda – all in the name of love.

Rudoren Does It – Again and Again and Again
September 3, 2014
Jodi Rudoren of the New York Times, seems to make so many extremely serious errors it makes you wonder how she can presume to intelligently report on what she apparently doesn't really understand. This time she confuses the relation between Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.
LA Times Corrects Inflated Figure for Gaza's Civilian Casualties
September 2, 2014
CAMERA's Israel office prompts correction of a Los Angeles Times article which cited a grossly inflated figure for the number of Palestinian civilian fatalities in this summer's round of fighting between Israel and Hamas.
Rudoren Misreports by Ignoring Palestinian Polls
August 31, 2014
By ignoring Palestinian public opinion polls, the Times Jodi Rudoren paints the Palestinians as far more moderate, and therefore the Israelis as far less moderate, than they really are.
Naomi Shihab Nye Hijacks Ferguson to Falsify Gaza; Washington Post Helps
August 29, 2014

An American poet of Palestinian Arab background strained to equate racial disorder in Ferguson, Mo. with Israel's Operation Protective Edge against Hamas. The Washington Post's standards for online commentary need a serious upgrade.

Daniel Tregerman, 4-Year-Old Killed by Hamas, a New York Times Afterthought
August 26, 2014
Only a few words appeared in The New York Times about the slaying of 4-year-old Daniel Tregerman. The story of Palestinian violence or innocent Israeli lives lost is not the one the newspaper prefers to tell.
AJAM and HRW’s Roth Team up to Accuse Israel in Gaza Conflict
August 25, 2014
Al-Jazeera America (AJAM) TV network teamed in August with Human Rights Watch's Executive Director Kenneth Roth to vilify Israel while barely tarnishing the Hamas terrorist rulers of Gaza Strip. This is consistent with the antagonism of both AJAM and HRW toward Israel.
NPR Interviews Anti-Israel Head of U.N. Gaza Investigation
August 25, 2014
National Public Radio's interview with William Schabas, head of the U.N. Human Rights Council's inquisition of Israel over Operation Protective Edge, sounded like journalism. But its holes made it resemble journalistic Swiss cheese.
Letter to Boston Globe Rebutting Use of the Term "Occupation"
August 24, 2014
A Guest Column by Moria Paz incorrectly accuses Israel of "reoccupying the West Bank and Gaza." The status of the West Bank and Gaza are clarified.
On Kidney Transplants, Too, an Israel Obsession at The New York Times
August 21, 2014
A feature about Israel's role in the global organ trade dominated The New York Times' front section last Sunday, providing yet another cogent example of how the newspaper obsessively singles out Israel for indictment while downplaying or ignoring the larger context of the story.
How Dumb are NY Times Headline Writers?
August 19, 2014
The NY Times headlined a report on Gaza rockets being fired at Israel, breaking the latest cease-fire, this way:  Rockets From Gaza and Israeli Response Break Cease-Fire. So if only Israel hadn't responded, the cease-fire would still be alive? Really NY Times?
Washington Post Corrects Another Fareed Zakaria Error
August 18, 2014
Fareed Zakaria blamed “Israel and the West” for postponing long overdue Palestinian elections. CAMERA obtained a correction to the Washington Post column, but the thinly spread media figure couldn't quite let it go at that …
Jodi Rudoren Muddies the Waters Regarding a Hamas Port
August 18, 2014
Jodi Rudoren does her best to muddy the waters about a Hamas port in Gaza, neglecting to tell readers that the same agreement that would allow a port in Gaza also outlaws Hamas and all other armed Palestinian militias.
Small donut, large hole in Washington Post’s 'From Iron Dome to iron fist’
August 15, 2014
‘From Iron Dome to an iron fist’ occupied half a page in the Sunday, July 20, 2014 Washington Post. It claimed to tell ‘the story of the ceaseless conflict … through historic quotes.’ It failed.
NY Times' Rudoren Suggests Colleagues Spreading "Nonsense"
August 14, 2014
While explaining why she suggested her fellow journalists are spreading "nonsense," The New York Times' Jodi Rudoren inadvertently revealed that she consciously reports in order to shape a narrative.
Deconstructing Baltimore Sun’s Praise of Al-Jazeera’s Gaza Coverage
August 12, 2014
The Baltimore Sun’s television critic had high praise for Al-Jazeera America’s coverage of Israeli-Hamas fighting in Gaza. Goes to show you can’t believe everything you see …
Why Almost No Photos or Videos of Hamas?
August 12, 2014
Journalists, like Anne Barnard of the New York Times reject charges they failed to provide video or photos of Hamas fighters, claiming the fighters were hidden, and that this was also true in previous conflicts, such as Iraq. Do they have a point?
Al Jazeera's Hamas Rocket Launch Video Disappears
August 11, 2014
An Al Jazeera America video report by Nick Schrifin describing a Hamas rocket launching site in the middle of a residential Gaza neighborhood, and also showing an Israeli attack near that site, has apparently disappeared from the Al Jazeera site.
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Indicting Israel: New York Times Coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
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AJAM, financed by the oil sheikdom of Qatar, began broadcasting on Aug. 20, 2013. Why would Qatar's rulers – who have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to launch the new satellite-cable news channel – want to compete with other American cable and over-the-air networks? To give Americans yet another choice for television news, or to gain a platform for Qatari foreign policy (as has been the case with Al-Jazeera Arabic and Al-Jazeera English)? That policy has been problematic in recent years.

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