CAMERA Prompts Washington Post Correction: Nazareth Not in the West Bank

In their haste to cover events in Israel and Gaza, the Washington Post, like other media outlets,  rushed additional journalists into the area. Unfortunately, it seems that not all of the newly assigned reporters are up to speed. The Washington Post, for instance, was forced to correct a report by Sudarsan Raghavan and Islam Abdel Kareem which erroneously stated that the Israeli town of Nazareth is in the West Bank. The correction, prompted by CAMERA staff, follows:
Error (Washington Post, Sudarsan Raghavan and Islam Abdel Kareem, 12/29/08): "The leaders of Israel and the leaders of Hamas are to blame. This is the reality," said Taha Hussein, 43, from the West Bank town of Nazareth. "Both sides are wrong."

Correction (12/31/08): A Dec. 29 Page One article incorrectly described Nazareth as part of the West Bank. It is an Israeli town north of the West Bank.
The last time CAMERA saw this particular error was back in 2001.

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