AP Headline Casts Palestinians as Victims of Tel Aviv Terror Attack

The Associated Press wire service sent out an outrageously distorted headline today concerning yesterday’s Arab terror attack against Israeli civilians in Tel Aviv. It says: “Bomb Mars Historic Day for Palestinians.” This headline not only fails to make clear that the murderous bombing was perpetrated by an Arab against Israeli civilians, but also casts Palestinians as the bombing victims. The real victims, as the article by Yoav Appel notes, were the three murdered Israelis (Yanai Weiss, 46; Ran Baron, 24; and Dominique Caroline Hess, 29) and dozens of injured Israelis who were enjoying an evening of entertainment at the Tel Aviv pub.

Surely the Arab bombing attack marred the day of Israeli families whose loved ones were killed and Israelis who lost their limbs more than it marred the day of Palestinians swearing in a new prime minister. The headline should have accurately reflected these events.

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