CAMERA at CBS Shareholders Meeting Challenges Carter’s Publisher

Yesterday, the New York Sun‘s Gary Shapiro reported on CAMERA’s efforts to promote fact-checking and standards of accuracy in non-fiction books in the wake of the appearance of Jimmy Carter’s error-filled Palestine, Peace Not Apartheid published by Simon and Schuster. CAMERA is calling on the CBS Corporation, owner of Simon and Schuster, to urge its subsidiary to institute fact-checking. A proposal in this regard was presented from the floor of the CBS Annual Shareholders meeting yesterday by a CAMERA Board Member.

The CBS Corporation Web site states that CBS is “committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all that we do…” If that’s the case, there should be no question about CBS urging its important publishing subsidiary to institute ethical standards that assure accuracy in the production of non-fiction books.

S&S VP of Corporate Communications Adam Rothberg is quoted by the Sun on the controversy saying the publishing company “recognizes and accepts that readers may disagree with the facts and opinions as presented by its authors.” What Rothberg doesn’t evidently recognize and accept is that Simon and Schuster bears any responsibility for the factual integrity of “non-fiction” books it prints, promotes and profits from. S&S continues to cast itself as immune from accountability.

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