CAMERA Staff Prompts LA Times Correction: Israel No Longer Occupies Gaza

Following communication with CAMERA staff, the Los Angeles Times promptly corrected an architecture exhibit review which wrongly reported that Israel still occupies the Gaza Strip. The error was noted last week on CAMERA’s Snapshots blog. The error and correction follow:

Error (Los Angeles Times, Christopher Hawthorne, 2/2/11): “Decolonizing Architecture” is driven by a simple but provocative question: If and when Israel decides, or is compelled, to leave the occupied territories in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, what should returning Palestinians do with the buildings, roads and bridges the army and the settlers leave behind?

Correction (2/4/2011): “Decolonizing Architecture”: A review of the exhibition “Decolonizing Architectue” in the Feb. 2 Calendar section implied that Israel continues to occupy the Gaza Strip. In fact, Israeli forces pulled out of the area in 2005.

CAMERA applauds the Los Angeles Times for its rapid correction of this error, but continues to call on the Times to correct another recent error concerning the fate of Israeli settlements: Saree Makdisi’s false claim that the “Palestine Papers” reveal that Palestinian negotiators agreed to allow Israel to keep major West Bank settlement blocks, when in fact the opposite is true.

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