CNN Corrects Web Headline in Suicide Bombing Story

An objectionable and biased headline on the CNN webpage has been corrected after CAMERA contacted a senior executive of the cable network. Reporting the Dec. 22 suicide bombing, the headline on CNN’s web article originally read, “Suicide bomber dies in strike on West Bank cafe,” as if the death of an entirely unidentified suicide bomber was the story, rather than the innocent Israeli victims who had been severely burned and maimed. (Click on the images below for enlargements.)

original headline revised headline

In response to CAMERA’s objections, CNN changed the story’s headline to the more neutral “Bomb attack in West Bank as peace talks continue.” This is clearly an improvement over the original, though a truly fair headline would have stressed, as did the report’s lead paragraph, the innocent targets of the bombing and the national identity of the bomber (as in, for example, “Palestinian bomb attack wounds 3 Israelis as peace talks continue.”)

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