Empowered 21 May Threaten Jewish-Christian Relations

A blog published in the Times of Israel exposes the threat to Jewish-Christian relations that results from Empowered 21’s unreflective alliance with Palestinian Christians who propagate a narrative rooted in demonization of Israel.
Here is an excerpt:
At Empowered 21’s Global Congress in Jerusalem in May 2015, co-chair Billy Wilson and others placed a significant amount of emphasis on the necessity of Christian unity for the purpose of “world evangelization in our generation.” This unqualified call to unity is cause for significant concern because it presumably included an expectation of solidarity with conference participants who are leaders in Palestinian Christian organizations such as Bethlehem Bible College (BBC) and Christ at the Checkpoint (CaTC) conferences – both of which are primary promoters of virulent anti-Jewish/anti-Israel propaganda.
Empowered 21’s unqualified expectation that attendees at the Global Congress stand in unity with those who proliferate material that perpetuates the demonization of Jews and the State of Israel is both alarming and destructive.
It is alarming because an unreflective alliance with Palestinian Christian leaders who promote such virulent propaganda suggests that this worldwide movement – which represents a significant part of Christendom that has historically supported Jews and the Jewish State – may be abandoning that support in favor of unity with those who are blatantly anti-Jewish and anti-Israel.
The call to unity is destructive because cooperation with those who propagate anti-Jewish/anti-Israel propaganda will cause significant damage to strong Jewish-Christian relations based on mutual support for the Jewish State that other organizations have developed over the past decades.

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