Following Contact from CAMERA, The Hill Changes Inaccurate Headline About Lamont Hill Firing

After contact from CAMERA, The Hill, a Washington D.C.-based publication that covers politics and international affairs, changed an inaccurate headline about Marc Lamont Hill’s firing.

In Nov. 28, 2018 remarks before the U.N., Lamont Hill called for the elimination of the Jewish state of Israel. As CAMERA has documented, the Temple University professor and then-CNN contributor has a long history of supporting antisemites like Louis Farrakhan. In his comments before the U.N., Hill echoed Hamas by calling for the elimination of the Jewish state in order to create a “Palestine from the river to the sea.”

CAMERA and other organizations contacted CNN asking that they reconsider their continued collaboration with someone who increasingly expresses bigotry and promotes violence. On Nov. 29, 2018, following the outcry, CNN announced that they were severing ties with Lamont Hill.

The publication The Hill initially tweeted “CNN cuts ties with Marc Lamont Hill after comments calling for boycott of Israel.” Yet, as CAMERA pointed out to the publication’s staff, Lamont Hill has long supported the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, which seeks to single out Israel for opprobrium. Lamont Hill’s public support for BDS, which goes back to at least 2015, has not impeded his employment with CNN. Rather, it seems that CNN’s termination was likely based on Lamont Hill’s use of a Hamas slogan.

Following contact from CAMERA, The Hill quickly and commendably changed its breaking news headline tweet to “CNN cuts ties with Marc Lamont Hill after controversial comments on Israel.”

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