Guardian Corrects: Israel Does Not Control Gaza Border With Egypt

Slowly, slowly major media outlets are coming to realize what many observers have pointed out for a long time: that Israel does not control all of Gaza’s borders. Namely, Hamas controls the Rafah border crossing with Egypt. Earlier this month, it was the Washington Post which came to the late-stage realization and corrected. More recently, across the Atlantic, the Guardian has also corrected, following a CAMERA blog post pointing out the error. The Guardian‘s error and correction follow:

Error (Guardian, Sarah Irving, travel piece, 11/18/11): Israeli border authorities control all routes into the West Bank and Gaza.

Correction(12/15/11): Granted, tourism to Palestine still faces many challenges, not least the Israeli border authorities who control all routes into the West Bank. . . .

This article was amended on 15 December 2011. The original said the Israeli border authorities controlled all routes into the West Bank and Gaza. This has been corrected.

Now, what will it take to get the Guardian to amend its erroneous headline and subheadline which had placed Akko in the West Bank, Palestine? (For more on the Sarah Irving piece, please see CiF Watch.)

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