Ha’aretz Corrects: Black Students Enrolled in Herzilya Center

CAMERA’s Israel office has prompted a correction to a Ha’aretz Op-Ed which falsely implied that black students do not attend the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzilya. The falsehood appeared in Kobi Niv’s Op-Ed making the absurd argument that  “The real goal of Zionism is . . . to show the European goyim, those collaborators with the anti-Semitic Jew-murdering Nazis, that they were wrong about us. That we Jews are not really dark ugly rats worthy of extinction, but that we are actually blond, cultured and anti-Semitic Europeans, like all the goyim” (“The right anti-Semitism“).
To make this untenable argument, Niv had stated:
CAMERA noted that the Hebrew print edition corrected this false, defamatory statement, but that the English edition remained uncorrected in both print and online. After calling this inconsistency to the attention of editors, they commendably deleted the baseless claim from the online article and appended the following correction:
In addition, the following clarification appeared in print today on page 2:
CAMERA commends Ha’aretz editors for the prompt corrections. For additional Ha’aretz corrections prompted by CAMERA, please see here.
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