Ha’aretz Corrects Jewish State Error

CAMERA’s Israel office today prompts correction in the Ha’aretz English edition, both in print and online, of an article which erroneously stated that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was the first Israeli prime minister to make recognition of his country as a Jewish state a requirement for peace.
Today’s page-2 correction follows:
In addition, Ha’aretz amended the online article and appended the following note:
CAMERA commends Ha’aretz for its timely and forthright correction of the article, which was based on a Reuters report. Though CAMERA contacted Reuters yesterday requesting a correction, the wire service has yet to correct the article which was reported by Noah Browning and Ali Sawafta, and edited by Alistair Lyon.
CAMERA also continues to call on The New York Times to correct Ali Jarbawi‘s Op-Ed (“Defining the Jewish state,” March 6, 2014), in which he makes a nearly identical claim.
For additional Ha’aretz corrections prompted by CAMERA, please see here.

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